SARIS SuperClamp EX – 2 Bike Instruction Manual

SuperClamp EX – 2 BikeAssembly Instructions  4025F, 4025HD


LONG FOR THE RIDEJust as no garage is complete without a bicycle, at Saris, we believe no car is complete without a bike rack. Since setting off on this journey nearly 30 years ago, Saris racks have freed millions of bike-lovers to explore new territory and terrain, take part in group rides, bike pool to races, and commute to and from work. And we continue to do so in style. As the all-time #1 best-selling bike rack, Saris Bones® continues to set the standard for excellence in design. Today all Saris bicycle racks are intuitive to load and secure and guaranteed for life. Built by cyclists for cyclists in Madison, Wisconsin, we strive to create the world’s best bike racks. Because cycling is what we live for.

Specifications: 4025F SuperClamp EX 1-1/4” or 2” Compatible, Not approved for RV use.


Max = 60 lbs/kg 27 Máx.= 27 kg/60 libras Max = 60lb/27kg

Max = 120 lbs/54kg (Max = 60 lbs/27kg per bike)Máx.= 54 kg/120 libras (Máx. = 27  kg /60 libras por bicicleta)Max = 120lb/54kg (Max = 60lb/27kg par vélo)

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Specifications: 4025HD SuperClamp HD 2” Compatible, Approved for RV use.

Max = 60 lbs/kg 27 Máx.= 27 kg/60 libras Max = 60lb/27kg

Max = 120 lbs/54kg (Max = 60 lbs/27kg per bike)Máx.= 54 kg/120 libras (Máx. = 27 kg /60 libras por bicicleta)Max = 120lb/54kg (Max = 60lb/27kg par vélo)

RV compatibility (Class A, B, and C) and (not approved for use on tow-behind RVs or Trailers)

Tools Needed:

Items Included:

Optional Accessories:


Install receiver and secure with pin and lock, as shown. Note: If your receiver is 1.25” remove the adapter block as shown (4025F Only). Tools Required: 19mm(3/4’’) Wrench, 5mm Hex Key(to remove adapter block).  Insert hitchtite and line up holes. Install receiver and secure with pin and lock, as shown (4025HD). Tools  Required: 19mm(3/4’’) Wrench.

Lay horizontal bar on to receiver plate, lining up the front plate with bar and receiver. Secure with bolts & nuts,  using a 17mm(9/16”) wrench and 8mm hex key.NOTE: Remove rubber tips Tools Required: 17mm Wrench,  8mm Hex Key

Slide on outer wheel trays to complete rack assembly. (Wheel tray with white reflectors installed on the passenger  side of the vehicle facing away from the vehicle.)


Push and hold the button on top of the arm to open the arm. Push and hold the button on top of the hook to slide hook up.

Load bikes. Heaviest bike closest to the car. Adjust wheel tray if necessary. Tighten wheel tray knob.NOTE:  Position arms at ‘‘10:00’’ and ‘‘2:00’’ without contacting bike frame components.

Press hooks down onto tires. Once the hook contacts the tire, firmly press the hook down until you hear 1  additional click. Ensure the tires are properly inflated and in good condition.

To lock bikes press and hold the button, pull out the lock cable. Insert cables ends into lock shank as shown. Turn the key to the lock position to lock the cables. To return the cable press and hold the button.

Use straps to secure front and rear wheels to trays.


Pull handle, tilt rack away from the vehicle. 4025HD Only: Remove pin with a lanyard at base of the rack, push handle, tilt rack away from the vehicle.  Caution: hold bikes with available hand.

Access Hatch.

Push Rack into place, you will hear audible “click” when in place.


Pull handle, Fold-up rack toward the vehicle

Technical Specifications Bike carrier weight: 35lb/ 15.8kg Permitted load capacity: 120lb/ 54.4kg Max bike  weight: 60 lb/27.2 kg


