Shark AL Robot Robot Vacuum Owner’s Manual

Robot Vacuum2000 SeriesOWNER’S GUIDE


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE USE • FOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLYIf the charging cable plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. DO NOT force into outlet or try to modify to fit.

WARNINGTo reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, injury, or property damage:

GENERAL WARNINGSWhen using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following:

  1. This appliance consists of a robotic vacuum and charging dock with power supply. These components contain electrical connections, electrical wiring, and moving parts that potentially present risk to the user.
  2. Before each use, carefully inspect all parts for any damage. If a part is damaged, discontinue use.
  3. Use only identical replacement parts.
  4. This robotic vacuum cleaner contains no serviceable parts.
  5. Use only as described in this manual.DO NOT use the robotic vacuum cleaner for any purpose other than those described in this manual.
  6. With the exception of filters, DO NOT expose any parts of the robotic vacuum cleaner to water or other liquids.USE WARNINGS
  7. This appliance can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.a) Children shall not play with the appliance.b) Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  8. Always turn off the robotic vacuum cleaner before inserting or removing the filter or dust bin.
  9. DO NOT handle plug, charging dock, charging cable, or robotic vacuum cleaner with wet hands. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  10. DO NOT use without robot dust bin and filters in place.
  11. DO NOT damage the charging cord:a) DO NOT pull or carry charging dock by the cord or use the cord as a handle.b) DO NOT unplug by pulling on cord. Grasp the plug, not the cord.c) DO NOT close a door on the cord, pull the cord around sharp corners, or leave the cord near heated surfaces.
  12. DO NOT put any objects into nozzle or accessory openings. DO NOT use with any opening blocked; keep free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce airflow.
  13. DO NOT use if robotic vacuum cleaner airflow is restricted. If the air paths become blocked, turn the vacuum cleaner off and remove all obstructions before turning on the unit again.
  14. Keep nozzle and all vacuum openings away from hair, face, fingers, uncovered feet, or loose clothing.
  15. DO NOT use if robotic vacuum cleaner is not working as it should, or has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water.
  16. DO NOT place vacuum cleaner on unstable surfaces,
  17. When manually moving the robot to a new location, it must be placed at least 1.5 feet (45 cm) away from any stairs or cliffs.
  18. DO NOT use to pick up:a) Liquid spillsb) Large objectsc) Hard or sharp objects (glass, nails, screws, or coins)d) Large quantities of dust (drywall dust, fireplace ash, or embers). DO NOT use as an attachment to power tools for dust collection.e) Smoking or burning objects (hot coals, cigarette butts, or matches)f) Flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, gasoline, or kerosene)g) Toxic materials (chlorine bleach, ammonia, or drain cleaner)
  19. DO NOT use in the following areas:a) Outdoor areas near fireplaces with unobstructed entrancesb) Spaces that are enclosed and may contain explosive or toxic fumes or vapors (lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, paint, paint thinners, mothproofing  substances, or flammable dustc) In an area with a space heaterd) Near fireplaces with unobstructed entrancese) On wet or slippery surfaces
  20. Turn off the robotic vacuum cleaner before any adjustment, cleaning, maintenance, or troubleshooting. Note: in the OFF (O) position, the robot still uses a  small amount of power.
  21. Allow all filters to air-dry completely before replacing in the robotic vacuum cleaner to prevent liquid from being drawn into electric parts.
  22. DO NOT modify or attempt to repair the robotic vacuum cleaner or the battery yourself, except as indicated in this manual. DO NOT use the vacuum if it has been modified or damaged.
  23. Remove all spilled or leaked liquid from the base or floor, as it could lead to risk of electrical shock.
  24. For your robot’s cliff sensors to work properly, all runners, rugs, carpets, or small thresholds (like child gates) must be 8 inches from any stairs (or must be continuous and extend over the edge of the stairs). If a runner, rug, carpet, or small threshold that is less than 8 inches from the stairs cannot be moved, you must use a no-go zone or a BotBoundary strip to block off the stairs. BotBoundary strips are not included with your robot but can be purchased by contacting Shark Customer Service at 1-855-4605425.BATTERY USE
  25. The battery is the power source for the vacuum. Carefully read and follow all charging instructions.
  26. To prevent unintentional starting, ensurthe vacuum is powered off before pickinup or carrying the vacuum. DO NOT carry the appliance with your finger on the power switch.
  27. Use ONLY the Shark® charging dock XDCKRV2000 and use only battery RVBAT850A. Use of batteries or battery chargers other than those indicated creates a risk of fire.
  28. Keep the battery away from all metal objects such as paper clips, coins, keysnails, or screws. Shorting the battery terminals together increases the risk of fire or burns.
  29. Under abusive conditions, liquids may be ejected from the battery. Avoid contact with this liquid, as it may cause irritation or burns. If contact occurs, flush with water. If liquid contacts eyes seek medical help.
  30. Robotic vacuum cleaner should not be stored, charged, or used at temperatures below 50°F (10°C) or above 104°F (40°C). Ensure the battery and vacuum have reached room temperature before charging or use. Exposing the robot or battery to temperatures outside of this range may damage the battery and increase the risk of fire.
  31. DO NOT expose the robotic vacuum cleaner or battery to fire or temperatures above 265°F (130°C) as it may cause an explosion.
  32. Non-rechargeable batteries cannot be recharged. NO-GO ZONES AND BOTBOUNDARY® STRIPS
  33. DO NOT put BotBoundary strips underneath carpet or rugs.
  34. DO NOT place BotBoundary strips on top of one another.
  35. Always use no-go zones or BotBoundary strips around reflective flooring and surfaces.
  36. No-go zones or BotBoundary strips should always be used near carpeted stairs.
  37. DO NOT place no-go zones or BotBoundary strips within 10 feet of the dock.
  38. For your robot’s cliff sensors to work properly, all runners, rugs, carpets, or small thresholds (like child gates) must be 8 inches from any stairs (or must be continuous and extend over the edge of the stairs). If a runner, rug, carpet, or small threshold that is less than 8 inches from the stairs cannot be moved, you must use a no-go zone or a BotBoundary strip to block off the stairs.LASER WARNINGS
  39. This product has a Class 1 laser. It is safe under reasonably foreseeable conditions (as defined in this Owner’s Guide.) Always turn off the power before lifting the robotic vacuum cleaner or performing any maintenance on it.
  40. DO NOT look directly into laser.

SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSFor the latest warnings and cautions, go to



  • Select a permanent location for the Charging Dock, because every time you relocate it, your robot will have to completely re-map your house.
  • Place the dock with its back against a wall. Select a level surface on bare floor, in a central area. Do not place dock against baseboards or heating elements.
  • Remove any objects that are closer than 3 feet from either side of the dock, or closer than 5 feet from the front of the dock.
  • Plug in the dock. The indicator light will illuminate green when the dock has power.


Snap the 2 included Side Brushes onto the square pegs on the bottom of the robot.


IMPORTANT: The Shark® AI Robot has a pre-installed rechargeable battery. Charge the battery completely before first use. It may take up to 6 hours to fully charge.

To charge, place the robot on the dock. The Power button on the side of the robot must be in the ON position (I). The robot will beep when charging begins.

When the cleaning cycle is complete, the battery is low, or when programmed to in a recharge/resume mission, the robot will search for the dock. If the robot doesn’t return to dock, its charge may have run out.

If the robot has no charge or it cannot return to the dock, manually place it on the dock. The indicator light on the dock will change to blue and the robot will beep when charging begins.

NOTE: When manually placing the robot on the dock, make sure the Charging Contacts on the bottom of the robot are touching the ones on the dock. While the robot is charging, both white LED lights will flash. When charging is complete, lights will illuminate steadily.NOTE: When picking up the robot, be careful not to place fingers between the bumper and the base of the robot.


