RIDGID HD-MTL50 Metal Cutting Diamond Blade User Guide


  • Always use approved safety gear and equipment
  • Use only properly maintained tools and equipment designed for this product
  • Only use blades or wheels designed for the material application
  • Match speed, diameter, and arbor size of tool and blade/wheel
  • Do not exceed maximum RPM
  • Keep guards in place while operating tool/equipment
  • Make sure the blade/wheel is not touching anything when the tool is started
  • Keep all parts of the body away from moving parts
  • Always let the blade/wheel come to a complete stop before setting the tool down
  • Do not operate in combustible environments; sparks could cause a fire or explosion
  • Do not apply side pressure to the blade/wheel, such as side grinding, twisting, or wedging in a cut.
  • Do not touch or stop a moving blade/wheel with your hand.
  • Do not touch a dry-cutting blade/wheel immediately after use, it may be hot.
  • Read and understand tool & equipment instructions and warnings prior to use

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