OTBeat Aspire User Manual


OTBeat Aspire

Congratulations on purchasing the OTbeat Aspire All-Day Wearable device the only all-day wearable specially designed to capture and track all your Orangetheory workouts.

What’s In The Box:

Getting Started:

  1. Unpack and inspect all contents
  2. Connect USB cord into charging port of device to wake the device from manufacturing sleep mode
  3. Download the Orangetheory App

Downloading the Orangetheory App:

Using your mobile device, download the Orangetheory App.

Now head to your home studio and get those Splat points.

OTbeat Aspire: Charging Your Device

To charge your OTbeat Aspire, use the included USB charging cable to connect to a plugged-in charging block or the USB port on a computer.

How To Charge:

  1. Open rubber cover on back of device
  2. Plug in mini-USB connector into charging port
  3. Plug in regular USB connector into a charging block or your computer USB port
  4. Battery is fully charged when the 100% battery icon is displayed

Note: Charging port not included. Charging time will vary due to differences in voltage between wall outlet and computer.

OTbeat Aspire: Proper Placement for General Use

To Transmit Accurate Data From Your Device:

Fasten device snugly one finger above the wrist bone. The optical sensor on the back should make good contact with skin.

Recommended Placement During a Workout:

Replace wrist band with provided Fabric Arm Band. Wear device two fingers above or below elbow. The optical sensor on the back should make good contact with skin.

*Forearm or bicep placement during an Orangetheory Class is recommended for more accurate heart rate monitoring during activity.

OTbeat Aspire: Bluetooth Pairing

Before your Aspire can communicate with your App to capture your all-day splat points, you’ll need to pair it to your smartphone.

Pairing Device:

  1. In the SETTINGS menu, swipe the screen up or down to select the BLUETOOTH PAIR screen
  2. Tap the screen to view the 6-digit identification code of your Aspire
  3. On your smartphone, navigate to the Bluetooth settings. Turn on Bluetooth functionality and select OTbeat Aspire to connect device
  4. Enter the 6-digit code on your smartphone when prompted
  5. The Aspire will display “PAIRED” when bluetooth pairing is successful
  6. Pairing should be automatic in the future. but if you change smartphones or lose pairing, repeat the procedure above

OTbeat Aspire: Screen Actions

How To Use The Device

OTbeat Aspire: Home Screen

The clock is the main home screen for the OTbeat Aspire (clock layout can be selected via the app).

Swiping up or down provides a quick link to view your Notifications and My Day stats, including today’s Splat Points, BPM, Calories, Distance, Steps, Sleep and Movement.

Tapping the Notifications/View screen will launch any notifications that were sent via Bluetooth to your phone.

Tapping on any My Day metrics will display the data from the day before, with the exception of heart rate, which shows the average for the last 7 days.

OTbeat Aspire: Main Menu

A long hold/long press on the home screen will open the main menu.

About the device

OTbeat Aspire: How To Start an In-Studio Workout

Make sure an Orangetheory studio manager has registered your new Aspire to your account. Then, in order to connect your device to the OTbeat TV screen, you must start a workout on your Aspire.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Aspire will NOT connect to the OTbeat system if you do not initiate a workout.

OTbeat Aspire: Out-of-Studio Workout

Got a favorite exercise you like to do on your off days? No problem. To start an out of studio workout, tap WORKOUT from the Main Menu.

Swipe between screens to scroll through the workout options. Tap on the desired workout to start the countdown and begin.

To end a workout, long hold on the screen. You will be prompted to save your results. The OTbeat Aspire will save your last three workouts. The Orangetheory mobile app will hold all of your historical data.

OTbeat Aspire: Technical Specifications

OTbeat Aspire: Caring For Your Device

  1. To ensure accurate readings, clean the sensors with a so cloth after use
  2. OTbeat Aspire unit and strap are waterproof to IP67 specifications and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and cool water
  3. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean the USB charging contacts when necessary. Do NOT contact USB charging port
  4. Do not use any abrasive chemicals to clean the Aspire unit, sensor or strap This will cause permanent damage and void warranty
  5. Both the rubber and the fabric band can only be washed by hand and  please orangetheory.com/otbeat air dry after wash

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