Nordval PMPC01 Parking Mode Cable Set User Guide

Parking modecable setPMPC01Quick start guide

Notification:The company is not responsible for any damage caused by not following this manual.Read the complete manual before installing the cable set.

Make sure the vehicle’s engine is turned offThe location and layout of the fuse panel and the type of fuses used depend on the vehicle.

Connect the red ACC (+) to the fuse panelCheck your car owner’s manual to find out where the fuse panel is located. Remove the cover from the fuse panel. Remove a switchedfuse from the fuse panel like, for example, the audio system or cigarette lighter. Reinstall the red ACC (+) in the fuse panel where theswitched fuse was just removed.

Connect the yellow BATT (+) to the constant power connectionRemove a constant supply fuse from the fuse panel like, for example, the hazard light, rear light, or interior lighting.Replace the yellow BATT (+) in the fuse panel where the constant power fuse was just removed. If the car uses a battery storagefunction (Battery Saver Function), make sure that the yellow BATT (+) wire is connected to the location of the hazard light.

Connect the black GND wire to a grounding pointAttach the GND wire to a grounding point, such as a bolt, located directly on a metal part of the vehicle frame.

Connect the micro-USB cable to the Nordväl dashcamPlace the dashcam in the correct position on the front window of the vehicle. Plug the micro-USB cable into the dashcam.Start the engine and check that the dashcam turns on and continues to record once the car is turned off.

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