Pure Clean PUCRCX70 Smart Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

PUCRCX70Pure Clean Smart Vacuum CleanerAutomatic Robot Cleaning VacuumUser Manual

All the pictures in the User Manual are for reference only.Please refer to the actual items in the package.

Safety Instructions

Please read the following safety instructions carefully and comply with all routine preventive measures to ensure safety.

  • Please read this manual carefully.
  • Please keep this manual properly.

This product may be damaged by any operation which does not conform to this manualDESCRIPTION DangerThis means that if we do not comply with this instruction or improper operation, it is very likely that it will cause casualties or serious injury.WARNINGThis indicates that if you do not comply with this instruction or wrong operation, you may cause casualties or serious injuries.Note:This means that if you fail to comply with the instructions or misconduct, you may cause personal injury or property damage.SYMBOLS AND CHARTS ProhibitThis symbol indicates forbidden behavior.Detailed prohibition is indicated in or near the map. WARNINGThis symbol indicates a row that must be enforced with specific mandatory actions are pointed out in or out.NoteThis symbol means to draw your attention. The specific content is shown in or near the chart.

  1. Serious injuries include sequelae and long-term hospitalization, including blindness, burns, electrical shocks, fractures, and poisoning.
  2. Personal injuries include injuries that do not require hospitalization, including burns or electric shocks.
  3. Material loss includes damage to household furniture, finance, and pets. Precautions for safe use of the main machine, charging base, adapter, and accessories.

WARNING Do not disassemble, repair or refit the product. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the product and cause you injury. This product can only be used as a power adapter configured by the manufacturer. Otherwise, it may damage the product or cause a fire.If there is dust in or around the metal part of the power outlet, it must be wiped clean with a dry mop. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock, heat, and fire. The power adapter should be between AC 100V and 240V. Please plug it into the socket correctly and avoid children’s touch. Please do not use this product in areas where fire or explosion may occur. If the product is flammable gas (for example, propane gas and gasoline) is prohibited in use, otherwise, it may cause fire or explosion. Do not stand or sit on this product. Otherwise, the product may be damaged or fall. Do not use metal or conductive material to contact battery contacts.  Otherwise, a short circuit can lead to heat, fire or explosion. Do not flush the main machine and charger with water. Otherwise, the host and charger may be damaged by an internal short circuit. Do not damage or process the power cord. Do not place weight on the power cord, do not heat, drag or bend the power cord. The power cord may be damaged and cause a fire or electric shock.This is an indoor household product. Please do not use it outdoors. When the product is running and cleaning, please pay attention to For the safety of the baby, please do not touch the wheel and side brush, so as to avoid the elderly or children entangled and injured, and pay attention to children to avoid tripping. CAUTIONS Don’t touch it with wet hands. Do not touch it with wet hands during charging. It could lead to electric shock. Don’t expose it to the sun. The product is a sophisticated electronic device. Do not expose it to the sun for a long time. Please do not place this product near cigarettes, lighters, and other open flames. If the product will not be used for a long time. Please turn off the power switch at the bottom of the machine. Check carefully that the power adapter is properly connected to the power socket. Otherwise, the battery may be damaged. After the dustbin is full, please clean up the dust and then use the machine. After filling up the dustbin, please clean up the dust and use the machine. Do not place this product in a place that is prone to falling (for example, on a table, chair, or room rack). Please do not use this product in damp environments (such as bathrooms). Do not clean this product when charging. Before using this product, remove all worn items from the floor (such as glasses and lights) and items that may entangle side brushes and suction passages (such as wires, paper, and curtains). The product may not be able to span vertical steps about 10 mm high.Please do not use machines to clean construction waste.Please remove the battery from the machine before it is scrapped. After removing the battery, make sure it is turned off. Please recycle the scrapped batteries to ensure safety and environmental protection.Points for attention in using rechargeable batteries.  DANGER Do not use other battery adapters. Otherwise, they may cause leakage, fever or breakage. Do not transport or store it with metal products such as necklaces and hairpins. Otherwise, it may lead to leakage, heat or rupture, resulting in a short circuit. It does not damage the battery without a short circuit or rudeness. Otherwise, it may cause leakage, heat or rupture. Do not put the battery in the fire or heat it, otherwise, it will cause leakage, fever or rupture.

CAUTIONS If abnormal heating occurs during charging, please stop using the product immediately. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture. To extend the life of the battery, if it will not be used for a long time, please remove it and keep it in a cool and dry environment. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture. Do not immerse or come into contact with water. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture. If an exception (such as a color change or distortion) occurs, be sure to stop using it. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture.During recycling or scrap, please use tape to insulate the electrode. LFP Contact with other metals can cause heat, rupture, or fire. Please take the used batteries to the service center or recycling center authorized by PureClean, or scrap them according to local regulations. WARNING If the battery pack deforms or expands or the electrolyte flows out, it is prohibited to charge and install the product to avoid danger. Do not use rechargeable batteries on other devices. The rechargeable battery is only applicable to the PureClean intelligent sweeping robot. If battery leakage comes into contact with skin or clothing, wash immediately with clean water. If not enough attention is paid, it can cause burns. Do not hit the battery or throw it away. It may lead to leakage, heat or rupture. Do not remove the battery pack. The battery pack may break, the electrolyte may flow out, and may cause serious hazards, such as fire and explosion.

