OMRON BP8000-M HG Flyer Watch User Guide

OMRON BP8000-M HG Flyer Watch User Guide

Introducing HeartGuide

Designed to fit your lifestyle, HeartGuide is the first, clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor. Now, track your heart data and learn how your behaviors impact your heart health. HeartGuide from Omron—the #1 physician and pharmacist recommended blood pressure monitor brand. Be informed. Be proactive. Be healthier

  • See instruction manual for full details.

We believe in a world full of healthy hearts. That’s why we’re working to eliminate heart attack and stroke for the next generation. This profound shift toward proactive, preventative care begins with a movement we call Going for Zero. HeartGuide,  with its companion app HeartAdvisor, is the new, groundbreaking device that will lead the way.These tools, as part of our array of blood pressure monitoring options, represent our pledge to support your commitment to personal fitness and stellar heart health for you and your family. Together we can change the world, one heart and mind at a time.

Introducing HeartAdvisor

Understand how your lifestyle impacts your heart health with the HeartAdvisor app, facilitate focused dialogue with your doctor, and access real-time heart health coaching.

Features Include:

  • Monitor blood pressure, activity and sleep quality
  • Track trends over time with color-coded health graphs
  • Easy access to dashboard, health history, reminders and settings
  • Get daily actionable insights based on your personalized data
  • Compare your readings to current: American Heart Association/ American College of Cardiology guidelines


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