Richell 94349 Convertible Comfort Pet Mat II Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual





 Thank you for choosing Richell’s Product. Please read this instruction manual carefully before using this product, and keep it for future reference. If you give this product to someone else, please also give this instruction manual to the new owner. Please note some parts of the figures shown below may be slightly different from the actual product, for your better understanding of the structure and proper use.

Proper Usage and Features

  • This product is designed to fit Richell’s Pet Playpen. It is specially designed to use as sunscreen to provide shade outdoors or as a floor mat for total pet comfort.
  • Specially designed Hooks attach this product quickly and easily to the top/bottom of the Richell’s Pet Playpen.
  • The pet playpen door opens/closes even when this product is used as a sunscreen.

List of Compatible Products

This product is exclusively designed for Richell’s Pet Gates listed below.

model UPC JAN
L4 803840 94905-4 4973655 98791-9
M4 803840 94906-1 4973655 98792-6
H4 803840 94191-1 4973655 50230-3
L6 803840 94907-8 4973655 98793-3
M6 803840 94908-5 4973655 98794-0
H6 803840 94192-8 4973655 50240-2

What are the following signs?

The following signs are special remarks for the safe use of the product. Keep these remarks in mind before using this product. : Remarks on inappropriate use which might cause death, serious injury, and/or physical damage. : Remarks on inappropriate use which might cause slight injury and/or physical damage.

Instruction for Proper Use

  • Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • Do not use this product while your dog is leashed to avoid unexpected accidents/injuries, such as dog entanglement.
  • Make sure each part is properly attached in place and pay special attention to newborn pups or tiny dogs to avoid unexpected serious injury to pets, and/or product damage.
  • Only use genuine Riche!l parts and do not alter the design of the gate to avoid accidents and/or injury.
  • Keep this product away from all heat sources at all times to avoid unexpected product damage or burn-related injuries to self/pets.
  • Do not lean or hang on to this product to avoid unexpected accidents and/or product damage when used as sunscreen.
  • Use this product on a stable and flat surface.
  • If you notice anything wrong with the product or installation site, discontinue its use at once.
  • This product is designed for small to large dogs, 6.6 lbs – 88 lbs. Do not use this product for dogs out of this weight range to avoid unexpected injury and/or escape.
  • Do not use this product on a windy day to avoid unexpected accidents.

How to Assemble

To Use as a Sun Screen

  1. Insert the Hooks to the Mat Fixing Belts.
  2. Place this product on the pet playpen. Make sure the side that flips up on this product is placed directly above the door panel as shown.
  3.  Attach this product to the pet playpen using the Hooks.

Inserting hooks to the Mat Fixing Belts can be adjusted to three different positions. Please insert hooks at the position where this product is attached firmly to the pet playpen.

To Use as a Mat

  1. Insert the Hooks to the Mat Fixing Belts.
  2. Turn the product over so that the sides have the Mat Fixing Belts facing up. Place the playpen on the mat.
  3. Make sure the side that flips up on this product is placed directly below the door panel as shown.
  4. Attach this product to the pet playpen using the Hooks.

To make this product more stable for outdoor use, a ground anchor is recommended (not included).

How to clean

  • Do not use a washing machine to clean this product. Use a mild detergent and clean with a soft cloth/sponge.


UPC/JAN 803840 94349-6 / 4973655 98795-7
Dimension 64.2″W x 55.9″D x 5.7″H
Materials Cloth Part: PolyesterHook: Steel (Polyester coating)
  • Please note that product specifications and design may change without prior notice for the purpose of quality improvement.
  • If you find something wrong with this product, please let us know. Thank you! Replacement parts may be purchased by contacting Richell USA directly at the number listed below or at

For USA CustomersDesigned by:Richell Corporation, JapanDistributed by:Richell USA, Inc.Grand Prairie, Texas 75050Phone (972) 641-9795 Fax (972) 641-8495Visit us at www.richellusa.comMade in China

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