Skimi B25 Smart Watch User Manual

Skimi B25 Smart Watch User Manual


  1. Wear it after the ulnar styloid is best;
  2. Adjust the adjustment hole which suit for your wrist, fasten the buckle;
  3. Sensor should be close to the skin to avoid moving.


  1. Press the touch screen with the right thumb
  2. Hold the bracelet with both hands as shown in the picture. The index finger on the left hand push it up, and the screen on the left will tilt up


Make sure that the battery have power in first time use.If less power to turned on, please connect the charger to charge the device, the bracelet will turn on automatically.


  1. When device off, press the touch button for more than 4s, device will vibrate and turn on;
  2. When device on, find the shutdown interface “” then press the touch button for more than 4s, device will vibrate and turn off. touch button to switch different pages, without operation 3s screen off;
  3. Switch to the heart rate and blood pressure page, it will start test automatically, when it finished screen off after 40S;


  1. Device on, press the touch button to light up the screen ;
  2. Acquiescence clock is the first page, press the touch button to switch different pages, without operation 8s screen off ;
  3. Switch to the heart rate and blood pressure page, it will start test automatically, when it finished screen off after 40s.


  1. Scan a QR code to download APP “RaceFit Pro” and create your account. (APP support to Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4, IOS 10.3 smart phone systerms)
  2. Long press 5 seconds to turn on the device, open the Bluetooth of the phone, and enter the “Day Health ” APP for the first time, which will automatically guide you to bind the bracelet.


  1. The first time you open the APP will prompt the user required open permissions, please agree all and turn on the Bluetooth function of mobile phone.
  2. Click the “My” menu icon in the lower right corner of the cell phone app to display the menu function list, click on my device to manually connect to”B25″.
  3. After the connection is successful, the APP will automatically save the Bluetooth address of the bracelet, and if the APP is opened or running in the background, it will automatically search and connect the bracelet;
  4. For Android phones, please make sure to set the APP permissions during installation or on the phone system setting to give the APP all permissions to run in the background and read contact information.


Personal information

Set personal information when you login: My data-personal data, gender-age-height-weight.

Target setting

My data-Target setting,Also can set daily sport and sleeping target, Monitor daily completion Please set time for sedentary reminder, or you can turn it off in the message alert.


Main interface

After sync with phone,bracelet will adjust the time automatically,Press the main interface for 4 seconds, different main interfaces can be replaced.


Wear the bracelet to record the number of daily movement steps, you can view the real-time steps.



Estimate the mileage based on the number of steps



Estimate the calories burned based on the number of steps


Heart Rate



Blood Pressure



Blood Oxygen

It will automatically test when switching to heart rate, blood pressure or blood oxygen, waiting for a few seconds, the current heart rate, blood pressure, or blood oxygen test results will be displayed. When entering the measurement mode, please keep relaxed and still, and do not speak to ensure the accuracy of the test data.

Sleep mode

When you fall asleep, the bracelet will enter the sleep monitoring mode automatically; detect your Awake/Light sleep / Deep sleep, calculate your sleep quality;sleep data only supports APP side view. Note: Sleep data will only be available when you wear the bracelet to sleep, and will be synced to the app after 9:00am the next day.

Smart alarm clock

5 alarms can be set when connected and configured, it will be synchronized to the bracelet. Support offline alarm clock. After the successful configuration, it will remind you on time even if the app is not connected to the bracelet.

Shake and take picture

Keep connected, enter the shaking photo interface, shake the bracelet, take a photo automatically after 3 seconds of


Search mobile

At this interface and press it for 4 seconds to start searching mobile; in Bluetooth connection, the connected mobile will give out prompt sounds; counting down. Please allow the APP to access the album to save the self-portrait photos.

Information view

Press the interface for 4seconds, You can see the content of the recently received information.

Power On & Off

Press and hold the touch button for more than 4 seconds to make the device vibrate and shut down.


Sedentary reminder

Set turn on/off sedentary reminder function.You can set the reminder interval in the profile.If you sit for a long time in the set time.the bracelet will remind you.

About the bracelet

Display Bluetooth address and software version information.

Bracelet display settings

In this option,you can set the screen for the switch of the bracelet function button. The opened page will be switched after pressing the function button, and the closed function will not appear in the switch.


Call remind

Keep connected, if the call alert function is enabled, the wristband will vibrate and display the name or number of the caller when the callcome in. (You need to give APP read address book permission)

Message remind

Keep connected, if the SMS reminder function is enabled, the bracelet will vibrate when message come in.

Other remind

Keep connected, if this function is enabled, the bracelet will vibrate when there is a message, such as WeChat, QQ.Facebook.etc.(You need to give the APP permission to get system notifications)

Android userTips:

When using the reminder function, you need to set it to allow “RaceFit Pro ” to run in the background; recommended to add “RaceFit Pro” to the rights management and turn on all permissions



* Host * Wrist strap * Charging cable ** Packing box and manual*


  1. Not suitable for bathing and swimming;
  2. Please connect the bracelet when synchronizing data;
  3. Do not expose the handle ring to a place with high moisture, high temperature or very low temperature for a long time;
  4. Charging requirements: Charge the charger with the specification of 5V 0.2-2A. If it is not used for a long time, please turn it off and ensure that it is recharged every two months.

Skimi B25 Smart Watch User Manual – Skimi B25 Smart Watch User Manual –

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