The white charge indicator lights show how much battery power is remaining.While the robot is charging, both white LED lights will flash. When charging is complete, both will illuminate steadily. It may take up to 6 hours to fully charge your robot.If the robot is idle and away from the charging dock for 10 minutes, it will enter Sleep Mode. The indicator lights will turn off, but the battery and Wi-Fi lights will remain on in sleep mode. Wake up the robot by pressing any button.

NOTE: If the low charge light is blinking red, there is not enough battery power for the robot to return to the dock. Manually place the robot on the dock.TIP: To preserve battery life, turn off the power switch if the robot will not be used for a long period of time. The robot should be recharged at least once every three months. The switch must be in the ON position to charge the robot.


CLEAN BUTTONPress to begin a cleaning session. Press again to stop.

DOCK BUTTONPress to stop cleaning and send robot back to the charging dock.

CHARGE INDICATOR LIGHTSDisplay the amount of charge remaining in the battery.

“!” ERROR INDICATORSee Troubleshooting section for full list of error codes.

WI-FI INDICATORWhite light: connected to Wi-Fi.Red light: not connected. Flashing White: setup mode. No light: not set up yet.

RECHARGE & RESUMEPress and hold the CLEAN button for 15 seconds to turn Recharge & Resume ON or OFF.

The Recharge & Resume function is turned OFF by default. Turn ON Recharge & Resume for complete coverage if your home’s floor plan is bigger than 1500  sq. ft. Your robot will return to the dock, recharge, and can pick up where it left off.

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning an entire room for the first time, we recommend that you first test your robot on a small section of the floor to ensure there is no scratching.


Your robot uses an array of sensors to navigate around walls, furniture legs, and other obstacles while it cleans. To prevent the robot from entering areas you don’t want it to, set up no-go zones in the app. For best results, prepare your home as indicated below, and schedule a daily cleaning to ensure all floor areas are regularly maintained.

NOTE: Scheduling is one of many features that can only be done in the app.

OBSTRUCTIONSClear cords and objects smaller than 2.8″ in height from floors and open interior doors to ensure a complete map of your home.

THRESHOLDSYour robot can easily climb over most thresholds, but if one is too high, set up a nogo zone in the app to block it off.

STAIRSFor your robot’s cliff sensors to work properly, all runners, rugs, carpets, or small thresholds (like child gates) must be 8 inches from any stairs (or must be continuous and extend over the edge of the stairs). If a runner, rug, carpet, or small threshold that is less than 8 inches from the stairs cannot be moved, you must use a no-go zone or a BotBoundary strip to block off the stairs.

SCHEDULINGSchedule whole-home vacuuming runs with the app.

AVOID MOVING THE ROBOT & DOCKWhile your robot is cleaning, do not pick it up and move it, or move the charging dock— this will impact the robot’s navigation and ability to return to dock when cleaning is complete.



After setup is complete, your robot will conduct an Explore Run to create an initial map of your home. The robot will travel from room to room to identify walls,  furniture, and other obstacles as it cleans. This run will take less time than a full cleaning, as it doesn’t cover the entire floor.

The robot’s object detection technology helps it navigate around obstacles taller than 2.8″ in height.Create no-go zones in the app to block off areas you do not want the robot to enter. You can set up no-go zones around small objects, or use them to block off large areas.


To manually start a cleaning cycle, press the Clean button on the robot or on the mobile app. To immediately send the robot back to the dock, press the Dock button.

NOTE: Be sure to charge the robot completely before its first cleaning so that it can explore, map, and clean as much of your home as possible. It may take up to 6 hours to fully charge your robot.NOTE: Avoid moving the dock. If it is relocated, the robot may not be able to find its way back to the dock. If the robot is relocated while in use, it may not be able to follow its intelligent cleaning path, or find its way back to the dock.


