NINJA JC101 Cold Press Juicer User Guide

NINJA JC101 Cold Press Juicer

What’s in the Box

A Main BodyB TamperC Food TrayD Feed Chute ChamberE Juice JugF AugerG Black Filter (no pulp)H Gray Filter (some pulp)(not available with all models)I Orange Filter (lots of pulp)J Pulp SpoutK Pulp ContainerL Cleaning Brush

Using the Filters for Pulp ControlControl the amount of pulp by choosing the desired filter.

Use the black filter with the finest mesh for juice with no pulp.Use the gray filter* with the larger mesh for juice with some pulp.Not available with all modelsUse the orange filter with the largest mesh for juice with lots of pulp.

Using the Control Panel

START/STOPPress once to start continuous running up to 12 minutes; press again to stop.

REVERSEIf the feed chute chamber becomes blocked or ingredients are not processing, press and hold REVERSE. There will be a beep and a brief pause, then the auger will rotate in the opposite direction. Release REVERSE to stop. Repeat as needed. Press START/STOP to resume normal operation.


  1. Insert the auger in the feed chute chamber, then attach the desired filter onto the auger.
  2. Attach the pulp spout to the feed chute chamber by installing at an angle on top of the filter, then turn counter clockwise to lock in place.
  3. Install the assembled feed chute chamber on the motor base at an angle, then turn counterclockwise until it clicks into place.
  4. Install the food tray on the top of the feed chute, then install the tamper.
  5. Place the juice jug under the anti-drip lever on the feed chute chamber.
  6. Place the pulp container under the pulp spout.


  1. Press and HOLD the RELEASE button while turning the feed chute chamber clockwise and remove from motor base.
  2. Remove the pulp spout from the feed chute chamber by turning clockwise.Then, remove the filter and auger.


IMPORTANT: DO NOT add water to the feed chute while the unit is operating to clean the unit.

Use the end of the cleaning brush to clear any buildup left over after juicing.

Use the bristle side of the cleaning brush to clean the filter, if needed.

DishwasherAll parts, except the motor base, are dishwasher safe.

Hand-WashingWash parts in warm, soapy water.Use the included cleaning brush for hard-to-clean areas, such as the filter.

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Using the Juicer

  1. Make sure the anti-drip lever is open before juicing.
  2. Press START/STOP, then gradually add ingredients to the feed chute. For best results, allow juicer to process each ingredient before adding more. Use the tamper to push ingredients down into feed chute as needed. When done, press START/STOP to stop the unit.
  3. Close the anti-drip lever so juice won’t drip onto the motor base. Remove juice jug from unit, stir juice, and serve.


Juicing 101Use the freshest and ripest fruits and vegetables, and wash them prior to juicing.Always turn on the juicer before adding ingredients to the feed chute.Add ingredients gradually, making sure all of them have been processed/moved through the feed chute chamber before adding more.


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