SHANGRI-LA Safra Storage Box User Guide

SHANGRI-LA Safra Storage Box


Please read this user guide before you commence assembly.

Follow the guidelines in this user guide to ensure correct assembly and care for this storage box.

Do not, for any reason, use a power tool to assemble this product. Use of power may apply excess force on the fixtures, causing damage.Warranty is void if power tools have been used.


A (x1)Lid

B (x1)Left side pane

B1 (x1)Right side panel

C (x1)Front panel

C1 (x1)Back panel

D (x1)Base panel

E (x1)Storage box

F (x3)

G (x2)

H (x16)

I (x14)

J (x14)

K (x1)


F   Hinge (x3)G   Lid support (x2)H  15mm M6 screw (x16)   35mm M6 screw (x14)J    Washer (x14)K   Allen key (x1)


Step 1: Arrange the main components for the frame (A, B, B1, C, Cl, D, F, G) on a surface in position to be able to visualize the assembled shape of the storage box.

Step 2: Secure the panels (B, B1, C, Cl, D) together by placing a washer onto the corner holes of the left or right side panel (B, B1). Insert a 35mm M6 screw (I) through the washer.

Using the Allen key (K), tighten the screw (I). Once tightened, repeat this process for all remaining corners on the left and right side panels (B, B1).

Step 3: Align a washer (J) onto the screw holes of each side of the two quadrants on the base panel (D). Insert a 35mm M6 screw (I) through each washer (J).

Tighten the screws using the Allen key (K).

To attach the lid (A), align the hinges (F) with the holes on the lid (A). Insert 15mm M6 screws (H) into each of the holes.

Using the Allen key (K), tighten the screws that connect the hinges (F) to the back panel (C1) first, then tighten the screws connecting hinges (F) to the lid (A).

Step 4: Attach the lid supports (G) by aligning them with the screw holes on the side left and right side panels (B, B1). Insert screws (H) into the holes and tighten with the Allen key (K). Once tightened, repeat the process to attach lid supports (G) to the lid (A).

Insert the storage box (E) into the completed frame.

Assembly is now complete.


Depending on the extent of use, it may be necessary to tighten the fixings from time to time. This is normal for any flat pack furniture.

To clean, use a damp cloth (not wet) or dry duster. You may also use normal furniture polish.

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