OPTIMUS Crux Canister mounted stoves for outdoor use Instruction Manual

OPTIMUS Crux Canister mounted stoves for outdoor use Instruction Manual

This stove is designed for sports enthusiasts for outdoor cooking and boiling of water only – never use it for any other purpose.

 WARNING: Improper installation, use, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause injury or property damage. Refer to this manual. For assistance or additional information consult a qualifi ed retailer, service agency or gas supplier.


  1. Do not attempt to light stove.
  2. Extinguish any nearby fl ame(s).
  3. Disconnect from fuel supply.
  4. Evacuate area immediately.
  5. Allow gas to dissipate 5 minutes.Failure to follow these instructionscould result in fi re or explosion, which could cause property damage, personal injury, or death.



This appliance can produce carbon monoxide which is poisonous and has no odor.

Using it in an enclosed space can kill you.

Never use this appliance in an enclosed space such as a camper, tent, car or home.

FOR YOUR SAFETYDo not store or use gasoline or other liquids with flammable vapors in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.


IMPORTANT: Read these instructions before use carefully Familiarise yourself with the appliance before connecting it to its gas container. Keep these instructions for future reference.

  • If you have any questions, call Katadyn Products Inc. in Switzerland at +41 44 839 21 11,
  • US customers contact Katadyn North America 1-800-755-6701, [email protected]


 DANGERThis stove uses a liquid pressurized gas (LPG) canister that is highly flammable and explosive. Improper or unsafe use can result in accidental fire and explosions which can cause serious injury or possible death.

  • Listen and smell for leaking gas. LPG is invisible and may be odorless, as its strong odorant can fade over time. As a result, leaks are not always detectable by smell.
  • If you suspect that there is a leak, do not use the stove or canister. To locate and stop the leakage, move stove to a well-ventilated area outdoors away from any ignition source. Check that the stove and fuel canister connection is secure and tight.
  • Do not leave this appliance unattended while the appliance is in operation. Keep children and pets away from the appliance at all times.

 WARNINGRisk of fire and explosion when using fire to detect gas leaks.

  • If there is a leak from your appliance (smell of gas) and you cannot stop the gas flow, remove the appliance to a well-ventilated location away from any ignition source.
  • Only check for leaks using soapy water. Do not try to detect leaks using a flame.
  • Check the seals before connecting a new fuel canister to the stove. Do not use the stove if seals are damaged or worn.FIGURE [1]

If you expose the fuel canister to high heat, the canister could explode or leak.

  • Keep stove and fuel canister away from other heat sources.
  • Follow all warnings on fuel canister regarding use and storage.
  • Do not attach or remove canister near high heat, open flames, direct sunlight, other ignition sources or where temperature of canister exceeds 50°C (120°F).
  • Only use fuel canisters which are intended to be used with this stove.


To minimize any risk of serious injury or possible death, follow the instructions and safety precautions in this manual. Only use the stove as described in this manual.

A: Pot SupportsB: Control ValveC: Gas CanisterD: Burner HeadE: Burner head folding mechanismFIGURE [2]


Fuel: Use only with Optimus gas cartridges in compliance with EN417 (for Australia: 50% butane, 25% isobutane, 25% propane) (max. 450g). IT MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO ATTEMPT TO FIT OTHER TYPES OF GAS CONTAINERS/CARTRIDGES.Rating: 4.2KW nominal EN521, 3.0kW gas canister EN417, ANSI Z21.72-2016/CSA 11.2-2016: 12‘000BTU/h vapour gas. Australia: 7 Mj/h AS2658-2008 Burn Time: up to 90min at maximum output (230g gas canister, 155g/h) Boil time: As little as 3min depending on climate, altitude, etc. Injector size of stove: 0.32mm EN521:2006 Category: direct pressure butane/isobutane/propane mix.

Australian Gas association certified. AS2658-2008Certificate number AGA 7459 G.


  1. Fold out the control valve handle and make sure that the valve is fully closed. FIGURE [3]
  2. Fold out pot supports. FIGURE [3]
  3. Check that o-ring between the stove and the gas cartridge is in place and in good condition before connecting stove to the gas cartridge. FIGURE [1]


  1. Hold onto the stove and screw the correct gas canister counterclockwise tightly.FIGURE [4]Tighten by hand only and be careful not to damage the threads when you connect the gas canister.
  2. Always keep the gas canister in an upright position while connecting it to the stove.
  3. Ensure that the stove is screwed all the way to the bottom of the thread.
  4. Make sure the stove is in a stable position so it will not tip over.
  5. Allow plenty of free space around the stove, at least 1.25m (4ft) on each side and 1.5m (4.5ft) above it.
  6. Keep stove area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids.


Risk of burning or serious injuries due to gas leakage hazard.

  • This appliance should only be used on a horizontal surface in an open air situation with natural ventilation without stagnant areas, where gas leakages and products of combustions are rapidly dispersed by wind and natural convection.
  • Never light the stove if you detect a hissing sound or the smell of gas after tightening the canister. The gas has anadditive with a foul smell. Never use a stove that smells of gas.
  • Do not use the stove if it has damages or worn seals. Do not use the stove if it is leaking, damaged or if it does not operate properly.
  • Never over-tighten gas canister when connected to the stove. Overtightening can damage stove or canister causing gas to leak.
  • Use extreme caution when using stove in temperatures below freezing. In freezing temperatures, O-rings can stiffen and leak gas.
  • Always check for gas leaks before and after lighting the stove.
  • Keep children more than 3m (10ft) away from stove and fuel.
  • Keep highly flammable fabrics away from stove, such as outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, tents etc.
  • When a canister change is necessary, please follow steps 1-4 of this manual carefully


  1. Open the control valve approximately one turn counterclockwise and light the burner.FIGURE [5]Check that the flame ring is complete and that the flame is mostly blue and non-pulsating in normal operation.
  2. Adjust the control valve to get the flame you want.
  3. If the output is weak, it could mean that the gas is running out, or that the canister is too cold. Turn off the stove and let it cool down. Make sure there is no open flame nearby when changing the gas canister.
  4. CAUTION: accessible parts may become very hot. Keep young children away from the appliance.

