PYLE PT696BT Wireless BT Streaming Home Theater Receiver User Manual

PT696BTWireless BT Streaming Home Theater Receiver5.2-Ch Surround Sound Stereo Amplifier Systemwith 4K Ultra HD Support, MP3/USB/AM/FM Radio (1000 Watt MAX)

Safety Precautions

A. Avoid opening the cover or back panel. Do not open the cover, fix or touch the inner parts. No user-serviceable parts inside, refer servicing to qualified service personnel.B. Protect voltage line. Avoid high pressure and to be stomped on, do not pull, push excessively.C. Please put on this unit in the windy place, avoid direct sunshine and nearing heater. Place the unit in a location with adequate air circulation.D. Do not interfere with its proper ventilation; this will cause the internal temperature to rise and may result in a failure.E. Avoid metals dropping in, like needle, hairpin, coin, otherwise the unit will get short and out of work.F. Be sure to set the line voltage AC230V/50Hz if you are not sure of the type of power supply, consult your appliance dealer or local power company.For MAINS powered apparatus and for apparatus producing internal voltages greater than 35V (peak) a.c. or d.c., having no protection against splashing water according to annex A, the instructions for use shall state that the apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

HOW TO REPLACE THE PRESET RADIO STATIONS?Use the remote control to set the radio stations.NOTE: The preset stations can’t be deleted, BUT CAN BE REPLACED.

Operations Steps

  1. Press TUNER on the remote. Then press AM or FM button. Select AM or FM tuner.
  2. Press the button to adjust to your favorite station number, then press tuner+/tuner- button to adjust your favorite station, wait a few seconds the tuner automatically store and replace the station. After adjusting your favorite station, press MEMORY on remote, MEMxx flashes on the screen, press and select your favorite station number, then press MEMORY, MEM OK flashes on the screen, the tuner successfully stored this station number. In this way, you can replace the preset radio stations.


  1. POWER SWITCH: Press to switch the power unit ON or OFF
  2. DISPLAY: Function displayed fluorescent window
  3. REMOTE: Infrared remote receiver
  4. MASTER VOLUME/MULTI:• Adjust the volume level.• Select Multi or MIC function, adjust the corresponding function by this knob.
  5. USB INPUT JACK: Connect USB flash disk to this jack.
  6. DIGITAL INPUT KNOB: This is used to select the input sources such as HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, coaxiaI, optical.
  7. ANALOG INPUT BUTTON: This is used to select the input sources such as DVD/CD, AUX, USB, BT.
  8. USB/BT and AM/FM programs adjust button: This button is used to select the previous station is USB/BT/AM/FM. This button is for USB/Wireless BT pause or play, or press and hold this button to automatically scan AM/FM programs This button is used to select the next station is USB/BT/ AM/FM.
  9. HD (ARC) ON/OFF button:  This function must be in HDMI state. When ARC is ON, the sound of a TV program is output through the power amplifier to the speakers.
  10. CHANNEL MODE button: Select 2.1channeI or 5.1channeI output mode by knob
  11. MENU button: This music menu function includes treble, bass, balance, display, DSP. Select these function and adjust the corresponding function by volume/ muIti knob.
  12. MIC MENU button: This microphone menu function includes MIC volume, treble, bass, echo and delay. Before, selecting these function adjust the corresponding function by volume/muIti knob.
  13. MIC INPUT JACK: Connect KARAOKE Microphone to these jacks.


  1. TUNER ANTENNA JACK: Properly connected AM/FM antenna
  2. DVD/CD INPUT JACK: Connect the audio output jacks of DVD/CD to these jacks
  3. AUX INPUT JACK: Connect the audio output jacks of AUX to these jacks.
  4. SUBWOOT OUTPUT JACK: Connect audio input jacks of other power amplifier.
  11. POWER SUPPLY: Connect to AC 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz outlet.
  12. COAXIAL INPUT JACK: Connect the coaxial signal source output of other sound equipment.
  13. OPTICAL INPUT JACK: Connect the optical signal output of other sound equipment.
  14. HDMI 1 INPUT JACK: Connect the HDMI signal output of other sound equipment.
  15. HDMI 2 INPUT JACK: Connect the HDMI signal output of other sound equipment.
  16. HDMI 3 INPUT JACK: Connect the HDMI signal output of other sound equipment.
  17. HDMI OUTPUT JACK: Connect to HDMI (arc) TV input jack
  19. AC110V/AC220V SWITCH: According to power voltage push this button to switch between 110V and 220V


