ROBUS ULTIMUM 5W IP65 Fire Rated Downlight Instruction Manual


PLEASE READ INSTRUCTION BEFORE COMMENCING INSTALLATION AND RETAIN FOR FUTURE REFERENCES.! Electrical products can cause death or injury, or damage to property. If in any doubt about the installation or use of this product, consult a competent electricianNote: Product technical information and specification may change over time without prior notification. For the latest technical information please visit our web site or

-20°C < Ta < +40°C, 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz, Class I, IP65 Suitable for mounting on a normally flammable surface. See website for compatible dimmer list:


  1.  Ensure mains supply is switched off before commencing work.
  2. It is possible to change the trims to a different colour
  3. Before cutting, ensure that the hole does not impinge on joists, pipework, cables or other building services.
  4. This luminaire requires a round hole of Ø72mm to be cut into the ceiling for correct installation.
  5. Connect supply: L ­ Brown, N ­Blue and Yellow/Green – Earth
  6. Hold retention spring vertically against the heat sink, push fitting through the cut-out until the springs come down on the upper side of the plasterboard. Ensure that the fitting is secure and the bezel is tight against the ceiling.

The luminaire may be covered with mineral wool thermal insulation of the type described in EN 13162:2015. If the installer wishes to use loose insulation or foam spray over insulation, they must use a bell-shaped insulation cover over the luminaire. Although the fitting may be safely covered with insulation material, we recommend that the luminaire be abutted to but not covered with insulation material in order to maximize the lifetime of the luminaire. Luminaire lifetime can be maximized by maintaining as low an operating temperature as possible.

Trims:RULTRIM-03: Chrome; RULTRIM-10: Matt Black;RULTRIM-13: Brushed Chrome

Information for the Product user:

  1. Please note the requirement to dispose of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment separately from household waste (WEEE marked with crossed-out wheelie bin symbol).
  2. Please consider your role in contributing to re-use and recycling by returning this product at end of life to a collection centre for waste electrical equipment or a Civic Amenity site, or to a retail outlet from which you are purchasing a replacement.
  3. This equipment may contain substances that are hazardous to health and the environment if disposed of carelessly. It is important that it is separated from normal household waste and recycled in the WEEE chain
  4.  The “crossed out wheelie bin symbol” on a product indicates this equipment must not be disposed of in normal household waste, but should be disposed of according to local WEEE regulations

The Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician

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Cutout 72mm

Issue 1 10 0418


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