ROLLS Professional Bluetooth Audio Adapter HR187 User Guide

ROLLS Professional Bluetooth Audio 
Adapter HR187 User Guide


The Rolls HR187 is a Bluetooth audio adapter. It will convert any devices Bluetooth signal to analog. Designed for any system, home, professional or installation.


The HR187 outputs are XLR stereo line level balanced, RCA stereo or 1/8″ stereo line level outputs. The level control will adjust all outputs. When the blue indicator light is blinking fast the HR187 is not paired with any unit.

To pair a device to the HR187 simply find the HR187 (ROLLSBT) on your device and connect. After the device is connected to the HR187 a steady blue led will light indicating that the HR187 is paired to a device, but no audio is present. A slow blinking blue light indicates that audio is being sent when paired. The reset button can be used to stop a device from being paired so a different device can be paired. The previously paired device must be off, its Bluetooth disconnected from the HR187, or out of range as the HR187 remembers the device it was previously connected to and will continually search for that device until a different device is paired. When powered off the HR187 will remember the device it was previously paired with. On power up will search for that device and reconnect to it.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 – Made in USA HR187
  • 1 – 15V power supply PN PS27s
  • 1 – This owners manual


Output Impedance: 100 Ohm RCA, 1/8” 22K Ohm XLRPower Requirements: 15 VDC, 500 mA; Rolls part number PS27sSize: 6.75” x 3” x 1.5”Weight: 1 lb.

  • Professional Bluetooth audio adapter
  • Stereo RCA and 1/8″ Outputs
  • Stereo XLR line level output
  • Mono/Stereo switch for all outputs
  • Powder coated steel chassis

Rolls Corporation Salt Lake City, UT 9-20


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