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D21 Bluetooth Heart Rate Wristband Instruction

Product Specification

Chip model: nRF51822 nRF51822( Cortex M0 16MHz)Memory: 256KAcceleration sensor: Three-axis acceleration sensorHeart rate sensor: Green light static heart rate sensorDisplay: OLED 0.66’’ 64×48 DotsMotor: Cylindrical vibration motorKey-press: Touch keyBattery: 80mAh

Notice:The wristband contains magnatic component, he who is installed a pacemaker, or have implanted electronic devices, or metal, please do not use it. Please stop using it when any discomfort symptoms happen. If use substandard charging power supply, will shorten the battery life, and even damage the battery.We reserve the right to modify the User Manual without any notification. It is normal condition if some functions differs from different app versions. We reserve all the right for the final explanation .

Turn on/off the Wristband

  1. Long press the touch key for 4 seconds, users see the Welcome interface. It is touch key, please do not press the key with strong pressure.
  2. Short press the key to enter to the Device Management interface with power off icon at the top-left corner. Then long press the touch key to turn off the wristband.
  3. Long press to choose the function and short press to switch the functions

Charger: voltage 5V, electric current 500MA-1000MACharging time: 30 minutes.

Connect the chrger with wristband as below.

  1. Battery power display
  2. Date Display
  3. Time Display
Heart Rate Interface
  1. Heart Icon,long press the icon to start testing with beating.
  2. Display the real time heart rate.

Notice: The heart rate testing data can not be used as medical data. The time will a little longer for the first timetesting ,it is normal.

The best wearing manner:
  1. keep a finger width between the wristband and ulna
  2. keep the heart rate sensor clinging to skin
  1. Pedometer Icon
  2. Display the real time steps
Distance Interface
  1. Distance icon
  2. Display the whole distance according to the pedometer
Calories Display
  1. Calories icon
  2. Display the real time calories
Palming bright screen
  1. long press the touch key to turn on/off the function
Device Management
  1. Turn on/off icon, the wristband can only be turned off in this interface in case of the wrong operation.
  2. Battery power icon
  3. Bluetooth connection icon, this icon means Connected this icon means Disconnected
  4. Bluetooth name DFit
  5. The last four letters in the MAC address is used for distinguish each wristband. For example as above picture, the Bluetooth name is Dfit EEF2 found by App.
  6. Software serial number :V1.80
APP download

Please scan the QR code below to download HPlusWatch APP,

Google playApp for foreign Android users

iOSApp for ios users

  1. Aftet HPlus Watch APP Installation completed, please fill up your information such like Height、weigh、age、gender etc.
  2. Wristband connect with APP;Click Bluetooth Device in the System Setup to enter the interface, pull the screen from the top to bottom. Search and find the Bluetooth name, then click and connect wristband.After connection, the date and time on the wristband will be updated automatically.
  3. Data graphAfter connection, total distance,total steps, total calories, Min heart rate, average heart rate, max heart rate, yesterday data and data summary will be shown on the ap interface.
  4. Real time Heart rateStart heart rate testing,it can record your heart rate for whole day.
  5. SettingsUsed to set up all functions on ap.a. Bluetooth, used to connect wristband Bluetoothb. Sync, used to sync wristband datec. Incoming calls, when you turn on the function, the watch rings and vibrate with icon remind.d. Time reminder: Alarm clock, when you turn on the function, wristband will remind you regularly.e. Sit notification, when you turn on the function, the watch will remind you to do some exercise.f. Screen save timer, used to set up the time for screen bright.g. Erase user data, used to erase the historical data in the wristband.

Warranty Card


Bluetooth Heart Rate Wristband D21 Instruction Manual – HPlus Watch – Bluetooth Heart Rate Wristband D21 Instruction Manual – HPlus Watch –

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