niceboy VEGA X LITE 2 Inch LCD display Action Camera User Manual

VEGA X LITEUser Manual / Action Camera


  1. Shutter release/OK button – press to record or take a photo. Use while in the menu to select a chosen folder/item.
  2. Wi-Fi diode – displays when the camera’s Wi-Fi is powered on.
  3. Browsing button/Wi-Fi – use to move up while in the menu. Press to power on/off Wi-Fi.
  4. Browsing button – use to move down while in the menu.
  5. Speaker – emits various audio signals.
  6. Power button/Mode switch – press and hold to power on/off the camera. Once the camera is on, press to switch modes between recording video, capturing photos,  viewing previously captured videos/photos, and entering the camera’s settings menu.
  7. Camera lens
  8. Microphone – records sounds within the vicinity of the camera.
  9. Micro USB – designated for charging and connecting to a PC.
  10. Micro SD slot – designated for inserting a memory card.
  11. Charging diode – the diode will shine red once connected to a charger. The diode will stop shining once the battery is fully charged.
  12. Operational diode – the diode will shine blue when the camera is turned on, the diode will flash when a video is being recorded.
  13. Camera display


Power on the camera by pressing and holding the power button (6). Then press button (6) 3x to enter the camera’s setting menu. Press the browsing button (4) to switch to the  “Language” option and confirm by pressing the OK button (1). Use the browsing button (4) to switch to the desired language for the camera menu and confirm your choice by pressing the OK button (1).


Select a brand-name micro SD card with a capacity of 32GB, type UHS-I U1 (class 10). The memory card must be formatted in a PC to the FAT32 file system before its first use. Only use programs designated for formatting SD cards. Insert the memory card into the slot (10) with the PINs facing the camera lens (front part of the camera). Insert the memory card into the camera until it clicks. Eject the memory card by pressing it until it clicks out of the slot. Notice: regularly format your memory card on a PC in order to avoid errors with recorded videos. The manufacturer of the SD card you selected may supply you with more information about using or formatting your memory card.


To insert or remove the battery, open the cover on the underside of the camera. Connect a USB cable to the USB port (9) located on the left side of the camera for charging the camera. Connect the other end of the cable to a charging adapter, ex. a mobile phone charging adapter (5V voltage and electrical current minimum of 1A). The camera may also be charged by connecting the USB cable to the camera and then to a PC or power bank.

Notice: fully charge the battery before the camera’s first use. Don’t expose the battery to large temperature differences. Supervise the camera while the battery is charging. The time it takes to charge the battery depends on the electrical current type of your charging adapter. The camera charges faster when powered off.

POWER THE CAMERA ON/OFFPower on/off the camera by pressing and holding the power button (6), located on the front side of the camera.


Switch between the camera’s individual modes by pressing the button (6), located on the front of the camera, near the power button. The camera comes equipped with the following modes:

  1. Video modeStart and stop filming by pressing the OK button (1), located on the top of the camera.While filming you can lock a video from being deleted. Press button (6) on the front of the camera to do so.
  2. Photo modeTake a photo by pressing the OK button (1), located on the top of the camera.
  3. Video playback and photo browsing modeYou can browse through your captured videos and photos with the button on the right side of the camera. Press the OK button (1) on the top of the camera to playback a  video, and press the same button to pause the video. You can adjust the volume of a video being played with the help of the button on the right side of the camera.
  4. Settings modeMove through the settings mode with the help of the button on the right side of the camera and confirm your choice by pressing the OK button on the top of the camera. Settings mode consists of the following items:Video resolution: definition settings for video recording.Exposure: compensation exposure settings. The higher the positive value, the lighter the video, and the lower the negative value, the darker the video.Movement detection: when turned on this function will power on the camera in the event something moves in front of the camera.Video loops: video cycle, or time segment, settings in which your videos will be recorded.Timer: time interval settings for the camera’s self-timer.WDR: turns on/off the function to improve the dynamic scale when recording scenes high in contrast.Microphone: powers on/off the camera’s microphone.Date and time: turns on/off the option to insert the date and time into captured photos.Photo resolution: resolution settings for capturing photos.Quality: quality settings for capturing photos.Imaging mode: timer settings for capturing photos.Sharpness: sharpness settings for capturing photos.ISO: ISO value settingsWhite balance: white balance settings for various methods of lighting a scene.Frequency: frequency settings (50Hz for Europe, 60Hz for the USA)OSD: powers on/off the function of displaying information on the camera screen.Screen saver: sets the time at which the display will power off. The display can then be activated again by pressing any button on the camera.Screen flip: powers on/off the function to flip an image 180°.Automatic power-off: settings for the camera’s automatic power-off function when the camera is not in use.Language: language settings for the in-camera menu.Acoustic signals: powers on/off button sounds.Date and time: date and time settings.Car mode: powers on/off the camera’s function in which it automatically begins filming after being plugged in to charge.Wi-Fi name: settings for the camera’s Wi-Fi name.Wi-Fi password: settings for the camera’s Wi-Fi password.Delete: delete captured photos and videos.Format: erases all data stored on the memory card.Factory settings: reset the camera to its factory settings.Version: information regarding the camera’s firmware.