Please visit or call 1-855-460-5425 for answers to all your app questions.USING THE SHARKCLEAN™ APP AND VOICE CONTROLS

Get the most out of your Shark AI Robot with these app features:

  • Recharge and Resume Enable this feature to handle multi-room cleaning in larger homes. The robot will return to the dock, recharge, and can pick up where it left off.
  • Go Zones, No-Go Zones Use the no-go zones in the app to keep your robot out of the areas you would like it to avoid.

  • SchedulingSet whole-home cleanings for any time, any day.
  • Control From AnywhereWherever you are, you’re in control of your robot.
  • Cleaning ReportsEach time your robot cleans, your app will generate a cleaning report.

Search for SharkClean in the app store and download the app to your iPhone™ or Android™.

SETTING UP VOICE CONTROL WITH THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT OR AMAZON ALEXAVisit for setup instructions which include how to enable Shark Skill for Amazon Alexa and using with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant:“OK Google, tell Shark to start cleaning.”“OK Google, tell Shark to pause my robot.”“ OK Google, tell Shark to send my robot to the dock.”

Amazon Alexa:“Alexa, tell Shark to start cleaning.”“Alexa, tell Shark to pause my robot.”“ Alexa, tell Shark to send my robot to the dock.”


  • To use the app, your phone must be connected to a 2.4GHz network. The app will only work on a 2.4GHz network.
  • Typical home Wi-Fi networks support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Do not use a VPN or a proxy server.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi isolation is turned off on the router.
  • If you cannot connect, call 1-855-460-5425.
! (RED) + Wi-Fi indicator (RED Flashing) Wrong password for Wi-Fi
! (Flashing red) + Wi-Fi (RED) SSID cannot be found, try connecting again
! + Wi-Fi (Flashing RED at the same time) Cannot connect to Wi-Fi


CAUTION: Turn off power before performing any maintenance.NOTE: in the OFF (O) position, the robot still uses a small amount of power.


Press the Dust Bin Release Button and slide out the dust bin.

To open the dust bin lid, press and hold the button while lifting the lid, using the finger slots.

Empty debris and dust into trash. Remove filter and wash dust bin if necessary.

NOTE: Make sure to insert the dust bin completely, until it clicks into place.

Look between the filter and the plastic shield and make sure there is no debris buildup.Remove shield and clear any debris buildup with a dry cloth or soft brush.


For optimal suction power, after each use, clean and reinsert the filter inside the robot’s dust bin. See for replacement filters.

Remove and empty the dust bin. Clean any hair or debris off the Anti-Tangle Comb on the back of the dust bin.

Pull filter out of the dust bin by the tabs.

Lightly tap the filter to remove debris every time you empty the dust bin. For a deeper clean, rinse the filter with water once a month. Allow the filter to air-dry for up to 24 hours before reinstalling.

Reinsert the filter into the dust bin, then slide the dust bin back into the robot until it clicks into place.


The Self-Cleaning Brushroll actively removes hair wrap while your robot cleans. If some debris remains wrapped around the brushroll, continue to run the robot to give the brushroll time to clean itself. If some hair wrap or debris remains after continued cleaning, carefully remove it from the brushroll.

To access the brushroll, push up on the tabs on the brushroll door, then lift off the door.

Lift out the brushroll and remove any debris. Reinstall the brushroll, inserting the flat end first. Close the brushroll access door and press down until both sides click into place.

NOTE: Replace brushroll every 6 to 12 months, or when visibly worn. See for replacement parts.


CLEAN SENSORS AND CHARGING CONTACTS AS NEEDED. With a dry cloth, gently dust off the sensors and contacts located on the bottom of the robot and on the dock.

IMPORTANT: The robot uses cliff sensors to avoid stairs and other steep drops. Sensors may work less effectively when they are dirty. For best results, clean sensors regularly.



Carefully unwind and remove any string or hair wrapped around brushes.Gently wipe brushes with a dry cloth. To reinstall, snap the brushes over the pegs. Spin the brushes manually to make sure they are installed correctly.