  1. STANDBY: Power standby
  2. Mute controls button
  3. HDMI ARC ON/OFF button
  4. HDMI input select button
  5. COAX/OPTI input select button
  6. USB/BT input select button
  7. DVD/CD input select button
  8. TUNER input select button: AM/FM select button
  9. Surround right volume control button
  10. Surround left volume control button
  11. SUBWOOF volume control button
  12. MASTER volume control button
  13. CEN volume controls button
  14. BALANCE control button
  15. TREBLE control button
  16. BASS controls button
  17. 2 .1 /5 .1 channel selector button
  18. TUNER – : Scan – control button.This button is used to adjust the best signal of the stations in AM/FM system. Press and hold this button to tune the program downward, it will stop until it found the station. Auto memory the stations to corresponding station number position.
  19. TUNER + : Scan + control button.This button is used to adjust the best signal of the stations in AM/FM system. Press and hold this button to tune the program upward, it will stop until it found the station. Auto memory the stations to corresponding station number position.
  20. USB/BT and AM/FM programs number controls button USB/BT preview or AM/FM programs USB/BT pause or play USB/BT next or AM/FM programs+
  21. SCAN: AM/FM auto scan selector
  22. MEMORY: After a station has been found, store the station by pressing the MEMORY button the screen will display MEMOK.
  23. REPEAT: USB/BT repeat button. Repeat one or all song.
  24. ST/MO: Stereo or mono selector
  25. DSP: Music DSP mode selector (LIVE , HALL, DISCO, CHURCH, ROCK, JAZZ, CLASS)
  26. MIC VOLUME control button.
  27. MIC ECHO control button.
  28. MIC DELAY control button.
  29. MIC TREBLE control button.
  30. MIC BASS control button.
  31. DISPLAY: Display mode selector.


Operating Instructions

Preparation before operation

  • This product must be placed on a flat, solid object to ensure that it has sufficient capacity to support the product without falling.
  • Please use this product according to the safety requirements in front of this manual and connect with other products (TV, speaker, DVD player or player) as required.
  • Open the audio source device connected to this product
  • Press the power switch button on the panel to turn ON the power.


Channel SelectionThe product has 11 pairs channels input, digital channel input and analog channel input: Select HDMI 1-2, OPTICAL, COAXIAL and USB digital input by pressing digital input button on the panel or remote control.

Select AUX, BT, DVD/CD and FM by pressing the ‘analog input’ button on the panel or remote control.

Channel ModePress “channel mode”, seIect 2.1 or 5.1 channels on the panel or remote control

Volume AdjustmentTotal volume adjustment: Rotate the VOLUME/MULTI VOLUME/multi-function adjusting knob on the panel, or press the ‘total VOLUME +/-‘ button on the remote control to adjust the VOLUME.

Center, surround, heavy bass channel volume adjustment:Press “main menu” on the panel, adjust the screen to show “CV xx”, “the SRV xx”, “xx” and “SWVxx SLV”, then rotate the MULTI VOLUME/multifunctional adjustment button on the panel, adjust the Volume of center channel, right surround channel, left surround channel and the heavy bass channel.

Press the “Center volume +/-” “surround volume +/-” and “heavy bass +/-” button on the remote control , adjust the volume of Center, surround and heavy bass Channel.


Press the ‘MENU’ on the control panel of the receiver system. Adjust the display ‘TRExx’ ‘BASSxx’ and ‘L–//–R’. ‘VOLUME/MULTI’ is volume/Multi-function knob. This knob can adjust main channel bass/Treble volume level and Left/Right channel volume balance.

USB OPERATIONPress the ‘Input’ button on the remote control or control panel of the receiver system. Select ‘USB’ mode then insert USB flash disk. This unit can automatically play the USB flash disk file. Then press button to operate the corresponding function. Supports WMA/MP3/APE/PLAC files.Note:

  1. Because video files continuously updates, this product can’t play all format files.
  2. If USB flash disk doesn’t work on USB mode. The operation is invalid.MIC
  • Insert MIC. The display will show ‘OK IN’
  • Press the ‘OK MENU’ on the control panel of the receiver system. Rotate ‘VOLUME/MULTI’ knob. Adjust MIC volume. Press the “MICVOL+/-“, “MIC ECHO+/-“, “MIC DELAY +/-“ on the remote control. Adjust the microphone Master/ echo/delay volume level.HIFI
  • In ANALOG INPUT mode, press the ‘HIFI’ button on the remote control. Output is 2.0ch stereo audio mode.HDMI
  1. Connect audio equipment (Blu-ray DVD player, Set Top Box ) with HDMI output by using HDMI cable.
  2. Press the “Digital input” on the remote control or control panel of the receiver system. Select the appropriate channel.
  3. Press the ‘CH. MODE’ on the remote control to change the channel of the broadcast program.
  4. HDMI with ARC function: Set the TV audio in ‘External speaker’ or ‘Audio system`, press ‘ARC ON’ on remote control. The display will show ‘ARC ON’. This amplifier can play the TV audio. Press `ARC OFF’. The amplifier goes back to default channel.Note: HDMI Version 1.4B. Support 3D 4K Make sure the TV has ARC function and set the TV in ARC ON state.

Wireless BT Function

  1. The receiver connects to your Wireless BT-enabled device, allowing the system to receive your wireless bt signal and stream audio to any connected speaker system.
  2. Press the ‘ANALOG INPUT’ on the remote control or control panel of the receiver system, then enter to ‘BT’ mode–as indicated on the display screen.
  3. Ensure Wireless BT is activated on your device and search for BT Network named: PYLEUSA
  4. No password is required for connecting.