Product Component

1. Main machine and accessories

No. Description Number
1 Main machine 1 pcs
2 The adapter 1 pcs
3 Remote control 1 pcs
4 Side brush 2 pairs (on the left and right sides)
5 User manual 1 pcs
6 Dustbin 1 pcs
7 Mop cloth 1 pcs
8 Hook & Loop 4 pcs
9 Charging base 1 pcs
10 HEPA 1 pcs
11 Cleaning brush 1 pcs

2. Product Master Diagram

” start/stop button, which can be used for start/stop sweeps.

3. Remote Control

  1. Start/pause buttonA. In standby mode, the machine will enter the random sweeping mode by pressing this button.B. Under the “operation mode”, the machine enters the standby mode by pressing this button.
  2. ” UpA. Under the “operation mode”, the machine can move forward by pressing this button. Under standby mode, press the button to move the machine forward.B. “ ” UnderA. In the “operation mode”, press this button to make the machine move backward. Under standby mode, press this button, and the machine moves backward.B. “ ” LeftA. In the “operation mode”, press this button, the machine rotates to the left. Under “standby mode”, press this button, and the machine turns to the left.B. ” ” RightA. In the “operation mode”, press this button, the machine rotates to the right. Under standby mode, press the button and turn the machine to the right.
  3. The “Spot cleaning” buttonDuring any cleaning mode, press this “ ” button, the machine will enter the Spot (spiral) mode. Under the standby mode, press this button, the machine will enter the spot cleaning mode.
  4. ” buttonDuring any cleaning mode, press this button, and the machine will enter the zig-zag cleaning mode for 5 minutes. Press the button in standby mode, the machine will enter the zig-zag cleaning mode for 5 minutes.
  5. Automatic buttonDuring any cleaning mode, press this button and the machine will enter automatic cleaning. After the button in standby mode, the machine will enter the automatic cleaning mode.
  6. Edge cleaningDuring any cleaning mode, press this button and the machine will work for 20 minutes along the wall cleaning mode. Under the standby mode, press the button to enter the wall working mode for 20 minutes, and then automatically exit to the random mode after completion.
  7. Response buttonDuring any cleaning mode or in “standby mode”, press this button and the machine will broadcast: Hi
  8. Suction AdjustmentPress the button to adjust the machine suction in any working mode, there are two-gear adjustments.
  9. Recharge buttonPress this button, the machine enters the automatic charging mode.Attention!A. Please assemble two AAA batteries in it before use.B. If the remote control is not used for a long time, please remove the battery from the remote control.

Product Operation

Manual Charge1. Turn off/turn on the power switch of the machine, connect the power adapter to the power supply, and insert the other end into the charging interface of the machine. Please see the below picture.

A. In the case of charging, the red light of the button “ ” will flicker, and the charge will be charged to 80%.B. After the product is full of electricity, the blue light of the button ” ” will always be on.C. When charging for the first time, make sure that it is charged for at least 6 hours.D. When the product is turned on and charged if the power adapter is unloaded, ” ” The indicator will flicker in red, and the blue light will always shine in five seconds.E. Please fill the machine with electricity after each use.F. To protect the battery, charge the battery once every 2 months without using the machine for a long time.2. Start/stopStandby mode: The power switch is turned on and the machine is not moving.Operation mode: Machine sweeping

A. Turn on the power and press the “start/pause” button on the remote control on the robot.B. When the machine is working properly, the red light on the button ” ” will stay on.C. When the machine is working properly, press the “ ” working button to turn off the power, and it will stop.

Attention!a. When the machine does not need to work, please turn off the power in time.b. The machine will not start cleaning when in manual charging.Auto Recharge

  1. Connect the power cord and put the excess wire into the slot.
  2. Place the charging base against the wall on the level ground and connect the power supply.


  • Make sure there is more than 0.5 meters on both sides of the charg seat and more than 1.5 meters in front of it;
  • The power cord hanging on the ground may be dragged by the device causing power failure of the charging base;
  • The charging indicator is always on when the battery is on;

3. Do not move the charging base at will to avoid direct sunlight.


  • If the position of the charging base changes, the host may fail to locate;
  • Sunlight will interfere with the recharging signal, which may cause the host to fail to return to the charging seat;

4. A. In the working mode, when the power of the machine is too low, it will automatically start to search the charging base for charging, and then the purple light of the machine flashes;B. Press the automatic recharge button on the remote control, and the machine begins to search the charging base for charging.

Note:During daily charging, pay attention to cleaning up the charging docking the electrode of the charging base Otherwise, the charging effect will be affected.

Cleaning modeA. Random cleaningDuring any cleaning mode, press this button “ “, the machine will enter the random sweeping mode In standby mode, press the “start/pause” button of the remote control or the button ” ” on the machine, the machine will enable the random cleaning mode.

