Panasonic Energy Recovery Ventilator Filter Replacing Instructions

Energy Recovery Ventilator Filter Replacing Instructions

OA filterModel No. FV-FL0810VE1 FV-FL1310VE1

  • Before replacing filters, please read the “MAINTENANCE” section of installation and operating instructions.
  • It is suggested to replace the OA filter on every 6 months.

Method for replacing filter

WARNINGElectric shock may result. Disconnect power by switching off wall switch first, then main switch, and unplug the power plug before working on unit.

There may be dew in ERV after running long time in cold climate, please remove the 4 plugs on frame cover to discharge dew water befroe open the frame cover. (Fig.1)

  1. Open the frame cover by unlocking the latches. (Fig.2)(1) If not convenient for maintenance, you also can turn the lock plate up to 90° and remove the frame cover. (Fig.3)(2) There is a spring (Fig.3) on the inside of frame cover, please do not damage or deform it, otherwise, the ERV may can not operate.
  2. Remove OA filter. (Fig.4)
  3. Install new OA filter. (Fig.5) Make sure the direction of arrow on OA filter should be same with air flow direction that display on the nearby label.
  4. Install and close frame cover by locking the latches, then reset the lock plate. (Fig.6)
  5. Connect power, press filter reset button with sound of “Pi -”, then filter indicator and buzzer sound will be off. (Fig.7)


Warning Concerning Removal of Covers. The unit should be serviced by qualified technicians only. Your product is designed and manufactured to ensure a minimum of maintenance. Should your unit require service or parts, call Panasonic Call Center at 1-866-292-7299 (USA) or 1-800-669-5165 (Canada).

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