resideo S8610U Universal Intermittent Pilot Gas Ignition Control User Guide

S8610U UniversalIntermittent Pilot GasIgnition Control


The following service procedure provides a quick overview for the S8610U series control. For more information, refer to form 69-1955.

Table 1. Typical Wiring Connections.

Connector Label Size or Type Description
MV 1/4 inch Main Valve connection
MV/PV 1/4 inch Common terminal for gas valves
PV 1/4 inch Pilot Valve connection
BRN GND 1/4 inch Burner Ground
24V GND 1/4 inch Return path to the transformer
24V 1/4 inch Optional-24 Vac power connection for Vent Damper
TH-W 1/4 inch Connector for “Call for Heat” signal from the thermostat
P1 6-pin keyed plug  Connector for Vent connection (used to control a connected Samper Damper inatmospheric appliances)
METER (µA) Ammeter probes Connection for ammeter probes for measuring flame current in gAmp DC.
SENSE JUMPER WIRE Wire with 3/16 inch quick connect Connects to the REMOTE SENSE connector for installations with a single spark rod (local flame sensing)NOTE: For installation withremote flame sensing separate spark and sensor rods, this jumper wire is clipped as close to the circuit board as possible and the wire is discarded.
REMOTE SENSE 3/16 inch Flame Sensor connector For single rod installations,connect the SENSE JUMPER WIRE to this terminalconnector.For dual rod installations, connect the flame sense wire from the burner/igniter to this terminal connector.
SPARK 1/4 inch High voltage sparking electrode

SETTINGS AND ADJUSTMENTSDIP Switch (S1) SettingsWhen replacing an existing ignition control with the S8610U, refer to 69-1955 for the correct DIP switch settings.IMPORTANTDo not power the ignition control prior to setting the DIP switches.The following timing parameters may be set with this2-position DIP switch.PrepurgeTo select Prepurge, set SW1 according to Table 2.Trial for Ignition (TFI)To select the Trial for Ignition timing, set SW2 according to Table 2.

Table 2. DIP Switch (S1) Settings.

Prepurge Trial For Ignition SW1 SW2
None 90 seconds OFF OFF
30 seconds 90 seconds ON OFF
None 15 seconds OFF ON
30 seconds 15 seconds ON ON

LED STATUS AND TROUBLESHOOTINGThe ignition control module has one LED used for flame sensing and system status.

Table 3. Green LED Status Codes.

Green LEDFlash Cod? Indicates Next System Action Recommended Service Action
11 No tall for Hear Not applicable None
F lash Fast Power up – internal check Not applicable None
Heartbeat Normal startup – ignition sequence started (including pre-purge) Not applicable None
4 Seconds ON then V flashes Device n run mode. ‘X’ . flame current to the nearest IAA. Not applicable None
2 5-minute Retry Delay– Pilot flame not detected during trial for ignition Initiate new trial for ignition after retry delay completed. If the system fails to light on next trial for ignition check gas supply, pilot burner, spark and flame sense wiring flame rod contaminated or out of position, burner ground connects ion.
3 Recycle– Flame failed during nn Initiate a new trial for ignition. Flash code will remain through the ignition trial until the flame is proved. If system fads to light on next trial for ignition. check gas supply, pit burner, flame sense wiring, contamination of flame rod, burner ground connection.
Flame sensed out of sequence If the situation self-corrects within 10 seconds, the control module returns to the normal sequence. If the flame out of the sequence remains longer than 10 seconds, the control will resume normal operation 1 hour after the error is corrected. Check for pilot flame. Replace gas valve if plot flame present. If no plot flame, cycle ‘Cal for Hear If error repeats, replace control.
5 Damper Error:– Damper required but not present– Damper faded to open within 60 seconds– Damper faded to close within 60 seconds If damper error Corrects, ignition control resumes nonnalopera lion. Check damper connection, damper our inn, and 24V connection on control.Replace the damper if necessary.
6 Control Internal Error The control module remains in wart mode. When the fault corrects, the control module resumes normal operation. Cycle ‘Call for Heat.’ If error repeats, replace control.
7 Flame rod shorted to ground The control module remains in wait mode. When the fault corrects, the control module restrains normal operation. Check flame sense lead wire for damage or shorting. Check that the flame rod is in the proper position. Check flame rod ceramic for cracks, damage, or tracking.
8 Low secondary voltage so la The control module remains in wait mode. When the fault corrects, the control module resumes normal operation. Check transformer and AC line for the proper input voltage to the control. Check with full system load on the transformer.

aFlash Code Descriptions:– Flash Fast: rapid blinking.– Heartbeat: Constant ½-second bright, ½-second dim cycles.– 4-second solid on pulse followed by “x” 1-secondflashes indicate flame current to the nearest mA. This is only available in run mode.– A single flash code number signifies that the LED flashes X times at 2 Hz, remains off for two seconds, and then repeats the sequence.


The flame current of the device can be measured using a standard micro-ammeter by simply inserting the meter probes into the holes labeled FLAME CURRENT, as shown in Fig. 5.

  •  The flame current must be measured with the pilot valve lit but no main gas flow.
  •  Disconnect MV lead wire from the control before measuring flame current.
  •  Set meter to DC μAmp scale.
  •  Ensure meter leads are positioned correctly [+/-].

NOTE: Trying to measure the pilot flame current in series with the wiring will not be accurate.Recommended Minimum Pilot Only Flame Current:

  • Must read steady 1 μAmp DC minimum.
  • The flame current should be 2 μAmp or greater for reliable appliance operation.

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