REDCAT RER13192 Racing 13192 1964 Impala Clear Body Kit Owner’s Manual

Link to the most recent version of this manual with exploded views and parts lists:, Impala, all related Emblems, and vehicle body designs are General Motors Trademarks used under license to Redcat Racing.MAN-SIXTY-FOUR-CLEAR-BODY-KIT-20-11-20 



Clear Dish Soap – To wash clear body parts prior to painting.Polycarbonate Spray Paint – To paint the body and interior. Must be suitable for clear polycarbonate bodies.3M VHB Double-Sided Tape – To assemble the body. We highly recommend using 3M VHB (.375 inch or.5 inches wide) double-sided tape.Hobby Knife – For trimming tape as well as body fitment.Philips Head Screwdriver – For securing chrome plastic pieces and body mounts.1.5 mm Hex Driver – For securing the steering wheel and column.Glue – E6000, Hot Glue or Instant CA for securing the chrome rings to the back of the chrome plastic pieces.Hair Dryer or Heat Gun – For smoothing out the chrome trim stickers.Side Cutters – For removing the chrome plastic pieces from the parts trees.2mm Drill Bit – For drilling a hole through the front and rear panels


  1. Using liquid dish soap, wash and dry the clear body components to remove oils that may have been left behind from production.NOTE: There is a clear film on the outside of each clear body panel. DO NOT REMOVE THIS CLEAR FILM. The clear film is to protect the outside of the body from paint overspray. Only remove the film AFTER the painting has been completed and you are ready for assembly.
  2. Mask the windows and headlights with the included precut yellow paint masks. Align each point as shown to position the masks.NOTE: The masks must go on the INSIDE of the body.NOTE: Try not to touch the inside of the body. The oils from your skin may negatively affect the paint. NOTE: If doing a custom paint job, with two or more colors, apply the additional masking AFTER all included window masks have been applied.


It is important to only use paint designed for clear polycarbonate bodies. Paints that do not specify use on clear polycarbonate bodies will result in a bad paint job that will eventually crack and flake off.Spray paint the body panels from the inside. It is best to apply several light coats of each color.NOTE: Heavy coats of paint may result in paint seeping beneath the masking tape.


Allow the paint to completely dry before assembling the body.

  1. Peel off the protective film and remove all masks from all painted parts.
  2. Apply 3M VHB double-sided tape to the marked areas of the main body (see image below) and peel off the tape’s protective film on the right side of the main body only.
  3. Carefully align the right fender with the main body. Start behind the rear window (A), being careful not to let any other part of the fender touch the main body.
  4. Align the rear of the fender with the main body (B). Align (C) and (D) to the main body and press firmly in place. Support the taped areas from beneath with your fingers as you press the fender in place.
  5. Repeat this process for the left fender.
  6. Apply double-sided tape to the tops and sides of the rear panel (see below). Only remove the tape’s protective backing from the top of the panel and align it to the underside of the hood.Press firmly to adhere.
  7. With the rear panel stuck firmly in place, remove the tape’s protective backing from the right side of the rear panel while holding the corner of the right fender away from the rear panel. (see image to the right)
  8. Squeeze the corner of the rear fender firmly into place and do the same for the left side.
  9. Repeat this process for the front panel.

NOTE: While all of the body pieces are trimmed from the factory, There may be some areas that require additional trimming for proper fitment.

NOTE: Insert a 2mm drill bit into the front-most hole, in the center of the hood, and drill through the front panel as shown. Repeat this step for the rear panel. If using a rotary tool, use the slowest setting.


Using the diagram below for placement, apply one chrome trim sticker at a time.NOTE: Be careful when handling the chrome trim stickers to ensure you don’t damage the chrome foil.

Use a hairdryer or heat gun to set the chrome stickers in place.CAUTION: Overheating the stickers will cause them to burn and shrivel up. Apply the minimum amount of heat needed to mold the stickers around the contours of the body.


See below for sticker placement.NOTE: The radiator sticker must be adhered to before installing the plastic grill.



NOTE: Be sure to install the clear marker light lenses before installing the light buckets onto the front bumper.The two marker lenses should be painted translucent amber.NOTE: The rear body mount is screwed into the rear bumper with three screws. The front body mount is fastened to the front bumper the same way.Note the direction of the posts.

Use a drop of instant glue to secure the mirror lens to the mounting post.Use a drop of instant glue, a dab of E6000, or a hot glue gun to secure the chrome rings, to the backside of the chrome plastic posts, on the trim pieces.

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  1. Locate the steering wheel, steering column, and long screw.
  2. Assemble the steering wheel and steering column as shown below.
  3. Locate the small hole in the interior panel dashboard.
  4. Insert the screw into the hole from the underside of the interior panel and screw it into the steering assembly

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