Paintball ARMOR Vision System Instruction Manual

Use and Care Instructions forPaintball Vision SystemOne size fits all – Fits adult size: S / M / LThis product meets ASTM standards F 1776Instruction Manual



Your new ARMOR™ mask by VFORCE™ provides the best quality and comfort available.The lens design ensures distortion-free vision, enhancing your rapid target-acquisition efficiency and overall safety.The unique Quick-Change system allows you to remove the lens in seconds, for cleaning, so you are back in the game in seconds.

Every VFORCE™ mask has been handcrafted from the finest materials modern technology can provide. We test and refine everything we make to ensure you get reliable performance from a quality product.

Meets or exceeds International Standards for:

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WARNINGRead and follow carefully the instructions and warnings contained in this manual. Failure to observe all instructions and warnings could lead to severe or permanent injuries.  Remember that your mask cannot offer protection in all situations.

  • ALWAYS wear your mask when you are within or near an area in which paintball markers are being used or when using or handling a paintball marker.
  • NEVER remove or lift your mask in the playing area, even if the lens fogs or gets dirty. If your mask accidentally comes off, throw yourself on the ground and protect your eyes. Tell the players to stop shooting and ask the referees or one of the other players to help you leave the area with your eyes covered.
  • Make sure the lens and the lens retention clips are firmly in place before wearing the mask.
  • Before the beginning of the game, all paintball markers must be chronograph had to ensure that the speed of the paintballs does not exceed 300 f.p.s. (91 m/s). Higher speeds could exceed the resistance limits of your mask and lead to serious or permanent injury. Do not play if the speed of the paintballs exceeds 300 f.p.s., or if speed is not verified.
  • Always follow all safety rules regarding the game and the handling of paintball markers.
  • In rare cases, any mask may cause irritation and should not be worn by persons who are subject to dermatitis. Discontinue the use of the mask immediately in case of irritation and consult your physician.
  • Always wear your mask with a visor and chin strap securely attached as per instructions.


Check that the strap is inserted properly in the slots provided in the mask, and that it fits snugly around your head. Ensure that the foam around the lens sits closely around your eyes.The mask’s chin strap should be fastened and secured at all times during play. Simply adjust the chin strap so it rests comfortably against your chin, then fasten the srap buckles.

WARNINGBefore each game, breathe on the inside surface of the lens.If it fogs up before you use your mask: replace the lens or treat it with VForce anti-fog solution.


Your ARMOR™ mask Has a single pane polycarbonate lens that has been treated with a Thermo-Cured Anti-Fog coating. More information on the lens is provided in the next section of this manual.CLEANING

  • Clean your lens within two hours of any contact with paintball fills or residues. Remove the lens from the mask to ensure that all surfaces of the lens and the mask are thoroughly cleaned with clean water.
  • Use only clean warm water to clean the lens. DO NOT USE any other products or cleaners, as they could contain substances that may damage or weaken the lens, or reduce the Anti-Fog effect. Change the lens if it has come in contact with chemical products or fumes.
  • To dry the lens, simply air dry, or use a clean soft cloth or micro-fiber on the outside of the lens. DO NOT RUB THE INSIDE OF THE LENS. DO NOT USE  substances that could scratch or dull the lens, like newspaper, paper towels, or clothing. It is normal for the anti-fog coating on the inside surface to go through a tacky phase while drying. To dry this surface, blot with a soft clean cloth and let it dry. Do not rub the inside, as it will streak, and you will have to begin again.


  • Despite the longest-lasting ThermoCuredT™ Anti-Fog process available, over time the unit-fog process available, over time the anti-fog treatment may lose its effectiveness. When this happens, only use the VForce™ Anti-Fog solution. Do not use any other products, since it could weaken or damage the lens.


  • Ensure that your VForce™ mask is clean before storing it. Protect the lens against impacts and scratches. Store your mask in a cool, clean, and dry place, far from chemical products or fumes and protected from high temperatures.

WARNINGNo paintball mask can prevent fogging under all conditions. If your lens fogs up NEVER remove your mask in the playing area!


1. Pull the strap gently, by sliding your fingers over and behind the strap. 2. Remove the fastening clip from the lens.
3. Press on the fastening tab to dislodge the lens from the mask. 4. Repeat the steps on the opposite side and remove the lens from the mask.

WARNINGCheck the lens before and after each use. Replace the lens after one year of use, even if it seems to be intact. Replace the lens immediately if it shows cracks or if it has received a  direct impact from a ball shot from a distance of fewer than 10 feet (3 m).


WARNINGUse only VFORCE™ approved lenses that have been designed for your mask.

  1. Insert the new lens, making sure that the fastening tabs are fully and securely in place. Ensure that both upper positioning tabs are inserted ion their respective slots.
  2. Reinsert the fastening clips using the guiding channel.
  3. Press them towards the inside, ensuring that they are properly in place.

WARNINGEnsure that the lens is firmly in place before wearing the mask. Do not make any modifications to your mask. Use only accessories that have been approved for your VFORCE™ mask. (The retention strap is not an ear protector.)


1. Insert the visor supports in the ventilation slots on top of the mask. 2. Place the O-rings in the notches of the visor supports.

WARNINGNever play a game of paintball without a visor securely attached to the frame of the mask as shown.


1. To properly fasten the buckle, insert the “male prongs” into the “female portion” until you hear an audible “click”. Adjust the strap to contact snugly under your chin. 2. Unfastening the buckle is accomplished by squeezing the right and leftedges of the male prongs until they are automatically ejected from the female portion.

WARNINGNever play a game without the Chin Strap securely attached to the mask.


VForce™ offers 3 lens types with varied transmissions to provide optimum vision in various lighting conditions. The papillary distance is 64 mm. Please also note the markings on the mask.

Lens Model  Light Transmission  Filter  Category Comments
Clear 75+ / -2% 1 Lens for all conditions.


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