Pioneer SE-S6BN Wireless Stereo Headphone User Guide

SE-S6BNQuick Start Guide


  1. Set Contents/Accessoires fournis
  2. Name of Parts
  3. Charging the batteries

Before you start

This document describes the information and operations required for a startup. For more advanced operating procedures, read the instruction manual which is available on the website.

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Set Contents

Confirm the presence of all parts and components before use.

  1. Headphones
  2. TYPE-C USB cable
  3. Headphone cord
  4. Warranty (the U.S.A. and Canada /Japan)
  5.  Quick Start Guide (this document)
  6. Safety Guide

Names of Parts(see Fig.2)

  1. ( + ) button
  2.  Play/ Pause button
  3. ( — ) button
  4. ( () ) button
  5. Headphone jack
  6. LED indicator
  7. Microphone
  8. TYPE-C USB port

Charging the batteries

The unit’s battery must be recharged before use.The accessory TYPE-C USB cable must be used for recharging the unit’s battery.

Connect the appropriate connector on the accessory TYPE-C USB cable to the TYPE-C USB port on the headphones, and the USB plug on the other end to a USB port on a computer (see Fig. 3).

  • When recharging begins, the LED indicator on the headphones will light
  • Full recharging requires about 3 hours; when recharging is completed, the LED indicator will turn off.


  • Battery recharging time and usable battery time may vary depending on ambient temperature and frequency of use.

Notes on battery charging

  • Battery performance is influenced by the surrounding temperature. Charge the sup­plied rechargeable batteries within a temperature range of 10 to 35 degrees Celcius.
  • Batteries become slightly warm when charging. This is not a malfunction.
  • Recharging may not be possible if the computer is in power-saving mode.
  • This device cannot be used during charging.


Pairing must be performed before the headphones can be used to listen to music or communicate using a Bluetooth device.For further details regarding the pairing procedure, consult the user’s manual for your Bluetooth device.
  1. While the power of the unit is off, hold down the () button until the unit enters pairing mode.•The pairing mode is confirmed by the LED indicator’s alternately flashing blue and red. Release the  () button after confirming that the LED indicator is alternately lighting blue and red.
  2. Turn on the power to the Bluetooth device you wish to pair with, and begin pairing; search for this unit (wireless headphones) from the paired Bluetooth device.•Set the Bluetooth device close (within one meter) to the wireless headphones.•These wireless headphones will appear in the Bluetooth device’s display as “Pioneer S6”.
  3.  Confirm that pairing has been successfully completed with the Bluetooth device.•Look at the display for the Bluetooth-enabled device and select “Pioneer S6”.•When the LED lamp is flashing in blue slowly about once every 3 seconds, pairing is complete. When it is flashing quickly about once every second, pairing is not•The PIN code for these wireless headphones has been factory set at “0000”. Input this code if requested by the Bluetooth

Connect to the Bluetooth device

  • Confirm that the power to the wireless headphones is ON before connecting to the Bluetooth
  • Depending on the device, the connection between the wireless headphones and Bluetooth device may be affected automatically after pairing.

Disconnecting from the Bluetooth device

  • Hold down the () button until the flashing LED lamp turns off and the power of the device turns off.

Multipoint (The headphones allows connecting 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time)

  • Connect the headphones to the 1st Bluetooth
  • Disconnect the headphones from the 1st Bluetooth
  • Turn off the headphones.
  • Hold down the ( ) button until the unit enters pairing mode.
  • Connect the headphones to 2nd Bluetooth
  • Now connect the 1st Bluetooth device (by 1st Bluetooth device memory)


Transmission format Bluetooth Standard Protocol Ver. 5.0
Output Bluetooth Standard Protocol Power Class 2
Maximum transmission distance About 10 m line of sight *1
Frequency used 2.4 GHz (2.4000 GHz to 2.4835 GHz)*2
Modulation FHSS
Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Supported CODEC SBC, AAC
Contents protection SCMS-T
Battery life with continuous use Maximum 20 hours of continuous transmission (NC ON/including music-play time/With Bluetooth connection) Maximum 30 hours of continuous transmission (NC OFF/including music-play time/With Bluetooth connection) Maximum 20 hours (NC ON/including music-play time/With wired connection)
Recharging time About 3 hours
Rating input 5 V500 mA or 3.7 V 545 mAh Battery
Power DC 3.7 V internally rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Weight 205 g
Specific absorption rate (SAR) 3.802 mW
Type Fully-enclosed dynamic headphones
Driver units 040 mm
Frequency response 10 Hz to 22 000 Hz (With Bluetooth connection)10 Hz to 28 000 Hz (With wired connection)
Maximum input power 1 000 mW (With wired connection)
Impedance 106 dB (With wired connection)
Sensitivity 16 0 (With wired connection)
Ear pad Polyurethane (leather finish)
Type Electret condenser type
Directionality Omni-directional microphone
Frequency response 20 Hz to 16 000 Hz
TYPE-C USB cable 1
Headphone cord 1
Warranty (U.S.A. and Canada / Japan) 1
Quick Start Guide (this document) 1
Safety Guide 1

*1 Transmission distance is an approximation. The actual usable distance may vary depending on surrounding conditions.*2 This product utilizes radio waves in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. Some signal dropouts may be experienced due to interference with radios, microwave ovens, and other devices using the 2.4 GHz spectrum.


Specifications and design are subject to possible modifications without notice due to improvements.

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About the License and Trademarks

  • “Pioneer” is a trademark of Pioneer Corporation, and is used under
  • The Bluetooth* word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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