realme 8 5G RMX3241 Smartphone User Guide

realme 8 5G RMX3241 Smartphone User Guide

Greetings from realme mobile

This guide briefly show you how to use the phone and its important functions.

For more and detailed information of the phone and user guidance, please visit:


  • Do not place the phone or battery near or inside heating equipment, cooking equipment’s, high pressure vessels (such as microwave ovens, induction cooker, electric oven, heater, pressure cooker, water heater, gas stove, etc.)to prevent the battery overheating which may lead to an explosion.
  • The original charger, data cable and battery shall be used. used. Unapproved chargers, data cables, or batteries that are not certified by the manufacturer may result in electric shock, fire, explosion, or other hazards.
  • Back cover can’t be removed.
  • When charging, please place the device in an environment that has a normal room temperature and good ventilation. It is recommended to charge the device in an environment with temperature ranging from 5°C~35°C.

How to reboot the phone

Press and hold the Power Button and Volume Up Button at the same time until the realme boot animation is displayed to reboot the phone.

How to Transfer Old Mobile Content to a New Mobile

You can use realme Clone Phone to easily transfer photos, videos, music,contacts, messages, apps, etc from your old phone to the new one.

  1. If you have an old Android phone, first scan the QR code below, then download and install Clone Phone, next open Clone Phone on both the  new and old phones, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.
  2. If you have an old iPhone, open Clone Phone on the new phone  directly, and follow on-screen instructions to sign in to iCloud account and sync the files.

Standard accessories

  • 1 Phone,
  • 1 Charger,
  • 1 USB data cable,
  • 1 Safety Guide,
  • 1 Quick Guide,
  • 1 SIM Ejector Tool,
  • 1 Protective Case.


Product RMX3241
Main screen parameter 16.5cm(6.5’’)
Dimension 162.5×74.8×8.5(mm)
Battery 4890mAh/18.92Wh(Min)


Camera 16 Megapixels Front

48 Megapixels+2 Megapixels

+2 Megapixels Rear

Operating 0°C-35°C
SAR Values CE SAR 0.830W/kg(Head) 1.271W/kg(Body)
FCC SAR 1.152/kg(Head) 0.898W/kg(Body)
Radio Waves Specifications
Radio Frequency Max. Output Power
GSM 850MHz 32.5±0.8dBm
900MHz 33±0.8dBm
1800MHz 29.5±0.8dBm
1900MHz 29.5±0.8dBm
WCDMA Bands 1/2/4 23±0.8dBm
Bands 5/6/8/19 23.5±0.8dBm


Bands 1/2/3/4/66 23±0.8dBm
Bands 5/8/12/17/18/19/20/26/28 23.5±0.8dBm
Band 7 22.7±0.8dBm
LTE TDD Bands 38/39/40/41 23±0.8dBm
5G NR n1/n3/n38/n40/n41/n77/n78 23±0.8dBm
n7 22.7±0.8dBm
n5/n8/n20/n28 23.5±0.8dBm
Bluetooth 2.4-2.4835GHz 8.5±3dBm(EIRP)
2.4G Wi-Fi 2.4-2.4835GHz 15±2dBm(EIRP)
5G Wi-Fi 5.15-5.35GHz; 5.47-5.725GHz 14±2.5dBm(EIRP)
5.725-5.85GHz 10.5±2.5dBm(EIRP)
NFC 13.56MHz ≤42dBuA/m @10m



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