PSTechnik Skater Scope Instructions


The SKATER® Scope is designed for S35 lenses, can be attached to 35mm and 16mm cameras and covers the S35 format with most lenses.WARNING! Certain 16mm PL lenses have a long rear lens element that could cause damage to lens and scope. Please check out our “Recommended Lenses” file for detailed information.Using Nikon F photo lenses with the SKATER® Scope, the PL mount needs to be replaced by an optional P+S Technik lens mount for NikonF. Please have this done by qualified personnel only.Never use any photo lens mount other than the original P+S Technik lens mount.

F-Stop and Light LossThe light loss of the SKATER® Scope is 2/3 of a stop and the calculated Stop is T4 1/3. Those two values add up to a T-Stop of T5.6. It is important that this T-Stop is set on the mounted lens itself.In practice, this means: If you want to expose a T8, then subtract 2/3 aperture and set the lens to T5.6 1/3. The SKATER® Scope only transmits a T4 1/3. Opening the lens iris beyond T4 1/3 has no effect on exposure or depth of field – on the contrary, it can even produce image errors due to misdirected light.

Image Rotation and HorizonThe SKATER® Scope provides unlimited image rotation with no mechanical stops. The image rotation scale (5) is equipped with a 0.8 module gear and can be motorized with standard lens motors from both sides. After tilt or pivot settings have been altered, the image rotation is also used to level the horizon.

Adjusting Tilt Module and Pivot AnglesThe angle of the tilt module (1) can be adjusted and fixed in any 2.5° increment within a range of +/-105°. Open the clamp screw (2), push and hold the tilt release to the side. Set the tilt module to any desired angle and re-secure the clamp screw again. The whole lens block can also be pivoted to any desired angle by opening the pivot lock ring (3).WARNING! Always support tilt module and mounted lens if the clamp screw or the pivot lock ring is opened. Always ensure all locking devices are securely fastened before you continue working.

Focus and Macro FunctionThe focus should be set on the mounted lens. The image plane (9) is engraved on the tilt module, but the eye focus is still the best solution.For better handling you can attach focus motors to the SKATER® Scope. The focus motor bracket (8) can be mounted on three sides of the tilt module (1) – 19mm or 15mm rods are supplied.The SKATER® Scope offers a Macro option. Shift the focus area towards the camera with the Macro Adjustment Ring (7): for this slide the Macro Release Knob (6) towards the camera and turn the Macro Adjustment Ring (7) to your preferred focus. For resetting disengage the Macro Release Knob (6) by pushing it away from the camera and turn the Macro Adjustment Ring (7) until the release knob locks.

Support BracketIt is imperative to use the SKATER® Scope with the supplied SupportBracket (10) and support bridge. Adjust the height of the SupportBracket with the Height Adjustment Wheel (11). Make sure, that theSKATER® Scope is constantly supported.

For further information contact P+S TECHNIK GmbH Feinmechanik,Phone +49 89 45 09 82 30, Email [email protected],, 18.08.2021


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