pzelighting lamp Installation Guide

pzelighting lamp

Installation sequence

OFFSTEPSTurn off the power

STEPS1. Connect the power cord of the lamp body to the reserved Power cord, pay attention to the positive and negative poles2. Turn on the power and check if the light is on. If there is No, please contact customer service.

STEPSLift the ceiling plate of the whole lamp to the hole of the hanging plate, and fix it with screws

STEPS1. Take out the lampshade from the package2. Slightly bend the lampshade inward with both hands andput it into the lamp body

STEPSThe installation is complete


  1. Voltage: 95-265V ~ 50 / 60Hz
  2. For indoor use only
  3. Please, professional installation to avoid the risk of electric shock
  4. Before installation, check whether the accessories are complete, If there is not enough, please contact customer service in time for replacement(E-mail: [email protected])
  5. Before installation, please cut off the power supply to prevent leakage
  6. Please be sure to install according to the company’s installation instructions,
  7. TEL:+8613129258998

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