Nordtronic Box Relay Zigbee Installation Guide

Box Relay Zigbee

Installation instructions

Input voltage Output voltage Output current
100-240VAC 100-240VAC Max. 1.8mA


Compatible load types
Load symbol Load type Maximum load Remarks
LED lamps withtransformers 200W @ 220V100W @ 110V Due to variety of LED lamp designs. maximum number of LED lamps is further dependent on power factor result when connected to switch
LED drivers 200W @ 220V100W @ 110V Maximum permitted number of drivers is 200W divided by driver nameplate power rating
Incandescent lighting,fighting, HV Halogen lamps 400W @ 220V200W @ 110V
Low voltage with electronic halogen lighting transformers 200W @ 220V100W @ 110V


  1. Do wiring according to connection diagram correctly.
  2. This Zigbee device is a wireless receiver that communicates with a variety of Zigbee compatible systems. This receiver receives and is controlled by wireless radio signals from the compatible Zigbee system.
  3. Zigbee network pairing through coordinator or hub (Added to a Zigbee network)Step 1: Remove the device from previous Zigbee network if it has already been added to, otherwise pairing will fail. Please refer to the part “Reset factory settings manually”.Step 2: From your Zigbee controller or hub interface, choose to add lighting device and enter pairing mode as instructed by the controller.Step 3: power on the device, it will be set into network pairing mode (connected light flashes twice slowly), the network pairing mode will last until the device is added to a Zigbee network.Step 4: Connected light will blink 5 times and then stay solid on, then the device will appear in your controller’s menu as BoxRelayZ 98423051 and can be controlled through controller or hub interface.>>>>>
  4. Reset factory settings manuallyNote: All configuration parameters will be reset after the device is reset or removed from the network.

Step 2: Connected light will blink 3 times to indicate successful reset.

Wiring diagram

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Find the updated manual on our website – With reservation for typing errors98423051 02-2021


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