B. Edge CleaningIn standby or any cleaning mode, press the remote control key “ “, and the machine will enter edge cleaning mode for 20 minutes. After completion, the machine will automatically exit into random mode.

C. Cleaning modeIn standby or any cleaning mode, press the remote control ” ” key the machine will enter the type cleaning mode for 5 minutes.

D. Spot (spiral) cleaning modeIn standby or any cleaning mode, press the remote control “ ” key and the machine enters spiral cleaning mode.Attention!a. After selecting the cleaning mode, the machine will automatically switch to another cleaning mode according to the actual environmentto achieve the best cleaning efiect.b. In any cleaning mode, if you press the start/pause button on the remote control or the ” ” button on the body, the machine will stop cleaning.

Response functionWhen the machine is out of sight or out of hearing, press the “R” button on the remote control and the machine will say “hi” so that you can find it by voice.

Product Maintenance

1. Clean the side brushIf the edge brush is dirty, please rinse it with water, then dry it and then use it. If they are damaged and can not work properly, please replace it. Attention!a. When changing the edge brush, please match the symbol “L” and “R” on the side brush to correspond to the position of “L” and “R” at the bottom of the machine respectively, press it down and you will hear the sound of “click” to indicate installation.b. After the machine finish work, please clean the side brush to ensure its normal operation.

2. Clean the dustbin and filterA. Press the danger mark on the rotating cover, the lid will automatically open.B. After taking out the dustbin, please check whether the suction channel of the main machine is blocked by foreign matter and clean it up.C. Remove the high efciency filter.D. Remove the initial filter.E. Put down the dustbin until the dust is poured out.F. Clean up the dustbin, the preliminary filter, and the high-efficiency filter. We suggest cleaning the high-efficiency filter per 15 to 30 days.The longest life of the high-efficiency filter could reach to 24 months. The high-efficiency filter should not be cleaned with the brush, and the blower will blow-dry or gently tap with external force to make the dust fall. Do not flush it with water.G. assemble them correctly. Make sure that the two filters are assembled correctly so as not to damage the machine.Attention!A. After each cleaning, please clean the dustbin and suction passage.B. After washing the components with water, please let them dry naturally, but not in the sun. They should be put into the machine after completely drying, in case of affecting the function and life of the machine.C. If the initial sieve and high-efficiency filter are damaged, they should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the dust removal efiect.

3. Assembly Mop Clotha. As shown in figure 1, stick the hook & loop on the four slots at the bottom of the machine.b. Then stick the mop cloth.

4. Clean sensor lensUse a cleaning tool or a soft cloth to gently wipe the sensor. See the location shown below.

Product parameters

Classification Items Specification
Structure Diameter 293mm
Net weight 1.8 kgs
Electronic Voltage 9.6V
capacity ty Lithium iron phosphatebattery 2000mAh
Cleaningparameters Charging mode Auto/Manual charging
Cleaning mode Spot cleaningRandom cleaningEdge cleaningzig -zag cleaning
One-timecharging time 300-360 Minutes
One-timesweep time 60-70 Minutes

Note:This product should be stored in the ambient temperature range from 0°C to 40°C or 32°F to104°F.


  • Keep it Clean: Sweep, Dust & Vacuum, Mop, and Disinfecting
  • Versatile & Convenient Floor Clean Ability
  • Smart, Self-Programmed Cleaning Path Navigation
  • Low-Profile Design Slides Underneath Furniture
  • Anti-Fall Stair Sensors & Protective Bumper Housing
  • Obstacle Detection Cleans Around Household Objects
  • Works on Hardwood, Linoleum, Tile, Low/Hard Carpet Floors
  • Not Intended for Thick or Shag Carpet
  • Convenient Dust Collection Bin Opens for Quick Disposal
  • Automatic ‘Bag-less’ Design for Easy Cleaning
  • One Button Operation
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Dual Spinning Side Brush Lifts Debris
  • Includes Charging / Power Adapter
  • Perfect for the Home or Office


  • Don’t look directly into the UV light, since the UV radiation can harm your eyes.
  • To prevent even inadequate exposure, please wear protective eyewear.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not break the UV lamp to avoid mercury leakage.

What’s in the Box:

  • Smart Robot Vacuum
  • Dock charging base,
  • Power Adapter
  • (4) Detachable Brushes
  • Washable HEPA Filter
  • Mop cloth (1) + Magic sticker (4),
  • Remote Control
  • Cleaning Brush
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Technical Specs:

  • Dust Bin Capacity: 0.2L
  • Max Suction Capacity: 1000pa
  • Noise: <65db
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V / DC 12V,0.58A
  • Unit Average Power: 12W
  • Battery: 9.6V, 2000mAh LiFePO4 battery
  • Charge Time: 5 to 6 Hours
  • Working Time: 60 – 70 minutes
  • Remote Control Battery Type: AAA Battery
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.0’’ x 11.0’’ x 2.9’’ -inches

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