 WARNINGOverheating and explosion hazards

  • Never add a windscreen after the stove is lit.
  • Never use a windscreen which fully encloses the gas canister.
  • Keep solid combustibles at least 1.25m (4ft) away from the top and 1m (3ft) from sides of a burning stove or a stove that you are in the process of lighting.
  • Keep flammable liquids and vapors at least 8m (25ft) away from the top and sides of a burning stove, or a stove that you are in process of lighting.
  • Never attempt to light a stove if control valve has been left open. If control valve is left open, close it immediately and thoroughly ventilate area before lighting stove. Failure to ventilate area can result in an explosion.
  • Never use cookware with a diameter larger than 220mm (8.5in). The pan plus food must not weigh more than 2kg (4.4lbs) combined.
  • Never place and operate 2 or more stoves together.
  • Never operate stove with empty or dry cookware.
  • Never use non-Optimus heat reflectors or windshields.


  1. Turn off the stove by turning the control valve handle fully clockwise and double-check that the flame is completely extinguished.
  2. Allow stove to cool properly.
  3. Disconnect the gas canister.
  4. It is normal for a small amount of gas to fizz out when you unscrew the gas canister.
  5. Fold in pot supports and place stove in stuff sack.
  6. How to check if the gas container is empty: Gently shake the gas container – if movement of liquid is sensed or audible then gas is present in the container.


Risk of burning due to incorrect handling and storage. Storing gas canisters near any heat or ignition source, or where temperatures exceed 50°C (120°F) can result in the canister exploding.Never move a burning or hot stove. Allow stove to cool for at least 10min before moving it.Never transport or store the stove with the gas canister connected to it.Always store gas canisters in a well-ventilated area away from any possible heat or ignition source such as: water heaters, stoves, pilot lights, furnaces or where temperatures exceed 50°C (120°F).


Before each use, check the O-ring where the stove connects to the gas canister. FIGURE [1] Leakage may result if the O-ring is not in place, or if it is worn or damaged. Replace the O-ring by teasing it out with a tool such as the blunt end of a sewing needle. Never use a sharp or pointed object that can damage the seal surfaces. Fit the new O-ring with care to avoid damaging it. Only use original Optimus O-rings (Art. Nr. 8019247) for this purpose. Do not modify the stove. This appliance must only be serviced by an authorized person.

For major repairs send stove back to Optimus. This appliance is not designed to be serviced by the user, and contains no user serviceable parts.

Addendum for Elektra FE Cook set

Your Crux Lite stove is including a handheld piezo ignitor. In order to ignite your stove, open the control valve handle and bring the piezo ignitor close to the burner head. Make sure it is pointing upwards. Push the green button to produce a spark in order to ignite the burner.FIGURE [6]Push several times if ignition does not happen immediately. Please note that Piezo ignitors are not reliable at altitudes above 2000m.

 WARNINGRisk of burning or serious injuries due to incorrect handling.

  • Never have your face above the stove when igniting it. Possible flare ups could cause serious injuries.

Addendum for Elektra FE Cook set

Your Crux Lite stove also includes a Terra weekend HE pot and a windshield to increase the stove`s performance and efficiency.To use the clip-on windshield take both halves and bend them slightly outwards. Clip the opening at the bottom around the valve neck of the gas canister. Make sure the windshield is fixed securely. Turn the windshield into the desired direction (to best block the wind) and make sure the stoves control handle is easily accessible.FIGURE [7 , 8]We recommend to use this windshield only with the Optimus Crux and Crux Lite gas stoves and Optimus gas canisters.

 WARNINGRisk of burning or serious injuries due to incorrect handling.

  • Ensure the stove is securely tightened on the gas canister before fitting the windshield.
  • Always fit the windshield before lighting the stove.
  • Never use a pot wider than 130mm (5in) in conjunction with the Optimus Clip-on Windshield.
  • Always leave a gap of approximately 10mm (0.4in) between pot and windshield to avoid overheating.
  • Never use stoves on which the flames are pointing sideways in combination with this windshield.
  • Never operate stove with empty or dry cookware (This also stands for the Crux Lite Solo Cook system).

If you have any questions about these instructions, your stove, replacement parts, or repairs, please contact:

Katadyn Products Inc.Pfäffikerstrasse 378310 KemptthalSwitzerland+41 44 839 21 11+41 44 839 21 11 1-800-755-6701[email protected]www.optimusstoves.com

Katadyn North America130 Cyber CourtRocklin, CA 95765USA1-800-755-6701[email protected]


Optimus provides a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for the original stove purchaser. Proof of purchase is required for this warranty to be valid. This warranty does not cover damage due to accident, improper use or modifications.

If you have any problems with your Optimus Crux Lite, return it to your dealer or contact Katadyn. Clean food and dirt from the stove before returning it. For more information, contact your dealer or Katadyn Products Inc. in Switzerland at+41 448392111 or e-mail us at [email protected].US customers please contact Katadyn North America at1-800-755-6701 or [email protected].This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other legal rights which vary from state to state.

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