RunningSnail MD-090P Emergency Crank Radio Owner’s Manual

MD-090P Owner’s Manual


  • Turn the “Volume” Dial clockwise to power on the radio and adjust the volume.
  • Select FM/AM/WB with radio band switch. Extend the antenna to get better signal reception, especially listening to the FM and NOAA broadcasts.
  • Turn Tuner Dial to select a station. Green tune indicator turns on when the station selected is fully engaged.
  • Turn the “volume” dial to the OFF position and the radio will turn off.


  • Hold the SOS button for once, the device will activate a loud siren and a flashing far beam.
  • Press the SOS button again to turn it off.


● The first press of the flashlight button, the far beam lights up. With the second press on the flashlight button, the dipped beam lights up. The third press with both far and dipped beam lights up. The fourth press with both lights off.


  • Turn the sensor switch to the LIGHT position, open the solar panel, the reading lamp lights up. Close the solar panel, and the reading light goes out.


  • Turn the sensor switch to the AUTO position, open the solar panel, when there’s a movement within 3 meters, the reading lamp lights up. When there is no movement in this range, after 30 seconds, the reading lamp will turn off. Close the solar panel, the reading lamp will extinguish.
  • Please turn the sensor switch to the LIGHT position when not in use.


  • The waterproof cover on the side of this product has a USB output port and a USB input port.
  • Connect the USB device to the USB output port of the unit via a USB cable to power the USB device. When the device is used as a power bank (discharge),the power indicator lights will diminish.


  1. This feature is suggested to use in an emergency, do not use it as a normal power bank.


  • This emergency radio is designed with a feature of shutdown in low voltage. To protect the chip, the power supply will be cut off to protect the battery from damage when there is an overload or a short circuit in this unit.
  • It will cut off the power source when the voltage is lower than 2.7V and protects the battery from being over-discharged and damaged.


A) USB charging

  • Connect the supplied Micro USB cable to the Micro USB Input port on the right side of the unit to charge the built-in lithium battery. Meanwhile. 4 blue power indicator lights will light up in sequence.
  • Please have the radio charged at least once every three months.

B) Hand Crank

  • The radio can also be charged by turning the handle at the back of the device and activating the dynamo.The handle can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise. Spin the handle for 1 minute at the speed of 130 rpm. It can be used for high beam illumination for 30 minutes or radio for 6 minutes.


  • Expose the solar panel in clear sunlight to let it charges as efficiently as possible.
  • The red power indicator lights will light up when the radio received enough sunlight to start charging up.
  • It is mostly used for maintaining the battery, to prolong the battery life.d) REPLACEABLE LI-ION BATTERY
  • Open on the battery cover by using a screwdriver.
  • Take out two of 18650 Li-ion batteries and then put two brand new 18650 Li-ion batteries into the battery compartment, then close the battery cover.
  • We suggest that you can replace the battery by these two situations:
  1. The battery is damaged.
  2. You can replace two fully charged batteries when the built-in battery is dead in a power outage.


  • This unit has 4 blue power indicator lights to show the power capacity. The power indicator will light up for 30 seconds when turn on the radio/ flashlight/reading lamp and the indicator light stays on when charging and discharging.

  • 4 lights up: C>75%
  • 3 lights up:50 %<C<75%
  • 2 lights up:25 %< C<50%
  • 1 light up:3 %< C<25%
  • The first light flash: C<3%
  • C means capacity


  • For the first use or when the unit idles over 60 days, please hand crank for 1 minute to activate the internal battery.
  • The device shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing, and objects filled with liquids should not be placed on the device.
  • Please do not over-discharge the unit, so as not to reduce the internal battery life, or even damage the battery.
  • Avoid flashlight light directly into the eyes, or it will hurt the eyes.


Frequency range FM 87∼108MHz

AM 520∼1710KHz

WB 162.400∼162.550MHz

Dimensions 160*63*81 mm/ 6.23*2.48*3.19in
Weight 380g
Power consumption lOw (Max)
Working voltage 2.7∼4.2V
Power source 4000mAh/3.7V Li-ion
USB output 5V, 1A
Charging time(USB) 5-6 h
Waterproof level IPX3
LED flashlight 135LM(Max)
After fully charged, the device supports LED lighting:

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Far beam or dipped beam: >16h Far beam and dipped beam: > 10h Reading lamp: >20h Broadcast (middle volume): >2000min


  • The device has a full 18-month warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.


  • Radio x 1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • iPhone Adapter x 1

MD-090P Owner’s Manual

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