Ooma WeWork Yealink IP Phone Setup

Yealink IP Phone


Setting up a Yealink IP phone with Ooma Office for WeWork is quick, and can be accomplished in just a few simple steps.Your IP Phone has been pre-configured and will go into service automatically after it is connected to an Internet connection.

Package Contents

Step 1: Assemble Phone

Follow the instructions in the phone’s user manual to assemble the phone and connect the power supply.

Step 2: Start Up Phone

Use the Ethernet cable that came with the phone to connect the INTERNET port on the back of the phone to an available Internet port in your WeWork office.The start up process will take several minutes, during which the phone will restart a few times. Once you see a solid black phone icon on the screen, the phone is ready to place and receive calls!To learn more about using your phone, go to ooma.com/wework.For help, call us at (855) 803-2565 (US) or (855) 803-2564 (Canada).

Ooma WeWork Yealink IP Phone Setup – Ooma WeWork Yealink IP Phone Setup –

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