POWERTECH MP3743 MPPT Solar Charge Controller Instruction Manual

POWERTECH MP3743 MPPT Solar Charge Controller Instruction Manual


1 x 12V/24V 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller1 x External Temperature Sensor1 x User Guide1 x App Guide


  1. LCD Screen
  2. Green Indicator LED
  3. Red indicator LED
  4. External Temperature Probe
  5. Solar Positive Input
  6. Solar Negative Input
  7. Battery Positive Input
  8. Battery Negative Input
  9. Load Positive Output
  10. Load Negative Output
  11. Up Button
  12. Menu Button
  13. Enter Button
  14. USB Outputs
  15. Down Button
  16. Ethernet Socket


  • A Solar Input Indicator
  • B Solar Current Indicator
  • C MPPT Charging Indicator
  • D WiFi Indicator
  • E Remote Control Indicator
  • F Setting Mode Indicator
  • G Load Switch Indicator
  • H Battery capacity indicator
  • I Load indicator
  • J Display indicator for current reading
  • K Battery type (12/24V)
  • L Protection Icon ­ See error codes
  • M Timing clock
  • N Timing clock
  • O Day/night indicator ­ set by PV input
  • P Reading display with unit type


Settings MenuIf the display is off, tap the Menu button to turn it on. Press & hold the Menu button to enter the settings menu, and tap the Menu button again to cycle through each setting in the following order. Use the Enter button to enter / save a setting.

Factory ResetWith the unit turned off, press & hold the Menu button & power up the controller via the battery input. The screen will display FFFF to indicate all settings have been factory reset.




Distributed by: Electus Distribution Pty. Ltd.320 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere NSW 2116 Australiawww.electusdistribution.com.auMade in China


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