pooboo W258 Recumbent Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike User Manual

pooboo W258 Recumbent Bike User Manual


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This exercise machine is built for optimum safety. However, certain precautions apply whenever you operate a piece of exercise equipment. Be sure to read the entire manual before you assemble or operate your machine. In particular, note the following safety precautions:

  1. Keep children and pets away from the machine at all times. DO NOT leave children unattended in the same room with the machine.
  2. Only one person at a time should use the machine.
  3. If the user experiences dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, STOP the workout at once. CONSULT A PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Position the machine on a clear, leveled surface. DO NOT use the machine near water or outdoors.
  5. Keep hands away from all moving parts.
  6. Always wear appropriate workout clothing when exercising. DO NOT wear robes or other clothing that could become caught in the machine. Running or aerobic shoes are also required when using the machine.
  7. Use the machine only for its intended use as described in this manual. DO NOT use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
  8. Do not place any sharp object around the machine.
  9. Disabled person should not use the machine without a qualified person or physician in attendance.
  10. Before using the machine to exercise, always do stretching exercises to properly warm up.
  11. Never operate the machine if the machine is not functioning properly.
  12. The max. user capacity is 170 KGS.








Step 1:

  • Attach the front stabilizer (6) and the rear stabilizer (7) to the main frame (1), secure using four carriage bolts (12) with four curved washers (27) and four domed nuts (30).

Step 2:

  • Attach left pedal strap to pedal right (28) which is marked with decal “R”.
  • Doing same for pedal left (31).

Step 3:

  • Adjust the tension control knob (25) to the level eight and slot into the extension tension cable (19). Connect the upper sensor wire (10) to the lower sensor wire (11). Connect the upper hand pulse wire (35) to the middle hand pulse wire (29).
  • Attach the front post (2) to the main frame (1). Secure using four Allen bolts (14) with two curved washers (27).
  • Attach the pedal right (28) to the crank (34) right side secure with clockwise.
  • Attach the pedal left (31) to the crank (34) left side secure with counterclockwise.

Step 4:

  • Insert the adjustment handlebar (08) into connected axle (24), secure using two Allen bolt (17) and two flat washer (36) which are pre-assemble on the connected axle (24).
  • Attach the back cushion (21) to the seat support bracket (03), secure using four screw sets (23).

Step 5:

Lift the adjustment bar (08) up and insert the seat support bracket (03) into main frame (01) and then attach the stopper (33) onto main frame (01), securing use one screw (18).

Step 6:

Attach the front handlebar (04) to the front post (02), secure using two Allen screws (15) and two curved washers (27) and two nylon nuts (32).

Attach the rear handlebar (05) to the seat support bracket (03), secure using two curved washers (27) and two Allen screws (13).Tear off protect sticker on the Main Frame (1) as shown. Then, Connect the lower hand pulse wire (26) to the hand pulse wire (09).

Step 7

Attach the back cushion (22) to the seat support bracket (03), secure using four screw sets(23)

Step 8

  • Take off the screws (16) which are pre-assemble on the back of computer
  • Attach the computer (20) to the front post (2), then connect the upper hand pulse wire (35) and the upper sensor wire (10) to the computer, secure using four screws (16).




MODE – Select to display time, speed, distance, calories, and heartbeat or enter SCAN mode. Press MODE for 2 seconds and all data (except total distance) will be cleared.SET – Set the time, distance and calories for the workout session.RESET – Reset the time, distance and calories for the workout session.


  1. SCAN: Press the “MODE” button and select TIME function, the “SCAN” icon on the left upper corner will start flashing, and the monitor will display time, speed, distance, odometer, calorie and pulse in sequence every 6 seconds. Press “MODE” again, the “SCAN” icon will disappear and the screen will display one specific function. To go back to “SCAN” mode, press “MODE” until you select TIME function. During “SCAN” mode, the “SCAN” icon on the upper left corner will flash constantly.
  2. TIME: Count the total time from the start of the exercise to the end.
  3. SPEED: Display current speed of your workout.
  4. DISTANCE: Count the distance from the start of the exercise to the end.
  5. ODOMETER: Monitor will display the total accumulated distance.
  6. CALORIES: Count the total calories burnt from exercise start to end.
  7. PULSE: Press MODE button until “PULSE” appears. Before measuring your pulse rate, please place your palms on both of the contact pads and the monitor will show your current heart beat rate in beats per minute(BPM) on the LCD after 6~7 seconds.

