PLASMA YL01 Loudspeaker Audio Arc Speaker Music Player User Manual

PLASMA YL01 Loudspeaker Audio Arc Speaker Music Player User Manual

This is a plasma Bluetooth loudspeaker with unconventional diaphragm. It drives the plasma to vibrate and produce sound in the air. In theory, this way of sound production can perfectly restore the true color of sound. Although the power is only 30W (very safe), but the volume can reach 70dB! The top of the equipment is quartz tube sound cavity, and the middle is purplish red plasma. Please do not touch it when using. This device is used as a plasma voice experience device, not work as traditional loudspeaker.

Sound principle

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The high voltage induced by the transformer secondary breaks through the air, making the air temperature become extremely high and plasma. When the temperature of the air at the discharge end rises sharply, the air will expand around, squeeze and vibrate the surrounding air and make sound. Through the modulation of audio frequency, the chip can generate square wave signal whose frequency or duty cycle changes with music, and drive the switch tube (generally used in field effect transistor) to turn on and off. Therefore, the primary part of the high-voltage package flows through the regular current, and then the high-voltage arc is induced in the secondary coil of the high voltage package. The air heated by the arc emits sound as the audio signal vibrates.

Product features

  • Small and exquisite: only (6.5 * 6.5 * 13cm)
  • Safe to use: the working voltage is 12V, the power is only 30W. Although the power is only 30W, the maximum volume can reach 70dB. Frankly, it’s not a high volume, but it’s not hard to hear, and it’s audible sound.
  • Anti-touch safety design: the acoustic arc is placed in the second layer, and the glass cover is protected to avoid touching, which is safe and reliable.
  • Long working time: it can work continuously for more than 24 hours
  • Excellent sound quality: it is a wireless Bluetooth plasma audio, non-traditional speaker sound principle! Infinite restoring sound. The maximum volume can reach 70dB!
  • No noise: adopt imported silent fan
  • Sound cavity: quartz tube cavity, vertical arc cavity Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Arc: purplish red arc
  • Discharge end is nickel wire: high temperature resistant will not melt, can burn for 24 hours Work will produce a small amount of ozone, a small amount of ozone can evolve indoor air

How to use it

  1. Please check if the equipment outlook in good condition, and then plug the power, pull Long handle switch up to power on.
  2. After switch on, the indicator blue LED is always on, there should be an arc between the wire which inside the glass tube. If only the blue LED light is on and there is no arc, please switch off, unplug the power, and adjust the middle part of discharge wire to about 5mm. As shown in the figure below
  3. Take a cell phone, search and find Bluetooth, which named esound, and connect it success. Play music in your cell phone, and then the speaker will  sound out. If you feel the sound is too low, please turn the phone volume to the maximum. The power of the product is only 30W, the maximum volume that can be achieved is 70dB maximum (laboratory data)

Problems you may encounter

  1. Suddenly there is no arcSwitch off, unplug the power, and adjust the middle part of discharge wire to about 5mm.
  2. Radiator hotThis is normal, the radiator may reach 60-70 degrees in operation. But you don’t have to worry. It can work continuously for more than 24 hours to avoid touching and scalding.
  3. There is a little odor around the stereo at workIt’s the smell of ozone. When the arc breaks through the air, it will produce chemical reaction to produce ozone. But you can rest assured that only a small amount of ozone will be produced. A small amount of ozone can purify the air and be beneficial to your body. However, we recommend that you use it in a ventilated environment to avoid excessive ozone accumulation.
  4. Bluetooth suddenly doesn’t connect Switch off and restart, or delete the Bluetooth connection record in the  mobile phone and connect again.

Safety Instruction

  1. It is forbidden to adjust the arc wire by hand during product working.
  2. The radiator will become hot when working or after working, avoid touching and avoid scalding
  3. It is forbidden to use this product in gas stations and other flammable and explosive places
  4. Children under 13 years old should use this product under the supervision of adults.


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