PHILIPS TAX4205 Bluetooth Party speaker User Manual

PHILIPS TAX4205 Bluetooth Party speaker 
User Manual

General information

Safety instructions

Please read carefully the safety mark on the back side

This mark is intended to alert the user from the non isolated dangerous voltage within the product that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons.

This mark is intented to alert the user for important operating and servicing instruction


  • Avoid sustained periods on high-volume use, and do not turn the volume to maximum level while using high output signal, such as Mobile Phone or DVD, etc., as this will cause distortion and may damage the loudspeaker cones.
  • Please switch off the system from the wall socket, when not in use.
  • Do not open the cover or back panel to avoid electrical shock or any other accidents. No user- serviceable parts are inside.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Plug the system to the AC outlet with the right voltage marked on the back panel of the Subwoofer.
  • The MAINS plug is used as the disconnect device, the disconnect device shall remain readily operable.
  • The product shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the product.
  • Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.
  • Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.

Care and safety information

Avoid high temperatures, moisture, water and dust

  • Apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing of liquid.
  • Do not place any source of danger on the Subwoofer, and satellite (e.g. liquid filled objects lighted candles).
  • Do not install near heat sources.

Do not block any ventilation opening

  • Place the apparatus in a location with adequate ventilation to prevent internal heat build up. Allow at least 10cm (4 inches) of free space all around the apparatus for adequate ventilation.
  • At high volume the back cover of Subwoofer becomes hot. Do not touch it.

Care of the cabinet

  • Use a soft cloth slightly moistened to clean the cabinet. Do not use a solution containing alcohol, spirits, ammonia or abrasives.


Top panel operation

Top panel operation

  1. : Power on/off.
  2. : USB* jack.
  3. : TF jack.
  4. Audio in: Audio/line in jack.
  5. Guitar: Guitar jack.
  6. MIC 1: Wired MIC 1 jack.
  7. MIC 2: Wired MIC 2 jack.
  8. Charging: Charging jack.
  9. Guitar VOL-/+: To adjust Guitar volume.
  10. MIC VOL-/+: To adjust MIC volume.
  11. MIC Treble-/+: To adjust MIC treble.
  12. MIC Bass-/+: To adjust MIC bass.
  13. Echo-/+: To adjust echo level in Guitar or MIC mode.
  14. Echo Delay: To adjust echo delay in Guitar or MIC mode.
  15. Treble-/+: To adjust treble.
  16. Bass-/+: To adjust bass.
  17.  : Short press to play/pause in BT or USB* mode.Long press for station auto search in FM mode.
  18.  : To tune the radio frequency by 0.1Mhz under FM mode.Forward play & backward play under USB mode.
  19.  : Press to choose previous stored FM station in FM mode.Press to choose previous song in BT or USB* mode.
  20. : Press to choose next stored FM station in FM mode.Press to choose next song in BT or USB*mode.
  21. Record: You must have a USB* drive connected to use this feature.
  22. Playback: To Play what has been recorded from the USB* drive.
  23. Repeat: To repeat all, single track, no repeat, or random in USB* mode
  24. MIC Priority: MIC voice prior/mix to music playback.
  25. Vocal: This vocal allows you to sing, tun on/off vocal accompaniment in BT or USB* mode.
  26. Mode: mode selection.
  27. Pair: Press to disconnect current BT connection.
  29. Volume-/+: Volume decrease/increase.
  30. Light: Press the light mode selection or turn off.

Over view of the speaker


  • Unit comes with a battery indicator alert on the LED panel.
  • If battery level shows an empty flashing, it means recharging is required.
  • By connecting the AC power, when the battery indicator shows it’s full and stops flashing, it means the level of battery is fully charged.It is recommended to charge the battery about 6 hours before you start using the unit for the first time.

Energy Saving: If this product is idle for about 15 minutes, the appliance will power off automatically.To turn it on after this automatic shut-off, the power switch needs to be turned off and on twice.


To keep and protect the rechargeable battery in good condition, users should check the unit and be sure to turn the Power On/Off switch on the back panel to “Off” every time after using and before storage, it is highly recommended that users should fully recharge the battery at least once in every two months.

  • Insert wired MIC or turn on wireless MIC.
  • Insert USB drive / TF card.
  • Use the Record button to begin the recording function in USB mode, the voice will be automatically storage in the USB drive / TF card, use the Playback button to listen to your recording.
  • Background music recording function only works in Audio in function. Other mode just has MIC recording


  • In any mode, the light button of the control panel can control the LED lighting effect.