Remark: During the process of pulse measurement, because of the contact jamming, the measurement value may be higher than the actual pulse rate during the first 2~3 seconds, and then will return to normal level. The measurement value cannot be considered as medical treatment reference.


This monitor has three target training modes: time, dist and cal (Before switching to target function, if there is a “SCAN” icon flashing on the display, you need to press the “MODE” button again to make the “SCAN” icon disappear)

  1. TIME target training mode: Press the “MODE” button to switch to the “TIME” function, and then press the “SET” button. When the number flashes, press the “SET” button again to set the target time. Each time you press the “SET” button, the time will increase one minute. When it reaches your desired time, release the button, and the number will flash three times before the setting is done. Now you can start using the machine, and the display will start to count down. When the time counts down to zero, it means that the training goal is completed. If you continue to exercise, the monitor will automatically start to count up from zero.
  2. DIST target training mode: Press the “MODE” button and switch to “DIST” function, and then press the “SET” button. When the number flashes, press “SET” button again to set the target distance. Each time you press the “SET” button, the distance will increase one mile. When the number reaches the target distance, release the button, and the number will flash three times before the setting is done. Now you can start using the machine, and the display will start to count down the distance. When the distance is counted down to zero, it means the training goal is completed. If you continue exercising, the monitor will automatically start to count the distance from zero.
  3. CAL target training mode: Press the “MODE” button and switch to the “CAL” function, and then press the “SET” button. When the number flashes, press the “SET” button again to set the target calories. Each time you press the “SET” button, the calories will increase one calorie. When your desired calorie is set, release the button, and the number will flash three times before the setting is complete. Now you can start using the machine, and the display will start counting calories. When calorie is counted to zero, it means that the training goal is completed. If you continue exercising, the monitor will automatically start counting calories from zero.

If you want to modify the target data after the setting process or completion, press “RESET” button directly to clear all settings, and set your training goal again with above instructions.


  1. If the display is faint or shows no figures, please replace the batteries.
  2. The monitor will automatically shut off if there is no signal received after 4 minutes.



Functions of the Bluetooth:

  1. Working frequency: 2.4GHZ Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  2. To ensure the exercise date record is real and effective on the APP, please make sure the APP is connected to the Bluetooth device before using the exercise bike.
  3. When speed signal is received, the Bluetooth monitor starts to record the time of movement and calculates the speed, distance and calories consumed. The data will be transmitted to the cell-phone via Bluetooth and display on the APP.
  4. The Bluetooth monitor will enter into Sleep mode if no speed signal received in 4 minutes. In Sleep mode, Bluetooth function is unavailable. You can wake up the Bluetooth monitor by using the machine and it can be found by phone again.

APP Operating Instructions: 