NOTE: Remove and replace any side brushes that are bent or damaged. To remove a brush, lift it off its peg.



Rotate the front wheel while lightly brushing away dirt and debris. Clean the wheel and the housing around it.

Periodically clean the drive wheels and the housing around them. To clean, rotate each drive wheel while dusting.

NOTE: Brush not included.


NOTE: To order replacement parts and filters, visit


CAUTION: Turn off power before performing any maintenance.


If any error lights are illuminated or flashing on your Shark® AI Robot, see the error code chart below:

CLEAN (RED) + ! (RED) flashing Suction motor failure. Remove and empty the dust bin, clean the filters, and remove  blockages to ensure nothing is reducing suction.
CLEAN (RED) flashing Robot may be stuck on an obstacle. Move robot to a new location on a level surface.
DOCK (RED) flashing Front bumper may be jammed. Clean the bumper and make sure it moves in and out freely.
CLEAN (WHITE) + DOCK (RED) solid BotBoundary® error. Move your robot to a flat surface away from the magnetic boundary strip and try cleaning again.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (WHITE) flashing Cliff sensor error. Move your robot to a new location and clean its cliff sensors.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (RED) flashing Robot dust bin has been removed and needs to be reinserted.
DOCK (RED) + ! (RED) flashing Side brush is stuck. Remove any debris from around the side brushes.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (RED) + ! (RED) flashing A drive wheel is stuck. Clean the wheels and remove any debris wrapped around the axles.
CLEAN (WHITE) + DOCK (RED) + ! (RED) flashing Wheel motor encoder failure. Please turn the power off and back on.
CLEAN (WHITE) + ! (RED) flashing Blockage in brushroll. Remove any debris from around the brushroll.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (WHITE) + ! (RED) flashing Robot has encountered an error while booting. Please turn the power off and back on.
CLEAN (WHITE) + DOCK (RED) flashing Robot cannot locate dock. Please pick up your robot and place it on the dock.
BATTERY ICON (RED) flashing Battery is critically low and needs recharging. If your robot is unable to dock, place the robot manually on the dock.
CLEAN (RED) + DOCK (WHITE) flashing + ! (RED) Robot is stuck. Please move to a level surface.

For all other issues, please call Customer Service at 1-855-460-5425.


IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTINUING WITH  THIS PROGRAM INSTALL OR USE OF THIS PRODUCT: SharkNinja Operating LLC’s (“SharkNinja”) End-User License Agreement (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between You (either a single entity or an individual) and SharkNinja for SharkNinja’s Software Applications, including those installed by You onto your  SharkNinja products or already installed on your device, including all firmware (referred hereafter as “SN APPS”). By installing, copying, checking a box,  clicking a button confirming your agreement to these terms, or otherwise continuing to use the SN APPS, You agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA.  This license agreement represents the entire agreement concerning SN APPS between You and SharkNinja, and it supersedes any prior proposal, representation,  or understanding between the parties. If You do not agree to the terms of this EULA, do not install or use the SN APPS or this product. The SN APPS are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.

  1. GRANT OF LICENSE. The SN APPS are licensed as follows:1.1 Installation and Use. SharkNinja grants You the right to download, install, and use SN APPS on the specified platform for which the SN APP was designed and in connection with SharkNinja products with which the SN APPS are designed to operate (“SN Devices”).1.2 Backup Copies. You may also make a copy of SN APPS downloaded and installed by You for backup and archival purposes.
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The One (1) Year Limited Warranty applies to purchases made from authorized retailers of SharkNinja Operating LLC. Warranty coverage applies to the original owner and to the original product only and is not transferable.SharkNinja warrants that the unit shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase when it is used  under normal household conditions and maintained according to the requirements outlined in the Owner’s Guide, subject to the following conditions and exclusions:What is covered by this warranty?