  • This product allows you to sing-a-long with the songs are playing either on BT, USB* or Audio in mode and allow 2 microphones at the same time.
  • For wireless Mic(UHF), when you long press its switch button, it turns on, it automatically connect to the appliance.
  • Or Plug in your Microphone cable into the back panel marked “MIC 1” and/or “MIC 2”.
  • Adjust the MIC Volume through the mic ormain volume “MIC VOL ” on the top control panel.
  • Adjust the Echo level “- Echo +”.
  • Start to sing.

WARNING: If the MIC Volume and ECHO level are set too high or to the maximum, be cautious with the high pitch reflection tone.


  • In Audio in/line in mode, long press Repeat key for about 3 seconds to clear all the memory information of this device, restore the original factory setting of the product.

About Sealed Lead- Acid Battery

This unit works either on the battery pack (Lead-Acid battery, 12V, 5000mAh) or the AC power: unplug the AC Power cord from the AC input jack to work on the battery pack (after fully charged); plugging the AC Power cord while the battery pack is attached initiates the charging of this battery. The charging sign will be shown on the display during charging, when the battery is fully charged the battery indicator shows that it’s full and stops flashing. Fully charging a run-out battery pack may take 6 hours, playing time may vary with the surrounding environment, the volume level of the speaker and the battery condition. It is advised that you wait 10-20 minutes before recharging the battery pack if it has turned flat during operation.

Remote controls

  1. LIGHT
  2. 1-0/10+
  3. VOCAL
  4. VOL+
  5. REP
  7. VOL
  8. EQ
  9. REC
  10. Playback
  11. BT
  12. FM
  13. PAIR
  14. AUD
  15. USB/TF


  1. : Power on/off.
  2.  LIGHT: Press the light mode selection or turn off.
  3.  1-0/10+: These are keys for selecting an FM station or USB track directly by number.
  4.  VOCAL: This vocal allows you to sing, tun on/off vocal accompaniment in BT or USB* mode.
  5.  VOL+: Volume increase.
  6.  REP: To repeat all, single track, no repeat, or random in USB* mode.
  7.  MIC Priority ON/OFFON: MIC voice prior to music playback.OFF: MIC voice mix to music playback.
  8.  VOL-: Volume decrease.
  10.  REC: To star recording function in USB* mode.
  11.  Playback: To Play what has been recorded from the USB* drive.
  12. : Short press to play/pause in BT or USB* mode.Long press for station auto search in FM mode.
  13. : To tune the radio frequency by 0.1Mhz under FM mode.Forward play & backward play under USB mode.
  14. : Go to the next or previous track in Bluetooth or USB* mode.
  15.  BT: Bluetooth mode.
  16.  FM: FM mode.
  17.  PAIR: Press to disconnect current BT connection.
  18.  AUD: Audio/line in mode.
  19.  USB/TF: USB* /TF mode.

Playing the speakers

System positioning :

The speaker is recommended to be put on the flat floor to get a better acoustic effect.

Helpful Hint:– To avoid magnetic interference, do not position the speakers, too close to your TV.

Bluetooth Operating Instruction

  1. Press mode key from speaker or remote control to Bluetooth mode;
  2. When selecting the Bluetooth mode. “BT” in display will start blinking and you will hear an audio tone which indicates Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. For pairing with mobile phone or other Bluetooth devices, search the device named “Philips TAX4205” and pair it. Once paired, come up with another audio tone. “BT” will stop flash.
  4. Press and hold “ Pair ” for 3 seconds from speaker’s top panel in order to force disconnect the Bluetooth connection.

Note: While using Bluetooth, if external call comes, then speaker system goes in mute mode in order to protect privacy of mobile phone user. Operation resumes once the call is disconnected.


Warning –

Under no circumstances should you try to repair the system yourself, as this will invalidate the warranty. Do not open the system as there is risk of electric shock. If a fault occurs first check the point listed below before taking the system for repair. If you are unable to remedy the problem by following hints mentioned in below table.


This Philips Party speaker is warranted against any defect due to defective materials or workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase, should a defect develop during the warranty, TPV Technology India Pvt. Ltd., affiliate of MMD Hong Kong Holding Limited undertake to repair the apparatus FREE OF CHARGE at any of its authorized service center in India.

The warranty is not valid in case:

  1. Proof of purchase is not accompanied with this warranty card.
  2. The warranty card is not completed immediately after purchase.
  3. The apparatus is not used according to this user manual.
  4. Defects are caused due to improper or reckless use.
  5. Any repairs are done by persons other than Philips authorized service centre.
  6. The serial number is tampered with.
  7. Defects due to causes beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage or while in transit to the purchaser’s residence.

All consumables and parts susceptible to normal wear and tear not covered under this warranty.For details Terms and conditions applicable, Please refer

Product specifications

*Specification subject to change without prior notice Measured under specific conditions.

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