Pioneer TS-A1300C Speaker Component System Instruction Manual

Pioneer TS-A1300C Speaker Component System

WarningOver time, your hearing “comfort level” adapts to higher volumes of sound, so that what sounds “normal” can actually be doing harm. To protect against hearing loss, set your equipment’s volume at a low setting, slowly increase it until you can hear it comfortable and clearly, and leave it there. Do not turn up the volume so high that you can’t hear what’s around you.


  1. Do not touch the speaker flexible wire A.
  2. Do not use the speaker independently. To avoid breakage, be sure to use the specified network.
  3. Do not change the direction of the speaker terminal assembly B.
  4. Make sure lead and speaker terminals do not contact metal.
  5. When making connections, refer also to the instruction manual of the car stereo used.


  1. OPEN and SMOOTH delivers smooth frequency response and an expansive soundstage.
  2. Carbon and Mics reinforced IMPP cone provides fast response and solid bass.
  3. Optimized symmetrical motor design reproduces accurate sound.
  4. Polyimide (PI) tweeter diaphragm provides natural and clear vocal.

Parts Included



  • Reproduction system – 2-Wege trennen
  • Speaker specifications
    • Woofer – Ø129mm
    • Tweeter – Ø20mm
  • Continuous power handling (RMS) – 50W
  • Maximum music power – 300W
  • Sensitivity – 87dB (1W / 1m)
  • Frequency response – 42Hz bis 38kHz (-20dB)
  • Nominal impedance – 4Ω
  • Cutout diameter – Ø121mm

How to Install

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