ROYALE MEDICAL S19401 Chadwick Lift Chair Range User Manual


Chadwick Lift Chair Range – User Manual

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This is an electrical lift chair designed to help people rise easily from the chair. Before you start using the chair, please read our instruction manual carefully, and please follow the safety procedures recommended.

Please keep this manual safe for future reference.


  • One person at a time. This lift chair is designed for one person to use at a time.
  • Footrest is for feet. Nobody should sit or put their entire body weight on the elevated footrest as this could result in injury and/or damage.
  • Be careful of the surrounding. The lift chair must be placed with enough room from walls and furniture to avoid damage to upholstery and decor when in operation.
  • Children to be supervised. Children are to be supervised when around the lift chair. Do not allow children to use the handset.
  • Be careful of the scissor mechanism. The lift chair uses a scissor mechanism to elevate the leg rest. Please ensure that nobody parts or clothing, blankets, etc are caught in the scissor mechanism when operating.
  • Safe working load. Check the weight limit and do not exceed the weight limit.
  • Battery backup. Ensure that the battery backup is replaced every year or when the battery backup is used in the event of a power outage.
  • Electrical systems. Do not place the electrical components (cord, transformer, hand control) near the heating surface. Periodically visuallyinspect the handset and power cord for signs of wear and tear.
  • Call for assistance. Please call an authorized ROYALE MEDICAL service center in case of any issues or repair with the chair.
  • Carelessness causes fire. Although the foam and fabric used on this lift chair are fire retardant to legally specified levels, caution is to be taken to avoid fire hazards.
  • Indoor use and storage. The lift chair is designed for indoor use not for outdoors. Place the chair away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure to sunlight may discolor the upholstery.


Should you use the chair in a cold room, do not increase the room temperature abruptly. It is recommended that you increase your temperature gradually to a normal level. In the event that the chair is stored in a cold place and is being brought into a warm place, it is advisable to use it one hour later. This is because its performance may not be at its optimum level as it may have dew on the mechanical parts. Machine trouble may result when a cold machine is being used in a warm room suddenly.


Stop using the chair:

  • If any liquid is split on this chair cease use immediately, due to the potential of electric shock.If the upholstery or any part of the chair is torn or damaged.
  • If the chair has malfunctioned during operation.
  • If there is a power outage. Injury may occur if the power is restored unexpectedly.
  • If there is a thunderstorm & lightning.
  • If you suffer from abnormal or severe pain during the operation of the chair In the case of any of the above events switch OFF the power immediately and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet.


  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to use
  • Recline positions
  • Lift positions
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Hand control (Unique HOME button feature)
  • Backup system


Chair weight 62kg
Maximum user weight (SWL) 150kg
Power 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 50W


  • Check for wear and tear in the Upholstery Cloth regularly.
  • Check the plug, remote control, and all wires regularly for any damage.


ASSEMBLYThe chair is packed in semi knockdown form consisting of the back, and the seat.

  • Assemble the chair according to the instruction given in the assembly guide.
  • Do not substitute any missing parts. Please contact the place of purchase if you are missing any parts during assembly.
  • Do not assemble the chair with damaged parts.
  • Do not assemble the chair if the upholstery or any of the parts of the chair are damaged.

CHAIR ASSEMBLYAttaching the chair back to the chair base

CAUTION: Please read all instructions carefully before starting the assembly process. It is recommended to use two people when assembling and removing the inside backs to and from the base of the furniture.STEP 1Slide inside back receivers onto the steel mechanism posts in the base of the chair (Figure A)STEP 2Press both sides of the back firmly into place until the back automatically locks into placeSTEP 3Connect the Headrest and Lumbar cable plugs (Figure C). Headrest-only models consist of one less set of cables.

How to remove the backrest.To remove the back from the base, use a screwdriver pressing outward on the black tab in the metal receivers on both sides of the chair back and lift the back from the base of the chair. (Figure B)

Attaching the chair wings to the chair backrest*

STEP 1Slide the metal inserts on the chair’s wings into the metal sleeves on the side of the chair’s back.STEP 2Slide the wings down until they are completely set on the back’s metal sleeves.


