PortKeys BM5 Touch Screen Monitor User Manual

BM5User Manual


Product Appearance Size

Operating temperature range: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Standard Accessories

BM5 Monitor X1Camera Control Cable X1Warm Prompt Card X1Safety Box×1Power Cord (AviationHead – D-TAP) X1Power Cord (AviationHead – DC) X1U Disk(Manual,3D LUTs,Firmware Inside) X1


Size 5.2″
Dimension 142x83x37.75mm
Viewing Angle 178°H/178°V
Brightness(nit) 2200
Resolution 1920×1080
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Weight 350g
Color 8bit
Backlight WED
Material Aluminum Alloy + Toughened Glass
Input Voltage DC 7~24V
Power Consumption 9.5~16W
Signal Input 3G SDI、HDMI
Signal Output 3G SDI
Headphone Output
Menu Language English
Power Input / Output 4pin Aviation Connector
Signal Conversion HDMI into SDI OUT
Camera Control Interface Focus Puller / CAMERA REMOTE
Support Battery Model SONY NP-F970/F960/F750/F550
Upgrade Firmware / Load LUT USB-A
Fan Yes

Supported input resolution and frame rateHDMI Signal


Supported input/output resolution and frame rateSDI Signal1920×,59.94fps,60fps1920×,59.94Hz,60Hz YUV4221920×,24Hz,25Hz,29.94Hz,30Hz YUV444/YUV422/RGB4441920×,24Hz,25Hz,29.97Hz,30Hz YUV444/YUV422/RGB4441920×,59.94Hz,60Hz YUV444/YUV422/RGB4441280×,59.94Hz,60Hz YUV444/YUV422/RGB444720× YUV422720× YUV422

Page switching settings

[System settings page switch]Swipe left on any page to adjust to the system settings page;

( the system settings page)

[Function settings page switch]Swipe right on any page to adjust to the function setting page;

(the function setting page)

[Camera control settings page switch]Swipe down on any page can be adjusted to the camera control settings page;

(the camera control settings page)

[Motor control settings page switch]Swipe up on any page can be adjusted to the motor control settings page;

(the motor control settings page)

Shortcut Function Page

[Shortcut Function Setting]

  1. Shortcut function title area;
  2. Parameter information setting area;
  3. ”Add function icon;

  1. Click “ ”add shortcut functions to the left and right sides; If the function icons on the left and right have been added (picture 2); can swipe down in the shortcut function title area to continue adding;
  2.  Select the function icon to replace;
  3.  Select the function icon and click“ ”to delete;
  4. Click“F-KEY ”to enter F key Setting(picture3);
  5. ”Return key;
  6. The F key has 4 physical keys, which can be customized; Select any button in this area in the function icon “2” for custom function settings;
  7. ”Return key;

Click“ ”,The parameter information setting is displayed at the bottom(Picture 5);

Hold“ ”and slide to the right, The bottom will jump to the function parameter settings; For other functions, users can repeat the above operations or directly click to set parameters (Picture 6);

Hold and slide to the left, The bottom will jump to the function parameter settings; For other functions, you can repeat the above operations or directly click to set parameters (Picture 7);

If this feature is not required, Long press“ ”to jump to (picture 8) for function replacement/deletion;

Setting Page

[Image Settings]

  1. Click “ ” ;
  2. Parameter setting information;
  3. Parameter setting information(Next page );
  4. Display the number of the page of Image parameter setting; Swipe left and right in the bottom information area to switch pages;

[System Setting]

  1. Click “ ” ;
  2. System parameter setting information;

[LUT Setting]

  1. Click“ ”;
  2. LUT setting information;

[Version Setting]

  1.  Click“ ”;
  2. View version information and upgrades;

Camera control Page

[Camera Model Setting]

  1. Click“ ” ;
  2. Camera model options:Z CAM E2、BMPCC4K(BLE)、BMPCC、Canon、Canon(LANC)、Sony(MUTI)、Sony(LANC)、Sony(FW50)、Sony(FZ100)、Panasonic; Currently selected“BMPCC4K(BLE)”
  3. Display the number of the page of camera brands, Swipe left and right in the bottom information area to switch pages;

[Bluetooth Connection]

My deviceAdd new deviceDisconnect

  1. Click“ ”;
  2. Select“ ”,Make Bluetooth connection( Successfully connected Bluetooth record);
  3. Select “ ”, turn on the BMPCC4K/6K Bluetooth function and record the passcode (picture 1), enter the passcode on the monitor(Picture 2 and 3),click“ ”,After successful connection, The Bluetooth icon will be displayed in yellow “ ” ;
  4. Select“ ”to disconnect the Bluetooth connection;

[FOCUS Setting]

  1. Click“FOCUS ”;
  2. Adjust the parameter on the progress bar;
  3. Record;

Motor Page

[Motor Setting]

  1. Click to select channel options“ ”;
  2. Select the channel option to set the channel parameters;
  3. Record;
  4. Adjust the motor stroke;
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