  1. Requirements for APP Installation:1.1 iOS 7.1 or later and support Bluetooth 4.0 version, iPhone 4s and above.1.2 Android 4.3 or later and support Bluetooth 4.0 version.
  2. APP download:2.1 Scan the QR code below to download and install APP2.2 You can also download the software from app stores by searching the APP “FITNESS DATA” with the following icon:
  3. Tap the FITNESS DATA icon to open the APP3.1 To get started, please enter your body mass index including age, gender, height and weight. Set up your profile with nickname, avatar and language preferred, and then finish the registration.3.2 Tap Settings on the lower right corner to set your exercise goal, including time, distance, count (for strength training equipment or treadmills), and calories burnt.3.3 Once you set the goal, tap return on the upper left corner to select your equipment – Ergometer. Tap the ergometer icon and the APP will search the Bluetooth device automatically. If no device is discovered, please make sure the monitor is sufficiently powered or check whether the device is in sleeping mode. If it has entered the sleeping mode, please use the equipment or press the button to wake up the monitor. And then tap “search the device” to re-search the device.3.4 To pair your Bluetooth device for the first time, please tap the detected device on APP and select connect. Once successfully paired, your Bluetooth device and APP will automatically connect each time the two devices are in range of each other with Bluetooth turned on. Open your APP and select the ergometer icon, make sure the Bluetooth device is discoverable.
  4. Real-time Data:4.1 The main screen scans and displays each data and switches data display every 6 seconds. SCAN icon flashes and then switch the data display in the sequence of: time, speed, distance, total distance, calorie, heart beat (effective only when heart beat module is installed, 0 is displayed without heart beat module), body fat (fat percentage calculated based on age, height and weight entered by the user).4.2 Tap the small windows to exit SCAN mode, and the scan icon is constantly on. Tap the SCAN icon again, and the main screen displays scan mode.
  5. Other Functions:5.1 Sports Music: To play local music on your phone. Tap play and the APP will automatically scan local music files on your phone.5.2 Sports Management: To check out history exercise data for the last 30 days and whether your exercise goal is met.5.3 Settings: To set your exercise goal.5.4 Tap Share on the upper right corner to share your achievement on social media, or you can also invite your friends to workout with you.


Using your RECUMBENT will provide you with several benefits, it will improve your physical fitness, tone muscle and in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet help you lose weight.

1. The Warm Up Phase

This stage helps get the blood flowing around the body and the muscles working properly. It will also reduce the risk of cramp and muscle injury. It is advisable to do a few stretching exercises as shown below. Each stretch should be held for approximately 30 seconds, do not force or jerk your muscles into a stretch – if it hurts, STOP.

2. The Exercise Phase

This is the stage where you put the effort in. After regular use, the muscles in your legs will become more flexible. Work to your but it is very important to maintain a steady tempo throughout. The rate of work should be sufficient to raise your heart beat into the target zone shown on the graph below.

This stage should last for a minimum of 12 minutes though most people start at about 15-20 minutes. 

3. The Cool Down Phase

This stage is to let your Cardio-vascular System and muscles wind down. This is a repeat of the warm up exercise e.g. reduce your tempo, continue for approximately 5 minutes. The stretching exercises should now be repeated, again remembering not to force or jerk your muscles into the stretch.

As you get fitter you may need to train longer and harder. It is advisable to train at least three times a week, and if possible space your workouts evenly throughout the week.


To tone muscle while on your RECUMBENT you will need to have the resistance set quite high. This will put more strain on our leg muscles and may mean you cannot train for as long as you would like. If you are also trying to improve your fitness you need to alter your training program. You should train as normal during the warm up and cool down phases, but towards the end of the exercise phase you should increase resistance making your legs work harder. You will have to reduce your speed to keep your heart rate in the target zone.


The important factor here is the amount of effort you put in. The harder and longer you work the more calories you will burn. Effectively this is the same as if you were training to improve your fitness, the difference is the goal.


Proper maintenance is very important to ensure your equipment is always in top working condition. Improper maintenance could cause damage or shorten the life of your equipment and exceed the WARRANTY coverage.

Important: Never use abrasives or solvents to clean the equipment. To prevent damage to the computer, keep liquids away and keep it out of direct sunlight.

After each workout: Wipe off the console and other frame surfaces with a clean, water dampened soft cloth to remove excess perspiration. Inspect and tighten all parts of the equipment regularly. Replace any worn parts immediately.

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Don’t use the equipment before the worn parts were replaced by new one.Special attention to the belt is most susceptible wear. When you feel the exercising is not smooth, please check the status of the belt or call the service hot line.Adjust the End cap & How to fold the unitPlease pull out the lock pin from the joint and fold the aluminum rail, then securing by the lock pin.Correct Exercising PositionWhen exercising, grasp the handlebar tightly and relax your back. Always try and use the product in a rhythmical and smooth motion. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, or experience a surging type feeling, there is probably too much tension.

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