SILENCER 53SL 2 Channel Remote Start with Keyless Entry System User Manual

SILENCER® 53SL 2 Channel Remote Start with Keyless Entry System User Manual

This unit is designed for professional installation only. 

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Both transmitters are powered by one CR2032 Battery. To replace the battery, use a coin or small flat blade screwdriver to carefully pry apart the case at the notch provided.






  1. Press the button on the transmitter.
  2. The system will lock the doors (if connected), and the horn chirps and parking lights flash once.

SILENT LOCKING (For 4-button transmitter only): Press and hold the transmitterbuttons for 1.0 second. The system will lock the doors. No chirp sound will be heard and the lock confirmation will be through the vehicles parking lights only.


  1. Press the button,
  2. The horn will chirp twice and the parking lights will flash twice indicating that the system now unlocked the doors.

SILENT LOCKING: Press and hold the button for 1.0 second. The system will unlock the doors. No chirp sound will be heard and the unlock confirmation will be through the vehicles parking lights only,


Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate the personal protection alarm. During panic mode, the normal function of the transmitter buttons will be suspended. The transmitter and buttons can be used to lock and unlock the door (if the option is installed). To stop the alarm, press and hold the button on the transmitter again for 3 seconds. The system will automatically stop after 30 seconds.


When servicing or loaning your vehicle to others, the system should be placed in Valet Mode. Valet Mode prevents the system from remote starting.

Enter Valet Mode:

  1. Under the system unlocked, turn the ignition to “ON/ OFF/ ON” position.
  2. Press and hold valet switch for 2 seconds until the LED turns “ON” solid. The LED will remain on as long as the system is in Valet Mode.

Exit Valet Mode:

  1. Turn ignition “ON/ OFF/ ON”.
  2. Push and hold the valet switch for 2 seconds. The LED will turn off indicating the system is exiting the Valet Mode.

I. CAR LOCATOR (For 4-button transmitter only)

Under the system Locked, press the button to activate the car locator function. The horn will chirp 6 times. The parking light will flash 12 times, assisting you in easily locating your car.


If the vehicles door locks have been interfaced to the security system, the system will automatically lock the vehicle’s doors when the ignition is turned “ON” and /or unlock the vehicle’s doors when the ignition is turned “OFF”. (Default setting is “OFF”)


Press and hold the button on the transmitter for 3 seconds to remotely control the trunk release

L. SECOND VEHICLE SECURITY OPERATION. (For 4-button transmitter only)

Your 4-button remote transmitter can be utilized to control a second vehicle’s security system. To program the remote control transmitter to a second vehicle, Press and hold the + buttons 2 seconds to select car 2 or car 1 operation. For Car 2: When the LED start 2 pause flash then release buttons. For Car 1: When the LED start 1 pause flash then release the buttons.


As with any product that performs automatic functions, there are certain safety precautions that you must practice and be aware of.

  1. Keep the transmitter out of children’s reach.
  2. Do not leave anyone in the vehicle while running on remote control.
  3. Alert servicing personnel that the vehicle can be started automatically.
  4. Do not start the vehicle by remote while it’s in an enclosed area or garage.
  5. Always apply the parking brake and lock the vehicle as you exit the vehicle.
  6. The vehicle windows must be rolled up.
  7. Should the unit malfunction, disconnect the fuse until the problem is corrected.
  8. The use and operation of this system is the sole responsibility of the operator.
  9. Some areas may have local ordinances that prohibit leaving a vehicle running on public streets.
  10. It is not safe to remote start the vehicle if the vehicle is parked on a steep incline.


A. To Remote Start The Vehicle

When you want to start your vehicle:

  1. Press the button once on the 4-button transmitter or press and hold the / button for 1.5 seconds on the 2-button transmitter.
  2. The parking light will activate to indicate the remote start has received the signal.
  3. The engine will start in approximately 5 seconds
  4. After a couple of seconds with the engine running the parking lights will turn on.
  5. The vehicle will run for a programmable 3 to 45 minutes cycle (set installation center.) before shutting down. (See feature bank 2-04 setting)
  6. The vehicle refused to start running after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

B. Programmable Safety Start (For 4-button transmitter only)

By default, your Silencer remote starter is programmed to start/stop after pressing the button 1 time.This default setting can be re-programmed to require 2 presses .This setting is known as “Child Safety Mode”.

Contact your installer to reprogram this feature if needed.

C. Running Time Extender (For 4-button transmitter only)

User Programmable Run Time / Run Time Extension. The system has the ability to allow the user to extend the time the vehicle will be running under control of the remote start. This will only extend the run time back to the current run time setting during the current remote start cycle. If your system is set to run 15 minutes and the time remaining is 4 minutes, extending the run time will reset the countdown timer to 15 minutes and your vehicle will continue to run for another 15 minutes. Follow the steps below to extend the vehicle’s run time.

  1. The remote start must already be active.
  2. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds on the 4-button transmitter.
  3. The system will chirp 1 time and flash the parking lights 4 times to confirm that the run time has been reset

D. Operate The Vehicle While Running From The Remote Start

To operate the vehicle while the engine is running from the remote start:

  1. Insert the ignition key and turn it to “ON” (not the start) position
  2. Press the brake pedal.

Note: If the brake pedal is pressed before the key is in the “ON” position, the engine will shut down.

E. Temporary Stop Mode

This mode allows the vehicle to remain running after the key has been removed from the ignition. This feature is useful for occasions when you wish to exit and lock the vehicle for short periods of time but would like to leave the motor running and the climate control on.

  1. While the vehicle is running, place the transmission in PARK, set the emergency / parking brake.
  2. With your foot off the brake pedal, press the button once on the 4-button transmitter or press and hold the / button for 2 seconds on the 2-button transmitter. The parking lights will turn on to confirm the system has entered Temporary Stop Mode.
  3. Remove the keys from the ignition and exit the vehicle. Press the button to lock the vehicle’s doors if desired.

Note: Do not leave children or animals unattended in the vehicle when using the temporary stop feature.

F. To Turn Off Remote Start

When the engine is running (by remote start) and you want to stop it:

  1. Press the button once on the 4-button transmitter or press and hold the / button for 2 seconds on the 2-button transmitter under the remote start mode.
  2. Move the optional remote start enable toggle switch to the “OFF” position. (If installed)
  3. Press the brake pedal.

The vehicle will shut down and turn off the parking light to indicate the engine has stopped

G. Disabling Remote Start System: (If Installed)

This feature allows your system’s remote start unit to be temporarily disabled to prevent the vehicle from being remote started accidentally. This feature is useful if the vehicle is being serviced or stored in an enclosed area. To disable the remote start, move the optional remote start enable toggle switch to the “OFF” position.

H. Shutdown Diagnostics:

The unit has the ability to report the cause of the last shutdown of the remote start system. Press Buttons + simultaneously. The parking light and chirps will now report the reason of the system last shutdown by flashing in the following grouped patterns,

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