  1. The original unit and/or non-wearable components deemed defective, in SharkNinja’s sole discretion, will be repaired or replaced up to one (1) year from the original purchase date.
  2. In the event a replacement unit is issued, the warranty coverage ends six (6) months following the receipt date of the replacement unit or the remainder of  the existing warranty, whichever is later. SharkNinja reserves the right to replace the unit with one of equal or greater value.

What is not covered by this warranty?

  1. Normal wear and tear of wearable parts (such as foam filters, filters, etc.), which require regular maintenance and/or replacement to ensure the proper functioning of your unit, are not covered by this warranty. Replacement parts are available for purchase at
  2. Any unit that has been tampered with or used for commercial purposes.
  3. Damage caused by misuse (e.g., vacuuming up water or other liquids), abuse, negligent handling, failure to perform required maintenance (e.g., not cleaning the filters), or damage due to mishandling in transit.
  4. Consequential and incidental damages.
  5. Defects caused by repair persons not authorized by SharkNinja. These defects include damages caused in the process of shipping, altering, or repairing the  SharkNinja product (or any of its parts) when the repair is performed by a repair person not authorized by SharkNinja.
  6. Products purchased, used, or operated outside North America.

How to get serviceIf your appliance fails to operate properly while in use under normal household conditions within the warranty period, visit for product care and maintenance self-help. Our Customer Service Specialists are also available at 1-855-460-5425 to assist with product support and warranty service options, including the possibility of upgrading to our VIP warranty service options for select product categories.

Please register your product and have it with you when contacting Customer Service.SharkNinja will cover the cost for the customer to send in the unit to us for repair or replacement. A fee of $24.95 (subject to change) will be charged when SharkNinja ships the repaired or replacement unit.How to initiate a warranty claimYou must call 1-855-460-5425 to initiate a warranty claim. You will need the receipt as proof of purchase.A Customer Service Specialist will provide you with return and packing instruction information.How state law appliesThis warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights that vary from state to state. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you.


RECORD THIS INFORMATIONModel Number: ________________________Date Code: ____________________________Date of Purchase: _______________________(Keep receipt)Store of Purchase: _______________________

TIP: You can find the model and serial numbers on the QR code labels on the bottom of the robot and battery.EXPECTED PERFORMANCEExpected runtime: 60 minutesExpected charging time: 6 hours

FCC WARNINGSThis equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to parts 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and if not installed and accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:■ Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.■ Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.■ Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.■ Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following conditions:1 This device may not cause harmful interference2 This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate this device.

BATTERY REMOVAL AND DISPOSALThis product uses a battery. When the battery no longer holds a charge, it should be removed from the vacuum and recycled. DO NOT incinerate or compost the battery.When your lithium-ion battery needs to be replaced, dispose of it or recycle it in accordance with local ordinances or regulations. In some areas, it is illegal to place spent lithium-ion batteries in the trash or in a municipal solid waste stream. Return spent battery to an authorized recycling center or to retailer for recycling. Contact your local recycling center for information on where to drop off the spent battery.

For more information on battery removal for disposal, please visit RBRC™ (Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation) seal on the lithium-ion battery indicates that the costs to recycle the battery at the end of its useful life have already been paid by SharkNinja. In some areas, it is illegal to place spent lithium-ion batteries in the trash or municipal solid waste stream and the RBRC program provides an environmentally conscious alternative.RBRC, in cooperation with SharkNinja and other battery users, has established programs in the United States and Canada to facilitate the collection of spent lithium-ion batteries. Help protect our environment and conserve natural resources by returning the spent lithium-ion battery to an authorized SharkNinja service center or to your local retailer for recycling. You may also contact your local recycling center for information on where to drop off the spent battery, or call 1-800-798-7398.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.This Owner’s Guide is designed to help you keep your Shark® AI Robot running at peak performance.SharkNinja Operating LLCUS: Needham, MA 02494CAN: Ville St-Laurent, QC H4S 1A71-855-460-5425sharkclean.comIllustrations may differ from actual product. We are constantly striving to improve our products; therefore the specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.For SharkNinja U.S. Patent information, visit

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