QAZQA Carmen FL Black 2 Instruction Manual

QAZQA Carmen FL Black 2 Instruction Manual


The unit is an automatic on/off switch for lantern lamp. When the light Fades in the evening, the lamp will switch on after the set light intensity is reached. The lamp will switch off in the morning.


Please pay your attentions to the following: 1. Not to shadow or dirty the transparent lens of CDS sensor, let the sensor to catch the change of the natural light 2. Not allow artificial light to active the CDS sensor as Lighting may blink ON and OFFINSTALLATIONInstallation the bulkhead light, please referring to the mounting and wiring figure:

  1. Installation by a licensed electrician and according to IEC wiring Regulation.Carmen FL Black 2 103501
  2. Switch power off at the meter box and ensure that there is no power to the lamp.
  3. Ensure install the unit according to the indicator of symbol direction on cover (f UP)
  4. Remove the Lampshade by Screwdriver, see figure.
  5. Unscrew the Screw (A) and remove the Transparent Plate.
  6. Mark the mounting hole position onto the wall. Drill and plug the wall at the marked positions. Screw the lamp body to wall with suitable Mounting Screws (supplied)
  7. Connecting the main power wires to the Terminal Block (see the relative symbols—right figure), the Cable must pass through the Wiring Rubber Gasket.


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