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Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark is a luminous paint that creates a glowing effect for 2-4 hours in the dark after being charged by natural or artificial light. It can be applied to wood, metal, drywall, and plastic. Periodic re-application may be needed for outdoor use. IMPORTANT! Use over a white or light-colored surface.


SKU / DESCRIPTION (Aerosol)267026  – Glow In The Dark


Use outdoors or in a well-ventilated area such as an open garage. Use when the temperature is between 50°F (10°C) and 90°F (32°C) and humidity is below 65% to ensure proper drying. Avoid spraying in very windy and dusty conditions. Cover surrounding area to protect from spray mist.


Remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt, and chemical contaminants by washing the surface with a commercial detergent, or other suitable cleaning methods. Rinse with fresh water and allow to thoroughly dry. Remove loose paint and rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. Lightly sand glossy surfaces.

WARNING! If you scrape, sand, or remove old paint from any surface, you may release lead paint dust. LEAD IS  TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST CAN CAUSE  SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE;  ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN  SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear a NIOSH-approved respirator to control lead exposure. Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by contacting the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800- 424-LEAD or log on to

PRIMINGThe use of a white Rust-Oleum® primer provides excellent adhesion and hiding and is especially recommended for bare wood and metal.


Shake can vigorously for one minute after the mixing ball begins to rattle. If mixing ball fails to rattle, DO NOT  STRIKE CAN. Contact Rust-Oleum. Shake often during use.  Hold can upright 10-16” from surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping each stroke. Keep the can the same distance from the surface. Keep the can in motion while spraying. Apply 2 or more coats a few minutes apart. Do not use near open flame.


Dry and recoat times are based on 70ºF (21°C) and 50% relative humidity. Allow more time at cooler temperatures. Dries to the touch in 15 minutes and to handle in 1-2 hours. Fully dry in 24 hours. Apply a second coat or a clear coat within 1 hour or after 24 hours. Apply clear in 2-3 coats a few minutes apart.


Wipe tip before storing. Clean up wet paint with xylol or mineral spirits. Throw away empty can in trash pickup. Do not burn or place in home trash compactor.

CLOGGINGIf the valve clogs, twist and pull off spray tip and rinse in a solvent such as mineral spirits. Do not insert any object into can valve opening.


Resin Type Modified Alkyd
Pigment Type Strontium Oxide Aluminate
MIR 0.80 Max
Fill Weight 10 ounces
Solvents Acetone, N-Butyl Acetate, Xylene
Practical Coverage  (assumes 15% material loss) 8-10 sq.ft./can (0.7-0.9 m2/can)
Dry Times at 70-80ºF

(21-27ºC) and 50%

Relative Humidity

Touch 15 minutes
Handle 1-2 hours
Fully Dry 24 hours
Shelf Life 5 years
Flash Point 156°F (-104°C)
Safety Information For additional information, see SDS

Calculated values are shown and may vary from the actual manufactured material.

The technical data and suggestions for use contained herein are correct to the best of our knowledge and offered in good faith. The statements of this literature do not constitute a warranty, express, or implied, as to the performance of these products. As conditions and use of our materials are beyond our control, we can guarantee these products only to conform to our standards of quality, and our liability, if any,  will be limited to the replacement of defective materials. All technical information is subject to change without notice.

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Rust-Oleum SPC-37 Specialty Glow in the Dark Technical Data – Rust-Oleum SPC-37 Specialty Glow in the Dark Technical Data –

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