ON AIR 7336 Halo Light Pro Multi-Media Station User Manual

INTRODUCTION & FEATURES HaloLivePro keeps up with your social media needs, allowing you to record or go live from two smartphones at once with its dual phone mounts. This extendable selfie stick comes with a removable tripod base and shutter remote for easy setup and captures. The powerful LED ring light features 3-modes and 10 brightness levels for the perfect glow in any setting.

USB powered ring lightDual multi-position phone mountsIn-line power/mode/brightness remoteExtendable up to 5.75” ft.Removable tripod baseCamera shutter remote


Power: 14WSize: 8in x 69.1inMaterial: ABS/PC/Metal RodLED Beads: 72pcsPower Supply: USB 5V (1-4A)


  1.  Screw-on tripod base. (If only using as a handheld selfie stick, disregard this step)
  2. Place Halo on a flat, stable surface, and extend the rod to the desired length.
  3.  Adjust ring light to the desired angle and lock with turn knob.
  4. Attach phone mounts to both the rod and ring light. The rod phone mount clips on and the ring light phone mount is secured by turning the base clockwise/ counterclockwise to release. (Phone mount for ring light can be secured to the top or either side of light.)
  5. Plug the remote cord into any USB power source and press the power button “
  6. When the LED light is turned on, the brightness level will be set as your previous brightness. The first time turning on the LED Light, the brightness level is set on the highest level,  brightness level 10.
  7.  To increase or decrease brightness, press “–” or “+ ” until the desired setting is reached.
  8.  To rotate between the three light modes (white/warm/mixed) press “
  9. To store HaloTravelPro, remove the smartphone and turn the locking knob counterclockwise, then fold down the ring light.
  10. Retract rod to its shortest length and twist the grip at the base counterclockwise.
  11. Fold the device into its original state and wrap the remote cord around it.


  1. Turn on the shutter remote
  2. On your smartphone, find the “Bluetooth devices available” list
  3. Select “OnAir Remote” from the list to pair
  4. Switch to camera/video mode on your phone
  5. Click the shutter remote button to take pictures and record


HaloLiveProUser Manual



If the unit malfunctions, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Doing so will violate the tzumi Warranty and may cause permanent damage. Instead, contact the Customer  Support team at tzumi.com/support for assistance.

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