Olympus Digital Cameras and Accessories Warranty Information

Notice of Termination of Worldwide Warranty for Olympus Digital Cameras and Accessories

Since April 1, 2004, all digital cameras and accessories sold by Olympus Imaging Corporation have been covered by a comprehensive worldwide warranty, except for some countries or regions. These warranties provide global support, should a consumer need an unexpected repair, due to a manufacturer’s defect, anywhere in the world.

Due to the differences in the laws and regulations, and in the infrastructure of the countries where our affiliated companies and repair facilities are located, in addition to providing better product support to our customers, worldwide warranties will be replaced with a region-specific warranty that will cover Olympus products.

Beginning September 2014, we will begin removing the worldwide warranty and replacing them with our regional warranty that will cover the warranty of products purchased and sold in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean (the “Americas”).

Please note that this change will only affect 1) those consumers who have purchased Olympus products outside the Americas (or Olympus products intended for another region outside the Americas) and are seeking warranty repairs in the Americas, and 2) those customers who have purchased Olympus products within the  Americas (or products intended to be sold within the Americas) seeking warranty covered repairs outside the Americas. If neither 1) nor 2) above apply, the product will receive the same coverage as the previous warranty.

Warranties will now be clearly marked for their respective region. For example, the warranty for products manufactured for, and sold in, the Americas is titled  “Olympus Americas Limited Warranty – Olympus Imaging America Inc.” If you purchased a product that includes a “Worldwide Limited Warranty” or currently have a product covered under the Worldwide Warranty, the Worldwide Warranty will continue to be honored according to the terms of such warranty.

We appreciate your continued support of Olympus and its products and look forward to providing you with quality products and services to Capture Your Stories.

For additional questions, please contact our Customer Care Department at (800) 622-6372.

Olympus Digital Cameras and Accessories Warranty Information – Olympus Digital Cameras and Accessories Warranty Information –

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