Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2 Instruction Manual

50mm F1.2 for CanonInstruction Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2 Full Frame lens. Its high-performance optics and design have been optimized to meet the extreme capabilities of Canon’s state-of-the-art cameras.


  •  Its size, shape, and grip have been ergonomic. designed for enhanced stability and comfortable use.
  •  The IF (Internal Focus) design prevents both changes in length and where positioning must be maintained.
  •  Provides exceedingly high-quality stills and video with both Full Frame and APS-C (crop sensor) cameras.
  •  Its F1.2 aperture provides superior low light capability, faster shutter speeds, and greater depth field control compared to its counterparts.
  •  Its advanced optical design of 11 precision glass elements, including 1 Aspherical and 1 High Refractive Index, combine for excellent control of distortion and aberrations with increased center-to-edge resolution.
  • Its all-metal construction with an ergonomically designed shape and grip deliver a luxurious look, excellent durability, and comfortable use.


When mounting the lens make sure that it clicks in place otherwise it may detach and cause damage or injury.

Do not apply access force on the lens when it is attached to the game may damage the lens and camera mount.

Ensure that the lens is operating properly by testing it on your camera before shooting an important event.

Do not modify or try to repair the lens as this will invalidate the warranty.

Do not leave the lens in direct sunlight as this could cause a fire.

Do not look directly at the sun through a camera with a lens attached it may damage your eyesight.

To maintain your safety and prevent damage to the lens, please fully familiarize yourself with the following:

  •  Do not look directly at the sun through the lens as it may seriously impair your vision.
  • Do not apply excessive force when attaching the lens to the camera as it may cause damage to the lens or your camera.
  • The lens is a precision optical product, so dropping or excessive impact may cause product failure.
  • Attach or detach the lens only while the camera is turned off.
  • Be careful not to touch or contaminate the contacts on the mount as it can adversely affect communication with the camera.
  • Protect the lens from water, high humidity, excessive heat, and cold.
  • Always store the lens with the lens cap on in a dry and well-ventilated location out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight passing through the lens could become concentrated enough to cause a fire.
  • Avoid subjecting the lens to drastic temperature changes such as moving from a very cold outdoors location to a warm indoor location. This can cause moisture in the air to condense inside or on the outside of the lens and lead to failure or mold production. Before taking the lens indoors from a cold outdoors location put the lens in a plastic bag or sealed camera bag


  • Remote the tear lens COP and the camera body COP
  • Anon the red dot on the lens morns with the index mark (dot)on the lens molt of the camera
  • Do not press the lens release button on the ornate when morning the lens
  • insert the lens into the camera mo. nt and rotate it clockwise until it ‘clicks and locks it (Sect Do not Insert the tens at an angle.
  • Remove the front lens cap when you eve ready to shoot


  • Attach the front lens
  • While holding down the lens release button on the camera rotate the lens counterclockwise until it stops and separates the lens from the body.
  • Attach the rear lens cap


  • Set the Focus Mode of your camera toMF” (Manual Focus). Adjust the focus by rotating the focusing ring on the lens until the focus confirmation indicator in your viewfinder confirms focus or the subject looks the
  • Another focusing option is to use the magnifying feature ofLive View”. Utilizing the highest magnification available. adjust the focus by rotating the focusing ring until the image on your LCD screen looks the

Please note: Check your camera’s instruction book as additional manual focusing focusing methods will vary depending on the camera model.


The Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2 is equiped with filter threads that can accept standerd 86mm diameter filters. To maintain full performance please utilize only high quality optical glass filters.

Please note: Using more than one filter at a time may cause vignetting.



  • Front lens cap
  •  Rear lens cap
  •  Removable lens hood
  •  Soft lens pouch
  •  Instruction manual
  •  Warranty


Please note: It is extremely important before cleaning to dust off the lens surface using a lens blower or a soft brush to remove any foreignparticles or grit that could scratch the lens.• Using a clean microfiber lens cloth, gently wipe the lens in a circular motion from the center outwards towards the edges of the glass.• If stubborn spots remain, put only one or two small drops of ethanol or reputable lens cleaner on the microfiber cloth and repeat thecircular cleaning process. DO NOT USE AN ORGANIC SOLVENT SUCH AS PAINT THINNER, ALCOHOL, OR BENZENE.


The supplied hood is designed specifically for the Rokinon SP 50mm F1.2 lens for optimum effectiveness. It should be used at all times toprovide better contrast and added protection. The only exception is if it blocks the light from a built-in or small electronic flash to cause ashadow at the bottom of the image.

  •  To mount the hood, align the white dot on the hood with the white dot (NOT the vertical line) on the lens and rotate the hood clockwiseuntil you hear and feel it click in place.
  •  To remove the hood, grasp it firmly near its base and turn counter clockwise.
  •  You can store the hood in its reverse position for easy transport. Reverse the hood so that it covers the lens barrel and again align the white dot on the hood with the white dot on the lens and rotate the hood clockwise until you hear and feel it click in place.



MODEL SP Sornm F1.2
AM611 OF %HU 1111 1111%11 46.6*
APS.C. 31.0′
1AXIAILA UMW I ER A11.4111 3.86′ x 46X’(95mrn a 117Amm)
“11(411 63.202 (1200E)
1P1R 1 LR1 Ft A\41 F1.2-16
OPI KAI CONST Flit I ION 11 claimants In 8groups(Inducing 1Asphancal and 1140a Rofractwa Ircko0
111`.11.11.11roctsmc DISTANC1* 17r (0.46m)
FIIIIR Slit 086 mm
  • The minimum focus is the distance from the image sensor to the object.


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