SECO-LARM SM-205Q/BR Miniature Surface-Mount Contacts User Manual

SECO-LARM SM-205Q/BR Miniature Surface-Mount Contacts


  • Miniature “flange-type” surface-mount magnetic contacts perfect for sliding doors and windows where space is limited
  • Screw or adhesive mount
  • Mounting flange breaks off for extra miniature size
  • High-impact weatherproof ABS plastic case
  • Contact reed switch is SPST, deactivated rhodium on gold underplating for a longer expected life
  • For closed loop circuits
  • 3/4″ (19mm) Gap
  • 15″ (38cm) Wire leads extend from side of switch
  • Double-sided tape included
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Parts List


Contact Switches 10x Magnets
2x Mounting tape 1x



Please read the manual carefully before starting installation.

  1. Mount the contact above the door or window on the frame and farthest from the hinged side if a door.
  2. Connect two wires to the contact terminals and to the alarm control panel.
  3. Mount the magnet on the door/window facing the contact and with a gap between them not exceeding 3/4″ (19mm).





Loop type

Closed loop

Electrical configuration


Operation gap

3/4″ (19mm)


15″ (38cm) Leads from side






High-impact ABS plastic


Deactivated rhodium on gold underplating

Contact rating


10W (max.)

Operating temperature

-15°~160° F (-25°~70° C)

Switch cycles

50 Million ()



11/4″x5/16″x1/4″ (32x8x6 mm)


11/4″x5/16″x1/4″ (32x8x6 mm)

Magnet type

Alnico 5

Contact and magnet must be installed on the protected side of the door/window.

California Proposition 65 Warning: These products may contain chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: This SECO-LARM product is warranted against defects in material and workmanship while used in normal service for the lifetime of the product.SECO-LARM’s obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of any defective part if the unit is returned, transportation prepaid, to SECO-LARM. Under no circumstances will SECO-LARM be responsible for any costs or charges for removal, installation, or reinstallation. This Warranty is void if damage is caused by or attributed to acts of God, physical or electrical misuse or abuse, neglect, repair, or alteration, improper or abnormal usage, or faulty installation, or if for any other reason SECO-LARM determines that such equipment is not operating properly as a result of causes other than defects in material and workmanship. The sole obligation of SECO-LARM, and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy, shall be limited to repair or replacement only, at SECO-LARM’s option. In no event shall SECO-LARM be liable for any special, collateral, incidental, or consequential personal or property damages of any kind to the purchaser or anyone else. This lifetime limited warranty is for products sold and installed in the United States and Canada. For all other countries the warranty is 1 (one) year.

NOTICE: The SECO-LARM policy is one of continual development and improvement. For that reason, SECO-LARM reserves the right to change specifications without notice. SECO-LARM is also not responsible for misprints. All trademarks are the property of SECO-LARM U.S.A., Inc. or their respective owners.

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