ARC (Audio Return Channel) FunctionThe ARC (Audio Return Channel) function makes it easy for the PT696BT to play audio from any TV with a single HDMI cable. It can be adjusted either on the front control panel or via the included remote control.

Enable your TV to send audio signal upstream to a connected speaker system or AV receiver while eliminating additional cable connections and clutter from an optical audio cable (S/PDIF). ARC audio transmission links your speaker output to your television controls, meaning you do not need an external/additional remote or interface to configure audio levels. Enjoy an optimal multimedia home theater experience by connecting your television and Hi-Fi equipment into one, seamless entertainment system.

FM RADIOPress “AUTO”, “TUNE+/-“, “CH+/-” button on the remote control. Operate automatic search and save station, manually save and select the stored station function.

DSP Sound Field ControlPress “DSP”or “CH MODE” on the remote control. 7 different sound field effects can be selected. (LIVE/HALL/DISCO/CHURCH/ROCK/JAZZ/CLASS)NOTE: Pressing those button on the digital input channel is invalid

LOUDPress “LOUD ON” on the remote control. The low frequency of this unit can be increased appropriately at low volume. Then press “LOUND OFF” to cancel this function.

DISPLAYPress ‘DISPLAY’ button on the remote control to adjust different display mode.

RESETPress ‘RESET’ button on the remote control to restore to the factory setting state.

MUTEPress ‘MUTE’ button on the remote control to turn ON or OFF MUTE function.

STANDBYPress ‘STANDBY’ button the remote control to turn ON standby state. Press again to cancel standby mode.


Problem Probable Cause Solution
No display The power socket is in poor contact or without electricity Check the power supply and plug of the socket
There’s display but no sound output 1. The speaker wiring is wrong.2. The playback source doesn’t corresponds to the selected signal state3. The volume level is in lowest output state.4. MUTE is activated 1. Connect the speaker line according to the wiring diagram2. Select the input state which is playing3. Turn the main volume & adjust the knob clockwise.4. Disactivate MUTE
Remote control doesn’t work 1. The remote transmitter window is not aimed at the local receiving window.2. There are obstacles between the unit and the remote control3. Drained remote control batteries 1. Aim at the host receiving window.2. Remove obstacles3. Replace new battery
Out of control Being disturbed or improperly operated Turn it OFF and then turn it ON
Sound distortion Main volume adjustment is too much Turn down the main volume
The channel sound is wrong Channel sound mode is not correct Press ‘CH. MODE’ on the panel or remote control
Music files in USB can’t be played for long period of time The USB files is not supported Delete unsupported files
The phone cannot transmit audio to the amplifier via BT. 1. The BT function of mobile phone is not opened.2. No music is played on the phone.3. Amplifier BT is not paired with mobile phone BT.4. Incorrect amplifier input channel5. BT can’t connect. 1. Turn ON BT.2. Open the phone and play music3. Rematch BT connection4. Switch the amplifier input into ‘BT’ channel.5. Turn off other BT devices
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  • 5.2 Channel Receiver System
  • AV (Audio/Video) Stereo Amplifier
  • Hi-Fi Home Theater Surround Sound
  • Built-in Wireless BT Audio Streaming · Next-Gen Audio DSP Sound Processing Technology
  • 4K Ultra HD TV Pass-Through Support
  • 3D Video & Blu-Ray Video Pass-Through Support
  • Digital Dynamic, VFD Display with AM/FM Radio
  • Connect & Stream Audio from External Devices
  • MP3 Digital Audio Support
  • USB Flash Drive Reader
  • Connection Interface: (2) IN, (1) OUT x HD, Speaker Binding Posts, Optical/COAX Digital Audio
  • HDMI Output + Dedicated RCA Subwoofer Output
  • (2) 1/4” -inch Microphone Inputs
  • Independent Input Source Selection
  • Digital Graphic Audio Output Level Display
  • Mic Echo, Bass, Treble, Volume Control Adjustment
  • Over Current, Short Circuit, and Over Voltage Protection

Wireless BT Connectivity:

  • Simple & Hassle-Free Pairing
  • Instantly Receives Wireless Music Streaming
  • Works with all of Today’s Latest Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc.)
  • Wireless BT Version: 5.0
  • Wireless BT Network Name: `PYLE PRO’
  • Wireless Range: 30’+ ft.

What’s in the Box:

  • AV Receiver
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable

Technical Specs:

  • Power Output: 1000 Watt MAX
  • Amplifier Receiver Type: 5.2-Channel
  • Speaker Impedance: 4-16 Ohm
  • S/N Ratio: >80dB
  • T.H.D.: <0.05%
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Radio Station Memory: 30 Presets
  • Digital Audio File Support: MP3 / WMA / APE / FLAC
  • Maximum USB Flash Support: Up to 1 TB
  • Battery Operated Remote Control, Requires (2) x `AAA’ Batteries, Not Included
  • Power Cable Length: 3.9′ ft.
  • Power Supply: 115V/230V, switchable
  • Total Unit Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.9” x 13.8” x 5.5 ” -inches

This product can expose you to a chemical or group of chemicals, which may include “Nickel Carbonate” which is known in the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info, go to

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