PYLE Desktop Wireless Bt Audio Amplifier User Manual

PDA20BTDesktop Wireless BTAudio AmplifierCompact Mini Blue Series Stereo Power Amplifier (2 x 100 Watt MAX)

Read through this user manual before using the product to ensure its correct use. Keep this manual for future reference.

Quick Setup:

Front Panel

Rear Panel

  1.  Main Power ON Switch: Switch ON/OFF the amplifier by using this switch.
  2. TREBLE KNOB: Adjust to boost or cut HIGH frequencies.
  3. BASS KNOB: Adjust to boost or cut LOW frequencies
  4. Master Volume: Adjusts main audio system volume level.
  5. Input LED: RED–LINE input model Green–Wireless BT input model.
  6. RCA L/R LINE Input: Lets you connect the desired LINE input source.
  7. Banana Type Speaker L/R Terminals: Lets you easily connect speaker wires directly to the Amplifer.
  8. POWER In Jack: Connect the adaptor DC.
  9. Wireless BT Antenna: Wireless BT Streaming receiver

Setup and pairing (Wireless BT amplifiers) are really easy. The following instructions will help you connect Audio Amplifiers to your music system or pair with your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Connecting the SpeakerWire

Audio stereo power amplifiers that will power one pair of passive speakers between 4 and 8 ohms (or subwoofer if you got the 2.1 CH amp or subwoofer amp). To connect the amplifier to your speakers you will need 2-conductor stranded speaker wire. The amplifiers use high-quality binding posts that will accept heavy gauge bare wire banana plugs, spade lugs, or pin terminators. If you use your own speaker wire we recommend using at least 16 gauge wire and using the same length of wire from the amplifier to each speaker It’s also a good idea to turn off your amplifier before connecting power, audio sources or speakers.Preparing the Speaker Wire1. Separate the last 3″ of each speaker wire conductor.2. Strip 1/2″ of insulation from the end of each wire.3. Twist the exposed copper strands with your fingers 3 or 4 times so the strandsstay together.NOTE:As you make your connections, be sure to connect the positive (+) terminals on your amplifier to the positive (+) terminals on your speakers. Even if your wire does not have (+) or (-) markings, most 2-conductor speaker wire has printing on one side to help you differentiate between the wire pairs.

If you are Using Bare Wire

  1. Use your thumb and finger to unscrew the binding post connectors on the back of each speaker.
  2.  Insert each speaker wire into the holes on the side of the binding post connectors, observing proper polarity.
  3. Retighten the binding posts with your fingers.
  4. The stripped portion of the wire should be secured firmly in each connector.
  5. Make sure that none of the speaker wire strands have come in contact with an adjoining terminal.

Connecting the Power Supply

Be sure that the volume/power switch on the front panel is in the OFF position by rotating it counterclockwise.

Connect the cable with the round end from the power supply to rear panel power connector. Connect the AC power cable from the power supply to a power outlet and verify that the indicator light on the power supply is illuminated. We recommend using a high-quality surge suppressor and/or AC line later on all electronics equipment.

Connecting Audio Sources

Using the appropriate audio cable (RCA cable), connect your audio source (computer, iPod, etc.) to the amplifier audio inputs.If you got the Wireless BT amplifier and want to connect the amplifier to the audio source via Wireless BT, you can pair them when the amplifier is turned on. Audio Wireless BT amplifiers can connect to only one device at a time, however, they will remember the devices they connected, they will auto-paired at next time.

NOTE: Audio Wireless BT amplifiers have the “BT” and “AUX” selector, you can choose the input way when you connect the audio source. The RCA input will interrupt, so if you want to connect the amplifier with RCA input, you need interrupt the Wireless BT connection from your Wireless BT device.


Turn on the amplifier volume/power knob and set the volume control to an initial setting of about 3 o’clock. The front panel power indicator will be illuminated. Turn on your audio input source and adjust the volume to your desired listening level.This product can expose you to a chemical or group of chemicals, which may include “Nickel Carbonate” which is known in the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info, go to


  • Compact and Powerful Mini Amp System
  • With bass and treble volume control
  • Wireless BT Receiver for Wireless Audio Streaming Ability
  • RCA (L/R) Audio Input
  • Connect & Stream Audio from External Devices
  • Banana Speaker L/R Terminals
  • Front Panel Rotary Controls
  •  Antenna for Extended Wireless BT Range
  • Power ON / OFF Switch

Wireless BT Connectivity:

  • Simple & Hassle-Free Pairing Ability
  • Works with All of Today’s Latest Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc.)
  • Wireless BT Network Name: ‘PYLEUSA’
  • Wireless BT Version: 5.0
  • Wireless Range: 30’+ ft.

What’s in the Box:

  •  Stereo Amplifier System
  • 24V/4.5A Adaptor
  •  Wireless BT Antenna
  • AC Power Cord

Technical Specs:

  • Power Output: 200W
  • Power Supply: 24V 4.5A
  •  Power Supply Range: 12V – 25V
  •  THD: ≤ 0.5%.
  •  Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz (±1 dB);
  •  SNR: ≥ 95dB;
  •  Input Sensitivity: ≤ 280mV;
  •  Wireless BT Transmission Distance: 30ft;
  •  Terminating Impedance: 20hm – 80hm;
  •  Power Supply: 24V 4.5A
  •  Construction Material:Aluminum
  •  Power Cord Length: 4.9 ft.
  •  Product Dimension (L x W x H): 5.24’’ x 3.62’’ x 1.62’’ -inches

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