RODE MICROPHONES smartLav+ User Guide

RODE MICROPHONES smartLav+ User Guide

Parts Guide

Microphone and cord

  1.  Removable Pop shield
  2. Microphone capsule
  3.  TRRS connectorClothing clip mount
  4.  Lapel clip
  5. Microphone mounting clip
  6. Cable management clip

How to use the mount

  1. Insert the mic capsule into the wire loop
  2.  Loosely loop the cord back up and through the inside of the clip
  3.  Loop the cord back down and secure it in the cable management clipThis arrangement helps to minimise handling and mechanical noise and also minimises cable strain.

Mounting mic on clothing

Attach the mic to lapel or clothing, about 15-20cm / 6 inches from face. Pro tip: Tape a loose loop in the mic cord on the inside of clothing. This gives you added strain relief and isolation from unwanted noise.

Mic tips

  1. Attach the smartLav+TM upside down to reduce excessive breath noises and tonal inconsistencies due to head movements
  2. It is safest to use the windshield at all times to avoid plosives and wind noise, even when recording inside.
  3. SmartLav+TM is compatible with a range of phones, laptop computers and other audio devices.



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