How to set time on a three-hands quartz watch? Instructions

How to set time on a three-hand quartz watch?

  1. Remove the watch from your wristDo not wear your watch while you wind and set it. If you leave your watch on, you risk winding your watch at an awkward angle and, in turn, damaging the internal components and potentially loosening the crown.
  2. Unscrew crown (10 ATM or higher watches only)If your watch is 10 ATM (or higher) water-resistant, you probably first have to unscrew the crown, by turning it anti-clockwise. If you cannot turn the crown clockwise, the crown is screwed down.
  3. Make sure the watch is runningIf it has been been a long time since you’ve worn your watch, you’ll want to make sure it is running before you set the time.
  4. To set the time, pull the crown fully outTo set your watch’s time, simply pull the crown out to the furthest position from the watch base. The second-hand stops to help you accurately set the time.
  5. Check the correct timeBefore setting the time, make sure you have access to a (digital) reference clock, based on atomic timekeeping. For example on the website, you can find the correct time for your region.
  6. Set the timeGently turn the crown clockwise (or away from you) until you set the correct time, with the minute hand 1 minute ahead of the correct time.Note the position of the second hand (in this example at 35 seconds). Now check the reference clock, and wait until the second count reaches 35. Then immediately press the crown back to the starting position. The watch will start ticking again at the correct time.
  7. Screw the crown back inIf applicable, screw the crown down to ensure it is pressurized and water-tight.

If you overshoot your desired time, do not turn the crown counter-clockwise to go back. Turning the crown counter-clockwise will force and damage the watch’s movement. Instead, you will have to continue winding clockwise until you come back around to the correct time again.Problem-solvingQuartz watch does not run If, after setting the correct time your quartz does not run, it is advisable to change the watch battery.


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