SANTOS Compact Brushless Blender 66 User Manual


Silence, Safety, and Power

COMPACT BRUSHLESSBLENDER #66Available from june 2021Pre-order now!

Santos blenders’ range

Main Features

Brushless motor

Unlike universal motors, a brushless motor has no carbon brushes, but a permanent magnet rotor, which offers many advantages:

  • No maintenance
  • Long lifetime
  • Quiet
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • No overheating

Lasts 10 times longer than a universal motor.

Safety: lid detection

To ensure the operator’s safety, the motor stops immediately when the lid is opened or when the bowl is removed from its base.This safety system also preserves the couplings.

Quiet blending technologyThanks to its silent brushless motor, this is the quietest blender without sound enclosure on the market!

Powerful and heavy duty

Thanks to its powerful brushless motor and its strong blade, Santos Compact Blender #66 can crush any ice cubes and frozen fruits in a very short time.It can be used intensively all day without overheating, thanks to its brushless motor with a permanent magnet (no friction).

Optimized programs

This blender comes with 9 programs that have been optimized to blend your recipes to perfection. Each program has a specific length and speed variation to get a high-quality blend with perfect consistency.Some programs turn one-way, others turn both ways thanks to Santos patented Dual Crushing Action™

The strongest blade

This blender is equipped with a sharp blade to crush ice cubes and frozen fruits in a few seconds.This blade is TiN (Titanium Nitride) coated which makes it highly resistant and durable!TiN coating is wear-resistant, inert, and reduces friction which improves the blade’s life up to 10 times over uncoated blades.

Dual crushing action

The compact brushless blender #66 and the expert brushless blender #62 are the only blenders in the world with a two-way rotation of the blade: Dual Crushing Action™ By turning both ways, this blade can blend any drink in a few seconds.

Strong coupling system

The coupling system is 100% metal making it extremely durable.Moreover, there is a brake stopping immediately the coupling rotation when the bowl is removed to prevent any damage in this area.

1 blender = 2 options

The Brushless Blender #66 can be used either countertop or in-counter, without any additional option. To build it in a counter:

  1. Unscrew the 4 feet and remove the black base
  2. Make a hole in your counter

3 jugs available

This model is delivered with 1 transparent BPA-free jug, but yellow and red jugs are available in option.Those new colored jugs are perfect for users worrying about allergen cross-contact. Associating identified recipes containing allergens, such as nuts, soy, or dairy, to some specific-colored containers will help prevent cross-contamination and protect the consumers’ health.


Thanks to its low overall dimensions it will fit in the smallest kitchens and bars. Even more in its in-counter version.


Standard appliance: In-counter version:
W: 197 mm (8’’) W: 197 mm (8’’)
D: 233 mm (9’’) D: 233 mm (9’’)
H: 393 mm (16’’) H: 307 mm (12’’)
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  1. Lid equipped with a detection
  2. Bisphenol A-free graduated jarGraduation : 48 oz / 1.4LCapacity : 81 oz / 2.4L
  3. On/off switch
  4. Extra strong blade:patented two-way rotation system
  5. Couplings in metal
  6. Illuminated touchpad control panel
  7. 9 programs for high quality, precise and constant blend
  8. + and – button to choose the program
  9. Pulse button
  10. Brushless Motor



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