STEP 1 Take the transformer from the polybag and connect it to the wire coming out from the actuator on the base of the chair.

STEP 2 Remove the remote control from the polybag:


CAUTION:Make sure there is no obstruction behind or in front/ or above the Chair for a safe recline and lift during operation. No finger or object should be placed between the chair and the footrest.

  • Once the chair is assembled as per assembly instruction, place the chair in a dry room, with sufficient space in front and behind it.
  • Make sure there is an allowance of more than 50 cm behind the chair and more than 30cm in front of the chair.
  • Place the chair on a flat and smooth floor. Do not place the chair on an uneven floor.
  • As per safety instructions, the room must not be too hot (below 40O

c) nor humid, nor dusty or it may cause malfunction and electric shock.


The remote control is used for the operation of all the functions of the chair.The functions on the remote control are activated by pressing the buttons gently.



1 To raise the footrest to the desired level
5 To lower the footrest to a comfortable sitting position. Keep onpressing the button to place you in a standing upright position.
ADJUSTINGRECLINE 2 To recline the backrest to the desired position
6 To level the backrest up to the desired position.
ADJUSTINGTHE LUMBER 3 To bring the lumber support forward to the desired position.
7 To bring the lumber support back to the desired position.
ADJUSTINGHEADREST 4 To bring the headrest forward to the desired position.
8 To bring the headrest backward to the desired position.
HOME 9 Press the fifth button to simultaneously return the headrest,footrest, lumber, and backrest to an original sitting position.

NOTE:1. To stop functions at any time, release the button.2. Keep pressing the button to reach the maximum level of all these functions.


Before cleaning ensure that the power is turned off and the power plug is removed from the electrical outlet.

  • Do not change the power plug by yourself.
  • Do not disassemble the chair, remove any inside mechanism by yourself.
  • The chair must be serviced or repaired by a professional.
  • Contact a qualified technician or the After Sales Service for all servicing and repairing


  • Do not remove the upholstery for cleaning. Touching the inside mechanism of the chair may result in electrical shock.
  • Never use water to wash or clean any part of the chair.
  • The upholstery of the chair must be cleaned with a dry cloth only.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents or thinners or bleaching agents to clean the upholstery.
  • Do not wash the upholstery.
  • Ironing of upholstery is strictly prohibited.

THE REMOTE CONTROL• Only clean the remote control with a dry cloth, to avoid potential electrical damage.


Before storing the chair make sure that the main switch is turned off and the power plug is removed from the electrical outlet.

  • Wipe the dust and dirt off. Keep the chair clean and away from places of high humidity.
  • If the chair is not in use for a long period of time, cover it with a clean cloth to protect it from dust. Store in dry room.
  • Do not store the chair under direct sunlight or in places of high temperatures. This may result in fading of fabric color.


If you have any of the following medical problems, please consult a doctor before use:

  • If you have a pacemaker
  • If you have a spinal disorder
  • If you are suffering from severe back pain and or are recovering from any injury or a surgery
  • If you are under medical care or medical rest
  • If you are physically or mentally unwell


ROYALE MEDICAL will repair or replace at our option to the original purchaser any of the following found upon examination by an authorised representative of ROYALE MEDICAL to be defective in material and /or workmanship.

  1. Electrics including Transformer, Hand control, Motor, and all Cables – 2 Years
  2. Steel Lift/Recline Mechanism – 2 Years
  3. Timber Frame (Structural & Workmanship) 5 Years

NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTYROYALE MEDICAL does not cover anything which is deemed to be damaged through misuse or accident. The fabric is classed as a wear item and under normal wear and tear may need to be replaced. Therefore, the fabric is not covered under warranty.


  1. ROYALE MEDICAL will provide parts only under warranty.
  2. Your ROYALE MEDICAL dealer is responsible for labor and freight charges. Please contact your ROYALE MEDICAL dealer for information about this.
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