serenelife SLSBIN21 Locking Storage Container Bin User Manual

SLSBIN21Locking Storage Container BinSafety & Security Storage Box (21 Gal. Capacity)User Manual


Please Note:• Be sure to check the letters marked on the sides of the bin and align as shown in the images for proper orientation.• Reference the images on the corresponding page!

  1. Lay the bottom of the bin down and start by adding in the side plates.• You will feel the plastic latch engage when the sides are firmly pressed into place.
  2. Add 3 screws on each side to secure in the side plates.
  3. Now we add the front and backplates.• First align the front and back plates with the side plates in the “Y” direction, and push down latching onto the base.• Then push in to secure the latches in the “X” direction latching to the side plates.
  4. Add 3 screws on each side to secure in the front and back plates to the bottom panel.• Add 4 screws (See the second image) in the comers to securely attach the front and back plates to each side plate.
  5. Align the hinge of the lid and attach with 2 screws on each side.
  6.  Set your own password following the instructions below.


  1. Adjust the pin to your current passcode (By default, the lock pin is set to “0000”).
  2. Completely remove the top drawer from the cabinet and on the inside of the cabinet switch the lever located on the lock from the B to A position.
  3. While the lever is in A position – set the desired new code. Make sure the 4 dials you set are exactly parallel and lined up – you don’t want to set to the wrong number by mistake! (Sample below).
  4. Once your new passcode is entered, change the lever back from A to the B position.
  5. Make sure to write down & remember your code! There is no way to recover it once it is set!

If you want to change the passcode, follow these steps:

Step 1: Seeing from the gaps pull the 4 locks of the gaps unified to the same orientationStep 2: Such as the gap unified direction in the above figure 0 position, pull each lock pull 5 times but ensure that each pulls only a numberStep 3: After the second step is completed, you can open and change the new lock


  • Convenient Storage Box Solution
  • Integrated Combination Lock for Security
  • User-Defined Number Passcode Setting
  • Safe, Rugged, Reliable Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Impact Resistance
  • Anti-Scratch & Stain-Resistant Housing
  • Easy Access Lift-Top Hinges
  • Clean & Streamline Moderne Style
  • Side Panel Carry Handle Grips
  • Perfect for Home, Office, School, Business & Mobile Use

Technical Specs:

  • Internal Storage Capacity: 21 Gallon/78 Liter
  • Maximum Support Weight: 100+ lbs.
  • Construction Material: Reinforced Engineered ABS
  • PassCode Type: Manual 4-Digit, Numerical
  • Dimensions: 9.3” x 16.3” x 23.2”

Questions? Issues?

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