Install the app GoPlus CAM (free) to your phone (located in the Appstore for iOS and on Google Play for Android). Do not open the app after it has been downloaded, instead  follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the camera’s Wi-Fi by pressing the button (3) on the right side of the camera.
  2. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your mobile device and connect to the camera’s network (name: Nice boy, password: 12345678).
  3. Once your mobile device is connected to the camera’s network, then launch the app from where you will be able to control the camera via your mobile device.
  4. Press the Wi-Fi button (3) on the right side of the camera to turn off the Wi-Fi.

Notice: enable all app permissions in your phone settings, turn off your phone’s “data connection”, and leave Wi-Fi on before using the app. The app is compatible with mobile phones with iOS 9.0 and newer and mobile phones with Android 8.0 and newer.


Connect the camera to a PC using the USB data cable plugged into the camera’s USB port (9).You can then choose between the following modes:

  1. Storage – files saved on your memory card inside the camera may be managed while connected to a PC (the camera acts as external storage connected to a PC).
  2. PC camera: the camera may be used as a PC camera when used by programs that allow the connection of external cameras.


The camera is watertight only when paired with its watertight case, and may only be submerged in water under the following conditions:

The case is watertight to a depth of 30 meters. Before using the camera in its case, ensure that the case’s rear door has been closed correctly with the help of the mechanism located on the upper side of the case. The small door and gaskets much be completely rid of any foreign materials such as dust, sand, and the like. If the case has been used in saltwater, wash the case off with fresh water. Do not use any textile materials or external heat sources to dry the camera (fans, microwave ovens, etc.), always let the case slowly dry out on its own.

Warning: the camera is not watertight without its case! Use only the original case to ensure the water-tightness of the camera.


Nice boy VEGA X LITE cameraWatertight case (may be connected to other accessories)Handlebar attachmentOpen camera mountTripod camera mountStick-on camera mount (ex. for helmets) + backup sticky bandHitch meant to connect the case to other accessoriesSafety strapsBatteryUSB charging cableManual


Lens: 120°
Video quality: Full HD (1920 x 1080i) 30fps,HD (1280×720p) 30fps
Video format: AVI, H.264
Max. photo definition: 16MPx
Display: JPG
Battery: LCD 2”
Battery life: 750 mAh, Li-Ion, interchangeableup to 60 minutes (powered off displayand Wi-Fi, temperature around 22°C)
Watertightness: 30 meters when in its watertight case
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2,4GHz), micro USB
Microphone: yes
Memory card: micro SD card, type USH-I U1 (class 10),max. 32GB, supported FAT32 format(memory card not included)
Camera dimensions: 58 x 41 x 29 mm
Weight including battery: 47 g

The manual may be installed in its electronic form at under the support section. This product meets all basic EU regulation requirements placed upon it.

Importer to EU: RTB media s.r.o., Pretlucka 16,Prague 10, 100 00, Czech Republic, ID: 294 16 876Made in China.

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