NITECORE Lumen Rechargeable Keychain Flashight User Manual

NITECORE Lumen Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


  • Metallic keychain light
  • TIP /TIP SS /TIP Cu : Fitted with a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED capable of outputting 360 lumens
  • TIP CRI : Fitted with a Nichia 219B LED, CRI≥90
  • Integrated “Precision Digital Optics Technology” provides extreme reflector performance
  • Built-in Li-ion battery
  • USB rechargeable with onboard charging circuit
  • Multi-purpose clip
  • Daily and constant-on modes available
  • Dual switch design
  • 4 brightness levels with direct access to low and turbo outputs
  • Memory function
  • High-efficiency regulation circuit provides unwavering output
  • Advanced temperature regulation (ATR)
  • Built-in power indicator (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
  • Rear suspension ring capable of sustaining 30kg weight
  • TIP /TIP CRI: HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish
  • TIP SS : Glacier: stainless steel by surface polishing Jet black & Tropical: stainless steel by PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition ) titanium coatingTIP Cu: Copper body formed by stamping technology
  • Impact resistant to 1 meter


Size 2.39” ×0.96” ×0.54” (60.8mm×24.5mm×13.8mm)
Weight TIP /TIP CRI: 0.83oz (23.5g, with battery)
TIP SS 1.13oz (32g, with battery)
TIP Cu 1.28oz (36.3g, with battery)


  • Key ring ×2
  • Belt loop clasp
  • Clip

Brightness & Runtime









1h30min 6h30min


74m 40m 21m



410cd 115cd


1m (Impact Resistant)

IP54 (Rated)









1h30min 6h30min



30m 15m



230cd 60cd


1m (Impact Resistant)

IP54 (Rated)

NOTICE: Stated data has been measured in accordance with the international flashlight testing standards ANSI/NEMA FL1 using an integrated and fully charged 3.7V 500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery under laboratory conditions. End-user results may vary due to individual usage habits and environmental conditions.* The runtime for TURBO mode is the testing result before starting temperature regulation.

Operating Instructions

On/OffPress the power switch to turn the light on, press again to turn it off.

ModesTIP /TIP CRI /TIP SS/TIP Cu comes with 2 modes users can switch between them depending on user preferences.

Mode switching: Hold down both switches until the LED flashes to switch between modes.A single flash indicates “Daily mode” and a double flash indicates “Constant-on mode”.

Daily mode: Press the power switch to turn the light on. The light will automatically shut off after 30 seconds in this mode. While in daily mode, the TIP will make a one-time switch to “Constant-on mode” if the light is turned on again within three seconds of automatic shut off.

Note: Daily mode is the default factory mode.Constant-on mode: Press the power switch  to turn the light on. The light will stay on until the power switch is pressed again.

Brightness AdjustmentWith the light turned on, press the mode switch to adjust the brightness to the next available level, brightness will cycle through the sequence of low-mid-high. There is a memory function accompanying these modes, it will resume the last setting where the TIP /TIP CRI /TIP SS/TIP Cu was turned off when turning it on again.

Momentary illumination

  • When the light is turned off, hold down the power switch for 2 seconds to enter momentary illumination on the “low” setting. The light will turn off when the switch is released.
  • When the light is turned on, hold down the mode switch for 0.6 second to enter turbo mode, releasing the switch reverts the brightness setting to previous mode.

Direct Access to Turbo/Low

  • Press and hold the mode switch for more than 0.6 seconds to enter Turbo mode (360 lumens/240 lumens).Turbo can be directly accessed while the light is on or off.
  • With the light turned off, press and hold the power switch for more than 0.6 seconds to enter Low mode (1 lumen).

Note: The TIP /TIP CRI /TIP SS/TIP Cu will step down its output from turbo after staying in this mode for 30 seconds. This is designed to prevent overheating and to protect the built-in battery.


Both TIP /TIP SS and TIP CRI /TIP Cu come with incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation module, allowing the units to regulate their outputs and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance.

Power Indication

Pressing the mode switch while the light is turned off will activate the built-in power indicator. The number of flashes gives an approximation of the battery level:

  1. 3 flashes represent battery level above 50%.
  2. 2 flashes represent battery level below 50%.
  3. 1 flash represents battery level below 10%.


  1. Connect the TIP /TIP CRI /TIP SS/TIP Cu to a power supply with a USB cord as illustrated in the diagram. It takes approx. 2 hours to fully charge the battery.
  2. The built-in red indicator will turn on to indicate the battery is charging and will turn green upon completion.Note: Recharge the product when the built-in red indicator flashes.


  1. Avoid direct eye exposure.
  2. Output will be dim and brightness may not be adjustable when the battery level drops to a certain threshold. Recharge the product when either occurs.
  3. This packaging contains small assembly parts. Keep away from children to avoid danger of choking or suffocation.
  4. Do not disassemble or modify this product as doing so voids the warranty.

Warranty Details

All NITECORE products are warranted for quality. Any defective / malfunctioning NITECORE can be repaired free of charge for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Beyond 24 months, a limited warranty applies, covering the cost of labor and maintenance, but not the cost of accessories or replacement parts.The warranty is nullified in all of the following situations:

  1. The product(s) is/are broken down, reconstructed and/or modified by unauthorized parties.
  2. The product(s) is/are damaged through improper use.For the latest information on NITECORE® products and services, please contact a local NITECORE® distributor or send an email to [email protected]

※ All images, text and statements specified herein this user manual are for reference purpose only. Should any discrepancy occurs between this manual and information specified on SYSMAX Innovations Co., Ltd. reserves the rights to interpret and amend the content of this document at any time without prior notice.


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