  • All requirements for compatibility/fit as stated in the current Saris vehicle/carrier compatibility guide must be followed. (Available at any Sari’s dealer or If your vehicle is not listed or you have any questions, please call our customer service at 800-783-7257 or visit
  • Read and follow instructions carefully. Save owner’s manual for future reference or parts information. Ensure that any other users of the bicycle carrier are familiar with their content.
  • Drive slowly over speed bumps, 5 to 10 mph max speed.
  • It’s the end-users responsibility to ensure that the use of this product meets all local and state laws.
  • When cleaning vehicles and racks, use only water-soluble cleaners. Do not take the rack through a car wash.
  • Make sure bike tires are not directly behind the exhaust pipe.
  • Rack must be installed directly into the vehicle hitch receiver. Do not modify the hitch receiver or use hitch extenders.
  • 4025F – Do not mount to any type of trailer or RV including Class B vehicles
  • 4025HD is RV  compatible (Class A, B, and C) and (not approved for use on tow-behind RVs or Trailers)
  • Prior to usage on the road, remove all loose parts from a bicycle, including (but not limited to) child seat, basket,  lock, light, pump, etc.
  • This carrier is not recommended for off-road use or for use at a speed exceeding 70  mph (113 km/h).
  • The handling characteristics of a vehicle will change when a rear bicycles carrier is fitted and especially when it is loaded (in particular crosswind sensitivity, handling on bends, and braking).  Driving techniques should be altered to allow for these changes, reduce speed, especially on bends, and allow for longer braking distances.
  • The vehicle’s total length increases when the bike carrier is attached. The bikes themselves may increase the vehicle’s total width and height. Take care when reversing and/or entering garages or ferries, etc.
  • Remove carrier from the vehicle when not in use.
  • This carrier is constructed to carry standard bike frames. It is not intended for use with tandem or recumbent bicycles.
  • Replace any mounting strap at the first sign of wear. Replacement parts are available through your local Saris dealer or call 1-800-783-7257.
  • Tighten straps regularly during the journey.
  • The vehicle should be in good condition in the area at which the hitch is located.
  • Do not exceed the maximum load capacity of the carrier (120 lbs max or 60 lbs max per bike!) Secure properly and adjust for even load distribution, loading the heaviest/biggest bike first and closest to the vehicle.
  • Saris absolves itself of responsibility for any personal injuries or consequential damage to property or wealth caused by incorrect fitting or use.

Recommended Rack Maintenance & Care Instructions

Each use:

  • Wipe down trunk rack feet
  • Avoid ground contact with trunk rack feet
  • Check straps for signs of wear
  • Check bike cradles and wheel scoops
  • Check for loose bolts Every 90 days actions:
  • Clean with water and mild soap
  • Lubricate locks if applicable (use wet, oil-based lubricant; NO WD-40)
  • Grease hitch bolt threads
  • Check for scratches in the paint.

Official Warranty Terms: Saris Racks

Saris Cycling Group, Inc (SCG), the parent company of Saris Racks, warrants our products to the original consumer to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Your purchase includes the following warranty which is in lieu of all other express warranties. This warranty is extended only to the initial consumer purchaser. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other legal rights which vary from state to state. Please retain your sales slip for your records, as proof of purchase will be required.

Warranty TermCar Racks

Car RacksHome Storage/Bike StorageKool RackParking Racks Limited Lifetime*Limited Lifetime*1 Year1 Year
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*Warranty only valid for the original purchaser. Limited lifetime warranty available in North America only.

Manufacturing defects are most likely to be identified on new products or early in the product’s lifespan. Each warranty claim is unique, and it is solely up to SCG to determine if a product can be covered by the limited lifetime warranty due to defects, or if the product has suffered wear and tear. Any product or part thereof found to be defective within the term as set forth above will be replaced without charge provided that: (1) its failure resulted from a defect in material or workmanship and not from normal wear and tear expected in the use of the product; (2) the product was not abused, misused, improperly assembled, improperly maintained or damaged by accident or installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the racks as originally sold., (3) there was no failure to follow instructions or warnings in Owner’s Manual; (4) no alterations or modifications were made; and (5) the product or part is delivered, freight prepaid, to Saris Cycling  Group or an authorized service center. Please call 1-800-783-7257 to obtain a return authorization prior to return. Any other claims not included in the statements above are void and will not be honored. SCG reserves the right to inspect any product before issuing a  replacement. SCG’s only obligation shall be to replace such products or parts that it determines are defective.LimitationsTHE FOREGOING  WARRANTIES  ARE THE ONLY WARRANTIES MADE BY SCG. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES. ANY WARRANTY THAT MIGHT OTHERWISE BE IMPLIED BY LAW INCLUDING,  BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A  PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE LIMITED STRICTLY TO THE APPLICABLE LENGTH OF THIS  LIMITED WARRANTY.

SCG shall not be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages, or expenses in connection with its products. SCG’s liability hereunder is expressly limited to the replacement of goods not complying with this warranty or, at SCG’s election, to the repayment of an amount of the purchase price of the product in question.


  • If the consumer does not comply with all warnings, cautions, or instructions listed in Instruction Manual, the damage is not covered under warranty
  • Impact/collision damage is not covered under warranty
  • Cradles and strap damage due to improper arm placement are not covered under warranty
  • Carrying anything other than a bicycle is not covered under warranty
  • Paint damage – chipping, cracking, or fading is not covered under warranty
  • Rust is wear and tear and is preventable with rack maintenance
  • Weather impact (UV, salt air/water)
  • Damage to the mounting surface
  • Damage or loss resulting from failure to replace/maintain consumable items not covered.
  • Not following Recommended Rack Maintenance
  • Consumable Items not covered by warranty. Including but not limited to.
  • Arm and wheel tray adjustment knobs
  • Frame and wheel straps
  • Vehicle attachment straps
  • Molded wheel trays
  • Frame cradles Threaded assemblies
  • Ratcheting assemblies


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