PHILIPS FitLife Patient and Clinician Instructions

FitLife patient and clinician fitting guide

Sizing the mask

Use either the FitLife plastic sizing gauge or the gauge that is part of the mask package to determine the appropriate mask size.Place the sizing gauge above the eyebrows and below the lower lip. The mouth should be open slightly.Choose the mask cushion size that encloses the mouth and does not obstruct sight. The top of the cushion should rest comfortably against the middle of the forehead above the eyebrows. The bottom of the cushion should rest comfortably under the mouth and above the chin.

Preparing the FitLife for fitting

Loosen the side headgear straps by peeling back the tabs and adjusting them to a larger size.

Next, disconnect one or both of the bottom headgear snap clips. Grasp the clip with the thumb and index finger. Using a turning motion, lift the clip upward with the thumb while pulling the clip away from the mask faceplate.


Making initial adjustments

Make initial adjustments while sitting.Hold the mask against the face. The top of the cushion will contact the face just above the eyebrows. The bottom of the cushion will contact the face just below the lower lip. Be sure the mouth remains slightly open.

When fitting and adjusting the FitLife, hold the mask by the faceplate—never by the elbow.Pull the headgear over the head.Attach one or both bottom headgear snap clips by finding the tab on the lower part of the mask faceplate with the thumb. Guide and gently push the headgear clip onto the tab with the middle and index fingers until it snaps into place.Adjust the headgear straps in the following order:

  1. Tighten the side headgear straps above the ears. The top strap should lie across the top of the head.The cross strap will sit low on the back of the head.
  2. Tighten the bottom headgear straps until they are even, and the mask is gently sitting on the face. The mask should not feeltight.
  3. Adjust the top headgear strap, if necessary. If the side headgear straps are resting on the ears. adjust the top headgear strap to lift the straps slightly off of the ears. Do not over-tighten as it may cause the headgear to slip.

Incorrect fit:If there are skin bulges around the mask or marks or impressions on the skin, loosen the headgear straps

Correct fitThere are no skin bulges around the mask or red marks/impressions on the skin.

Making final adjustments

Attach the accessory swivel to the entrainment valve and then attach the tubing to the other end.Make final adjustments while lying down

If necessary, adjust the side and bottom headgear straps so that the mask is snug but comfortable against the face. Do not over-tighten the headgear. Turn on the air

Identifying leaks

Raise the pressure to the prescribed level and turn the head from side to side while lying on the bed with the mouth open slightly.

Identify areas of leak that may prevent the ability to sleep.

Adjusting for leaks

In the event of leaks, follow these recommended methods to obtain a better seal:

  1. Re-seat the mask. Pull the mask directly away from the face then gently set it back into place. allowing the cushion to create a new seal on the face. Remember. do not pull the mask by the exhalation elbow.
  2. Adjust the side headgear straps to eliminate leaks around the forehead and temples.
  3. Adjust the bottom headgear straps to eliminate leaks around the cheeks and chin.

If leaks are still present, apply pressure with the fingers directly to the mask in the location of the leak. If this eliminates the leak, slightly tighten the strap closest to the leak to accommodate the seal. Do not over-tighten the headgear.

Note: Excessive tightening of the headgear may cause unnecessary discomfort and actually cause leaks. Remember, not all leaks need to be corrected.

Removing the mask

To remove the mask-disconnect one or both bottom headgear snap clips and pull the mask up and over the top of the head. By disconnecting the headgear clips. instead of the tabs. adjustments will be preserved.

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