PYLE PCASRSD18BT Portable Wireless BT Cassette Player User Manual

PCASRSD18BTPortable Wireless BT Cassette PlayerLid Switcher, AUX Port w/ LED IndicatorUser Manual


The following contents guide you on how to use the product. Hope this device will bring you a nice digital experience.With this PCASRSD18BT Portable Wireless BT Cassette Player, you can easily transmit cassette tape music to your Wireless BT earphone or speaker, you don’t need to connect a wired earphone or speaker to a cassette player anymore.


  1.  Lid switcher: Slide down to open the lid, so can put the cassette in.
  2. AUX port: Audio output to earphones or speakers.
  3.  Volume control
  4. Wireless BT LED Indicator:• Quick flash (1 time per second): Search Wireless BT receiver.• Slow flash (1 time per two seconds): Paired Wireless BT receiver successful.
  5.  Transparency window: To check if the cassette is running.
  6.  Cassette operate buttons: See following details.• PLAY: press to play a cassette.• STOP: press to stop play the cassette.• F.F: Fast forward.• REW: Rewind.• DIR: Change the direction of the cassette playing.• Auto reverse switch: Slide to auto-reverse mode.
  7. DC port: 5V DC.


Power Supply:

  1. You can simply use the USB cable in the package to power supply this device.
  2.  Or you can also use 2 AA batteries: Open the lid of the deck and put batteries in the groove.Operation:
  3.  Put a cassette in.
  4.  Connect a speaker or earphone to the “AUX” of the device, or turn on a Wireless BTearphone or speaker.
  5.  Press the “PLAY” button on the top, you should hear the sound from the cassette playing.
  6.  The LED should quickly flash when you just connected power, the device is searching the Wireless BT receivers. If you turn on your Wireless BT earphone or speaker, they will pair successfully after few seconds, and LED should slow flash. You should hear now the sound from your Wireless BT receiver.


  1.  The device starts to search Wireless BT receivers when you connect power and LED quick flashes.
  2. Usually, the device will pair successfully after few seconds and LED slow flashes.
  3.  If you don’t turn on the Wireless BT receiver, or for other reasons, the device cannot pair successfully until about three minutes, it will stop the search, and LED will turn off.
  4. You should power off and power on to start searching Wireless BT receiver again when the LED is turned off.


  • User Interface Control buttons: PLAY, STOP, F.F, REW, DIR. Auto-reverse switch, Volume Control
  •  LED indicator: Quick Flash for Search Wireless BT Receiver
  •  Slow Flash for Pair Successful
  • Transmit Music to Other Wireless BT Receivers
  •  Recommend to Use USB Cable for Power Supply for Better Sound Effect
  •  Includes Auto Reverse Function to turn the Tape Over Quickly with “DIR” Button
  • Provides Portability and Convenience
  •  Portable Design
  •  Fits in any Bag and can Use it Anywhere
  •  Small and Compact Cassette Player
  • Wireless BT Function: Transmit Music to other BT Receivers, Press “PLAY” Button and the Device will Auto Search & Pair BT Receiver

What’s in the Box:

  •  Wireless BT Cassette Player
  • USB Power Cable
  •  Earphone

Technical Specs:

  •  Wireless BT Version: 4.2
  •  Effective distance: 10m
  • Signal-Noise Ratio: >90db
  •  Frequency Range: 2.402GHz – 2.480GHz
  •  Audio Channel: Stereo L/R
  •  Audio Input: Cassette tape
  • Audio Output: 3.5mm Earphone Jack, Bluetooth Transmitter
  •  Power Supply: 2*AA Battery, or USB Port Power Supply (5V DC Adapter)
  • Bit Rate: 128Kbps
  •  Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.45” x 3.35” x 1.19” -inches

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